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Photoshop Pencil Brush

brushes: pencils

23 deviations

brushes: skin, hair

31 deviations
Rabies Star Brushset

brushes: sky

51 deviations
Nero's Brush set of smudgy magic and other stuff

brushes: smudge, blend, etc

25 deviations
Wonderland poker brushes

brushes: stamps

119 deviations
AMYR Brushes

brushes: textures

63 deviations
Pouring Rain Brush

brushes: weather

45 deviations
Styles - light


587 deviations
Sugar (Photoshop Styles)

styles II

103 deviations
PS Style Layers PSD

styles iii

19 deviations
+STYLES: Touch

styles: glass

147 deviations
Glitter Styles

styles: glitter

43 deviations
Gold Styles

styles: metal

172 deviations
Enzustyle And Gradient Pack 5

styles: textures

58 deviations

styles: neon

47 deviations


372 deviations
patterns metal

pattern: textures

65 deviations
PSD coloring No.12

PSDs to try someday

1215 deviations
+ PSD 19.

psds to try someday 2

66 deviations
Vibes.psd by wildfireresources


154 deviations
Textures pack #56 - The heart is a dark forest

texture: abstract

82 deviations
Ice Texture Pack

texture: cold

68 deviations
Stock Texture Origami Paper 38

texture: dec

63 deviations
Red Gold Marbles Texture Stock

texture: glass

17 deviations
Raindrops and Rainbows Papers

texture: grunge

77 deviations
Craft Study Textures

texture: materials

89 deviations
rust copper textur 29

texture: metals

122 deviations

textures: misc

20 deviations
the surface

texture: nature

55 deviations
Don't Know How I Got Here - One

texture: old film

113 deviations
Midnight Minerals

textures: rocks, minerals

99 deviations
Galaxy Texture Pack By ZhrSmile

texture: space

34 deviations
Stone wall texture 2

texture: walls

85 deviations
Texture: Dusty Wood

texture: wood

29 deviations
Vintage Anatomy Set 1

vintage: brushes

165 deviations
Large polaroid brushes

vintage: old film, photos

117 deviations
Gentlemens Journey Papers

vintage: textures

75 deviations
Roaring 20s Vol. 2


31 deviations
Dot Splatter vol4


32 deviations
Legion Brushes


22 deviations
Old Masters Brush Set


13 deviations
Magazine PSD source file


3 deviations
Abstract Glitch Art Photoshop Actions


130 deviations
Abstract Glitch Art Photoshop Actions

actions I

10 deviations
Photoshop sunlight and sundown action

actions II

2 deviations
Candy Shop photoshop actions

actions III

1 deviation
Lord of the rings : Argonath

Tolkien Stuff

17 deviations
Gradients #5


314 deviations
psp 9 Gradients metal

gradients: metals

13 deviations