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Would you all still care about me if I ever made it big? Like even if I was famous and well-known, would you all still stick by my side even if you weren't?.. 

9 deviants said Of course Guts! Just because you succeeded in your dream doesn't mean I'd just abandon you!
4 deviants said Yes Guts, I'm not leaving you, no matter what. <3
1 deviant said (Sorry this has been weighing on me a lot since I had the idea to start my youtube career..)
No deviants said I don't wanna lose anyone...
No deviants said Even if I gain people...
No deviants said No, if you're famous and well known, I'd rather not have anything to do with you.
No deviants said No Guts, this is actually really selfish, what about the friends and admirers you have now? Aren't they enough?

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twilightcomet Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Generally my observation is that in many cases if people make it big, their old fans will want more to identify with them, as they feel like they share in the glory of being there first. Just do what is comfortable for you.
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