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:iconlemonkaiju:LemonKaiju posted a status
serious question guys, I wanna dye my hair bright blue again, I bought and used 2 boxes of Color Oops from previous dying sessions and I also bought a box of Blue Envy Splat hair. My bangs were orange-ish color and the back was Black-Brown. After using both bottles of Color Oops my back is almost a chocolate brown but purple in some areas? My bangs are still blonde but the color oops made some of my old old OLD pink hair dye come out to play. So, my problem is, I'm currently sitting here using a home remedy a friend taught me called the "Baking Soda" method, which is okay, but it's taking forever and I used all my grandma's baking soda, the last time I used Splat bleach I think was a bit before Christmas? Or maybe a little after? Idk, my hair is still a little brittle and when I used it then it made my hair easy to pull out, I didn't leave it in long enough to see where it was heading. So, I'm reaching out to my watchers and friends to PLEASE HELP ME?! Should I try another method? Try the Splat Bleach anyway? Ugh I've been sick all night thinking about this... please send help I am not deceased. Bye.

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