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There will be two slot available on each of the linked Boucles below. Can be used anytime the Boucle-Group goes out of hiatus :squee:

Payment options per slot:

3usd OR 300Points OR 1 FB image (which i enter into an rng show) OR 600 words literature

I207 Popping An Eye by Lemonegrass
Gender: Mare
   Height/Build: 16hh
   Genotype: Ee/aa/Crprl/nFg/nTb/nPATN2/nEvE/nNc/(B)
   Phenotype: Eyepop Pseudo-Double Cream Fange Tobiano Nectar(Bald)
   Birthstone: Moonstone
   Mutations: /--

Open slots: 2

F038 Duva Vita by Lemonegrass
Gender: Mare
   Height/Build: 17hh
   Genotype: Ee/aa/Crprls/nRo/nPch/nSty/nMb/nSpl/nLp
   Phenotype: Albino Sooty Étain Marbre Splash Snowflake Appaloosa (soir and peach carrier) (Normal)
   Birthstone: Wreath Stone
   Mutations: Albino

Open slots: 2

K110 Lionfeesh by Lemonegrass
Gender: Mare
   Height/Build: 17hh
   Genotype: Ee/Aa/CrCr/PchmPchm/Ww/nFrmex/(Pi)
   Phenotype: Dominant White on Modern Cygne Extended Motif (Piscine)
   Birthstone: Carnelian (July - Alternate Birthstone I)
   Mutations: Alternative Birthstone I

Open slots: 2
There will be one slot available on each of the linked Boucles below. Let them have hiatus baabooos :squee:

Payment options per slot:

2usd OR 200:points: OR 1 HS image (which i enter into an rng show) OR 400words literature

L420 Goldenhoof by Lemonegrass
Gender: Mare
   Height/Build: 18hh
   Genotype: ee/aa/ff/(R)
   Phenotype: Flaxen Rouge (Rapunzel)
   Birthstone: Heliodor
   Mutations: /--
I will be raffling off one slot to my new boy: I374 Herbal Tea
It's a very simple raffle. Comment below the journal if you'd like to enter. 1 ticket per person, no extra hassle like having to advertise or tag etc.

You like it? Cool ! Then I'll show you his info :blush:

Name: Herbal Tea
Gender: Stallion
   Height/Build: 16hh
   Genotype: ee/aa/nbon/nTe/Dd/nSty/nMb/Ba/(R)
   Phenotype: Sooty Green Tea Dun Marbre Blanchet (classic bonbon carrier) (Rapunzel)
   Birthstone: Moonstone
   Mutations: Fangs

He has parents and one set of grandparents, a relatively empty bloodline still !
Related to: F195 Cashel , H244 Mrinal , B406 Aubin - Sorcerer , D326| The Real Folk Blues

I374 Herbal Tea by Lemonegrass

RAFFLE ENDS 9TH AUGUST 2018 AT 23:59 (CEST > Amsterdam Timezone)

Hey all,

I think some of you might have noticed, but I've not been very active lately. I burned out through drawing a bit and im in a desperate need of a break.
Don't worry for the people who I still owe art to, as soon as I get back, those are the first things I will finish.

Hopefully see you soon, Lemon<3

Boucle Genos to Design -- in progress

Sat Feb 10, 2018, 7:00 AM


G459 TFR Euterpe x E265 | Hailey
Pumpkin Amber Smoke Daydreamer Nectar Félin (Rapunzel or Goldielocks)
Ee/Aa/Chs/nEvP/nDy/nNc/nFn/(R or G)
Pumpkin Rogue Smoke Splash Félin (Lapin or Goldielocks)
ee/aa/ss/nSpl/nEvP/nFn/(La or G)

Birthstone: Opal OR Mummy Stone
ID: J458
Optional Predicted Height: 17hh

Rolled for Goldielocks mane type!
Rolled for Mertail, Double Fin Ears inherited breeding mutation(s)!
Rolled for Alternate Birthstone I random breeding mutation(s)!


F078 ArS Wyvern's Treasure x D318 ACF Swamp Goddess
Cream Champagne Smoke Dun Bogwater Feérie Nectar Masquerade (Rapunzel)
Amber Smoke Sabretooth Félin (Rapunzel)

Birthstone: Tourmaline OR Thermometer Stone
ID: I092
Optional Predicted Height: 16hh


B477 | SR's Josse | Boucle Stallion x F067 Tempest Dragon
A little easter bunny hopped in and gave this foal an optional Lapin mane!

Pseudo-Double Cream Champagne Sabino Nuage Feérie Oriental (Normal or Poodaleere or Lapin)
ee/aa/Crprl/ChCh/SbSb/nNu/nFr/nOrn/(P or La)
Gold Cream Champagne Sabino Nuage Feérie (Normal or Poodaleere or Lapin)
ee/aa/nCr/ChCh/SbSb/nNu/nFr/(P or La)

Birthstone: Diamond
ID: G451
Optional Predicted Height: 16hh

Rolled for Poodaleere mane type!

[HotS] Sales Hub

Sun Feb 4, 2018, 6:57 AM

Available Items/Geno's/NPC's etc. will be for sale here


    F2U | Team Aqua Logo | PKMN Stallion Block Potion x2
F2U | Team Aqua Logo | PKMN Melon x2 -- (10% health)
    F2U | Team Aqua Logo | PKMN Banana -- (5% health)
    F2U | Team Aqua Logo | PKMN Blueberry -- (2% health)


    -- Non available yet


    -- Non available yet

Boucle Geno for Trade

Wed Jan 31, 2018, 3:55 PM
Eyepop Cream Fange Tigerdun Nectar (Classic bonbon carrier) (Normal)


Classic Raisin Tigerdun Tobiano Carousel (Pearl carrier) (Bald)

Birthstone: Garnet OR Aurora Stone
ID: K468
Height: 16hh

Looking to trade this geno. Either a bonbon foal, or a frosty.
please offer below in the comments :dummy:

[BU-LF] Boucles for Literature

Wed Jan 31, 2018, 9:05 AM
Howdy boucle peeps!

I'm in search of some boucles that I can include in my literature entry. Soooo, throw some at me :dummy:
Please keep it to one per person, so that multiple people can get some MP. Also preferably no Villains or Evil boucles, as they have to come near my little herd, and I have no intention of them being harmed today (not yet -evil laughter-)

10 open spots

 --1--  F346 ArS Raxtus by BlueFire-Phoenix
--2--  B110 Esha | Boucle Mare | Druid by FallenChocoCookie
--3--  I418 Glowcat by orasteele
--4--  B071 Conquerant the Sorcerer Foal Ref by AntiqueFyreStables
--5--  C086 Warlock / CONJURER by LupinHallow
--6--  D011 Arabella by ANIMALGIRL1869
--7--  G415 Starlight Dove by Saydieh
--8--  J013 Pievel by EtherealDeer
--9--  F499 Starchaser by Astraela
--10--  E281 Glitter King Frederick by AshTheDreamer

Howdy lovely boucle peeps. Im looking for some refs for my boucles. 

- full body flat color
- transparant background
- png file
- done within 1 week
    (If possible I'd like the image to be at least 1500 px wide, because my background for references is around 2200px wide.)

in return of drawing the ref i’ll give you a slot to the horse you drew. 

Herbal Tea - HerrBert

I374 Herbal Tea by Lemonegrass

J152 Glitterscales by Lemonegrass

Celestial Blue
J294 Celestial Blue by Lemonegrass
Celestial Butterfly
J424 Celestial Butterfly by Lemonegrass

Sooty Noir Doré
Boucle Unicorn Import K476 by TigressDesign

Mealy Flaxen Ivory Cream Paon Roan Blanket Appaloosa
Boucle Unicorn Import K474 by TigressDesign

Boucle Geno -- Available

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 3, 2018, 8:25 AM

I'm looking to either sell or trade this geno.

E324 Hadriax al Fax x B040 Adalaide
Ghoul Noir-Based Pseudo-Double Cream Champagne Coloré Fertilité Voilé (Normal)


Ghoul Smoky Pearl Coloré Voilé (Normal)

Birthstone: Moonstone OR Ouija Stone
ID: J396
Optional Predicted Height: 17hh

Rolled for Whiskers random breeding mutation(s)!

For trading I'm mostly interested in this:
 -- Normal/Rapunzel/Whisp
 -- Tea/Orchid/Soir
 -- Celeste roan ( on any base )
 -- Mermaid/Frosty/Fawn raye
 -- Betta wings

What I definitely won't trade:
 -- Lion/Poodaleere/Schnauzeere/Snowpuff/Chou/Lapin/Seraph
 -- Any of the not-above-named Spoop mutation
 -- Carousel

I'm also open for MP/USD/Point offers. Just comment below if you're interested.

Skin by Tenhei

[TWWM] Player Profile

Mon Jan 1, 2018, 3:03 AM

[i]: sprout pixel  Lemonegrass [i]: sprout pixel 

Lvl1 by Esk-Masterlist

Player level: 1
Aura Points: 

{ C h a r a c t e r s }
Click thumbnails for biographies.

(character tracker thumbnails)

(biome badges)

{  A r t w o r k }

(art thumbnails)


I’m so nervous, today’s I’m getting surgery to remove all my wisdom teeth + an afditional grinder. I never go to hospitals, or doctors, I try to dodge them as much as I can, and I also try to stay clear from medicine etc, so I dont know what effect the anesthetic will have. Hope it will all go well.  

They tell me I’ll be a bit drowsy the rest of the day so ( pro ) gaming probably wont hppen ( lol ), which means if I have the energy I’ll be working on all unfinished YHHs later today :3 worst case scenario I wont be able to and will have to do it this weekend, but my goal is to get all current ones finished so I can put out the next batch. The funds gathered from it will go into today’s surgery costs. Sadly i only get 125€ insured, but the total costs of today and my treatment in two weeks will be 4000€, yikes. 

[TOKOTA] Activity Tracker

Fri Nov 10, 2017, 2:27 PM


Please refer to the links at the top of the journal to get to the correct comment section.


Thrash Items

Falcon companion [x1 , x1]


Thrash Items
Cotton Bolt [x1, ]
Linnen Bolt [x1, ]
Length of String [x1, ]
Pumpkin [x1, ]







[TOKOTA] Haukea 7823

Thu Nov 9, 2017, 12:56 PM

Haukea 7823 by TotemSpirit



Tribe bonus:

Hunting ;; +5% success rate
Exploration ;; +5% success rate
Caving & Diving ;; +5% success rate

Submissive to Average [0/75]

Average to Dominant [0/250]

Dominant to Alpha [0/300]


Iron Artist - November [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 29, 2017, 5:50 AM

So I'll be doing the Iron Artist challenge for the month of November. I'll be drawing one headshot / partial body image of a horse per day. I'll be opening up slots for people to grab.

Prices of these slots are all $2 or  200 points each. The only thing I won't draw are feathers/wings/big accesories/big external mutations etc. Color mutations are all accepted. (simple horns like Boucle-Unicorn 's will be accepted as well)


  1. .:YHH:. November 1 - OPEN - bought by BrowncoatWhit
  2. MonsLeonis ;; I427 MLS October
  3. BrowncoatWhit ;; (jumping)
  4. .:IA - Nov:. November 4 - OPEN
  5. .:IA - Nov:. November 5
  6. [x]
  7. MonsLeonis ;; H242 MLS Amoux
  9. BrowncoatWhit - Potions effect
  10. MoonyArsaraidh ;; D 267 | Kirea | Boucle Unicorn ;; Foal
  11. MonsLeonis ;; I427 MLS October
  12. [x]
  13. [x]
  14. [x]
  15. [x]
  16. [x]
  17. [x]
  18. [x]
  19. Astraela ;; J167 Boucle Unicorn Import
  20. [x]
  21. [x]
  22. [x]
  23. [x]
  24. [x]
  25. [x]
  26. MoonyArsaraidh ;; Spring in the Air
  27. [x]
  28. MonsLeonis ;; H242 MLS Amoux
  29. [x]
  30. [x]

Just let me know which date(s) you'd like to get, and if you want to pay through paypal or points. Points will have to be send through my commission widget. Also include a reference of the horse you'd like drawn. It is encouraged to enter your hoses into the Remuda Livery RNG Invitational, if you're looking to gain some extra xp for your character. (In this case also let me know which class to enter in, just make sure hs/partial bodies are accepted).

Goupi 795 x Sonata 504
Proof: Click here
4) Male, Healthy
Russian Beige with Underside, Collar
Standard Mane, Standard Ears, Standard Tail

Price: $30 OBO

6) Female, Healthy
Beige with Underside
Crested Mane, Standard Ears, Rabbit Tail

Price: $15 OBO

Coding and design (C) pixiepot

.:Boucle-Unicorns:. Road to getting one.

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 4, 2017, 4:27 AM

To get my first boucle
Boucle Gifting System - NEWBIES ONLY!

  • Coloured headshot - +1 magic
  • Coloured partialbody - +1.5 magic points
  • Coloured fullbody - +2 magic points
  • Shading - +1 magic point
  • Show entry - +2 magic points
  • Gift art - +2 magic points ;; Doesn't count for the 20MP Mark.
My goal: 20/20
Basic Boucle ;; 20 MP ;; Import with natural mane, any amount of natural dilutions and/or modifiers, standard birthstone. Col HS + Shading + Show entry = 4MP per piece. Goal is 5 gifts for people

For |Name| |Gift Art| |Gift AP| |Total AP|
  1. For |newvoh| |.:GIFT:. B144 Amantius| |4 AP| |6 AP|
  2. For |newvoh| |.:GIFT:. C479 Moufette| |4 AP| |6 AP|
  3. For |newvoh| |.:GIFT:. E324 Hadriax al Fax| |4 AP| |6 AP|
  4. For |newvoh| |.:GIFT:. Lyra Aquarii A189| |4 AP| |6 AP|
  5. For |newvoh| |.:GIFT:. Calyx A252| |4 AP| |6 AP|

Title your note "Basic Gift DIY" and include the following:
People gifted: newvoh
I want: Modern Rose Semi-Fewspot Appaloosa
Other wishes: ee/aa/nCr/PchmPchm/LpLp/nPATN1

[NORD] Kaaring: A2826 AsS Someone Killed the DJ

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 5, 2017, 2:38 AM
ID A2826 AsS Someone Killed the DJ by Lemonegrass

Kaaring: 49.5KP

ID A2826 AsS Someone Killed the DJ by Lemonegrass
Registration +1 || 1KP

[NORD] .:Taming:. A280.1 by Lemonegrass
FB, simple bg +1  || 1KP

Call of the Huntsman by newvoh
FB, Colored bg +2 || Dragon tack +1 || Show +1 || 3rd place +1 || 5KP

DJ by newvoh
Fb +1 || Dragon tack +1 || 2KP

DJ [OLD REF] by newvoh
FB, Colored bg +2 || 2KP

A2826 AsS Someone Killed the DJ - SOLD by newvoh
Fb, simple bg +1 || 1KP

Breeding Pic Commission [3/6] by PowerOnFarm
Fb, Colored bg +2 || Animation +2 || 4KP

[NORD] .:Taming:. A282.1 by Lemonegrass
Fb, Colored bg +2 || 2KP

.:NORDANNER:. Trick Day Two by Lemonegrass
Fb +1 || 1KP

.:NORDANNER:. Trick Day Seven by Lemonegrass
Fb +1 || 1KP

.:SHOW:. DJ Dressage by Lemonegrass
  Partial body +0.5 || Show entry +1 [x] || Placing: 5th +0.5 || 2KP

.:SHOW:. DJ Halter by Lemonegrass
  Partial body +0.5 || Show entry +1 [x] || Placing: 5th +0.5 || 2KP

.:YHH:. Socializing by Lemonegrass
Fb +1 || Show entry +1 [x] || Placing: 1st +3 || 5KP

.:NORDANNER:. Trick Day Ten by Lemonegrass
Fb +1 || Show entry +1 [x] || Placing: 2nd +2 || 4KP

.:NORDANNER:. Trick Day Fourteen by Lemonegrass
Fb +1 || Show entry +1 [x] || Placing: 2nd +2 || 4KP

.:NORDANNER:. Trick Day Fifteen by Lemonegrass
Fb +1 || Show entry +1 [x] || Placing: 5th +0.5 || 2.5KP

.:NORDANNER:. Trick Day 23 by Lemonegrass
Fb +1 || Show entry +1 [x] || Placing: 2nd +2 || 4KP

.:NORDANNER:. Trick Day 25 by Lemonegrass
Fb +1 || Show entry +1 [x] || Placing: 1st +3 || 5KP

.:NORDANNER:. Trick Day 28 by Lemonegrass
Fb +1 || Show entry +1 [x] || Placing: ? || ?KP

.:NORDANNER:. Trick Day 27 by Lemonegrass
Fb +1 || Show entry +1 [x] || Placing: ? || ?KP

Skin by UszatyArbuz

O: Rag'Oran Breeding Slot

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 22, 2017, 3:40 AM
Strawberry 1153 by Shivali-Lorekeeper

Gender: Male
Breed: Rag'oran
Build: Hitotsu
PhenotypeIvory with Pangare, Ombre, Buttons, Freckled, Erythrism



- Illustrations must be lined and colored with a simple background.
- 75% of each Shi'vali must be visible, 50% any depicted rider must be visible.
- Can be riderless or with rider, in case you use a rider; Winterborn || 21 ALIVE 

The Dawn

Rag'oran Rider Prompt: In order to properly unite with a rider, a Rag'oran must first break down the most important barrier—language. Depict your Rag'oran and their chosen mount figuring how to effectively communicate with one another through any means necessary.

Rag'oran Riderless Prompt: Perhaps your Rag'oran doesn't trust people, or prefers to sit back and watch. Depict your Ra’goran handling a new found discovery, whether it’s an encounter with another Shi’vali, quietly observing this changed world or something else entirely.

The Peak

Rag'oran Rider Prompt: Dragon and rider have at last learned how to communicate and it is time they also create an alliance with one another. Depict your Rag'oran and rider going on their first adventure together and what they may discover.

Rag'oran Riderless Prompt: Whether or not a Rag'oran chooses to embrace the humans and the transformations that have befallen Shimora they must still discover a place for themselves in the world. Depict your Rag'oran finding somewhere that they can see themselves settling down and calling their own.

The Crown

Rag'oran Rider Prompt: Only after their long journey together can dragon and rider finally become one. Depict your rider and Rag'oran thanking Mikolai and Des'malion for their new found friendship, perhaps through prayer, making an offering at the temple or another ritual.

Rag'oran Riderless Prompt: Having finally found some place to call home, a Rag'oran may look toward the sky and seek out their god or goddess. Depict your Rag'oran praying to or showing gratitude for Mikolai or Des'malion in a manner which is important to them.

Time frame to complete these CoU's would be 3 weeks.

Skin by UszatyArbuz

Selling Rag'Oran Slot

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 17, 2017, 6:14 AM


¤ h/f/t/s rolls can be done with multiple shi's when there are more than 3 rolls to be done.
¤ Currency is in USD and is to be paid within 48 hours. Please leave a note in the paypal-payment with your DA username.
¤ Deadline for art payment is 1 image per week.


Xing Xi 997 by Shivali-Lorekeeper
Male Hitotsu | Russian Beige with Pangare, Nebula Ombre, Ashen, Freckles | Trained
Standard mane, Standard ears, Standard tail
Slots available:

1. $30 or 10 h/f/t/s
2. Taking offers

Skin by UszatyArbuz