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Influence Map by LemonHobbit Influence Map by LemonHobbit
Here we go! This is probably actually not accurate. And there should be like way more things. But this is long.

1- Science Fiction in general, especially Farscape. It was the first show I really ever fell in love with. I love all the fantastic costumes and makeups and props in everything, even if sometimes some of the things I love can get a little cheesy. :D Other scifi that really inspires me: MST3K, The Last Starfighter, Star Wars, Doctor Who.
2- Animorphs, which I grew up reading. I still have all the books and they're still, IMO, really good. Still trying to figure out how to do some sort of cosplay for it.
3- Anime. Got into it big time in middle school, and it really influenced my drawing style, although I try to keep away from doing anything too stereotypically that. And of course, there's the cosplay! This is Moyashimon, the only one I really watch any more.
4- Outer Space and science, which I LOVE. Probably ties into the whole scifi thing. Photos of space are so beautiful. Europa is the best thing ever.
5- Cars! It's all because of Top Gear that I can't stop drawing them on everything! Even little details like headlights and switches can be really awesome.
6- BOOKS! I love books. I have so many my last bookshelf actually collapsed from the weight. I love reading all kinds of things and learning and being inspired by words and pictures.
7- Music can always make me feel better, whether it's Maroon 5 on a nice day off, RDJ to help me get through long work days, or the Hot Fuzz theme while I'm making some armor!
8- This comic book Supermarket by Brian Wood has the most amazing art style. I love the colors and grittyness!
9- Nature! Especially the ocean, with all its strange creatures! Wanted to be an oceanographer before I ever wanted to be an artist. Been watching Planet Earth lately for ideas, too!
10- Fashion, obviously. It's what I love to draw and where all my various inspirations come together. Jay McCarroll is my absolute favorite. I love his use of color and texture. He is fantastic.
11- Robert Downey Jr is so fantastic. I love his work and his voice and his piano skillz, which never fail to make me feel good about things! He has the best and wairdest sense of style ever. Also, his son is hawt and his wife is adorable. He has nice arms.
12- I know it looks like the same thing again! But I love all kinds of comic books and comic book movies. Well, the good ones anyways. Iron Man is like pron with all the armor and tech. Kick Ass and Scott Pilgrim were beautiful. I love the style of the Sin City books, and read Marvel stuff when I can to look at costumes and colors.
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August 27, 2010
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