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Leyreeh's Tracker

Fri Dec 15, 2017, 8:47 AM
''Commoner'' Leyreeh by Lemonegrass

Level [1] "Commoner"

The Herd [0]

Companions [0]

Pixel Rose Bullet - Pink Roses Collected [134] Pixel Rose Bullet - Pink

Story Quest

..Chapter 1..
[HoTS] ..SQ.. Chapter 1.0It was mid summer, a warm day, confirmed by the many flies buzzing around, trying to nestle around Leyreeh's eyes and nostrils. She snorted and shook her head, trying to get rid of the filthy bugs. She loved the summer, not to misunderstand her, but she hated certain aspects of it. She loved peace and rest, not having to get rid of a fly every other second.
But then again, there were horses that had it worse than her. Horses that were younger and alone, and unable to defend themselves, or the elderly that were no longer welcome in certain herds. Leyreeh didn't have a herd at the moment, but that was no matter to her. She was young and healthy enough to survive on her own, or at least for a while. Physically she was alright like this, but she did miss the company sometimes.
Thinking of the time where she lost her herd made her sad, and so she shook her head again, this time to chase off negative thoughts instead of flies. Life wouldn't get her down, it just wouldn't! so she raised her h
 Lit [ 21 ] + Level Quest [ 5 ] + NPC [ 2 ] -- 28Pixel Rose Bullet - Pink




[HotS EVENT] Frosty Colony Exploration 1 by Lemonegrass FB [ 5 ] + Flat col. [ 2 ] + Average bg. [ 4 ] + Event [ 20 ] + Activity [ 3 ]-- 34Pixel Rose Bullet - Pink

[HotS EVENT] Frosty Colony Exploration 1.bA squeaky voice cam from behind me and a small Rhino approached me. Minor heart attack. I was sure that it was a predator trying to kill me, pr eat me, or both. But the sight of the young calf relieved me some what. “Hey there little guy. What are you doing out here on your own?” He told me that he was alone and if I was from a different country and if he could join me. Different country? Not really, it was quite closeby. But if you had never left the surrounding of your herd I could understand how you could perceive things as foreign fairly quickly.
The sight of an animal so young all on its own saddened me and I felt for the little guy. No one should be alone, and definitely jot at such an age. “Where are your parents little guy?” I listened to his story as he explained to me that both of his parents were taken down some time ago, and that he was being chased as well. He did not want to be eaten. And neither did I !
I looked around with big eyes, flaring my no
 720 words [ 21 ] + Animal Bonus [ 1 ] + Animal Bonus [ 1 ] +  Activity [ 3 ]-- 26Pixel Rose Bullet - Pink

[HotS EVENT] Frosty Colony Exploration 2    Ahead of me i saw a large bridge, stretching out all over the ocean towards a far away island. An island i had never seen before. Curiosity had taken a hold of me when i had seen this phenomenom and when i had spotted the bridge i vould not just stand here and do nothing. I had to see if it was safe to cross. Probably there were unknown dangers ahead and I was not the most trained fighter, but i just had to know what was out there. Other horses, other animals? Perhaps some friends i could make? I was desperatly in need of those. 
    The bridge looked stable enough to me and there were fresh traces of muddy hoofsteps that indicated others had crossed as well. And since i did not see any holes that indicated them falling through the wood planks i just assumed they arrived safely on the other side. And so i would go as well. 
    Though in the beginning i placed my hoofs carefully, after a while i became more confident and i star
 710 words [ 21 ] -- 21Pixel Rose Bullet - Pink

[HotS EVENT] Frosty Colony Exploration 3 by Lemonegrass FB [ 5 ] + Flat col. [ 2 ] + Complex bg. [ 6 ] + Activity [ 3 ]-- 16Pixel Rose Bullet - Pink

[HotS EVENT] Frosty Colony Exploration 1.c by Lemonegrass FB [ 5 ] + C. Sh. [ 7 ] + Average bg [ 4 ] + Activity [ 3 ] -- 19Pixel Rose Bullet - Pink

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