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[HotS EVENT] Frosty Colony Exploration 1 by Lemonegrass [HotS EVENT] Frosty Colony Exploration 1 by Lemonegrass
:iconherd-of-the-sleipnir: :iconherd-of-the-sleipnir: :iconherd-of-the-sleipnir:

Lead Horse :
 ''Commoner'' Leyreeh
Event : Welcome to the Frosty Colony
Activity : Exploration
Have you participated before : No
Featuring : --
Current Kingdom : Frosty colony
Bonus: --
Art Quality : Full body, simple background
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LittleWereVamp Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
1 by Sleipnir-Admins
Event Reward

You took part in the Welcome to the Frosty Colony Event here are your rewards:

- +100 Silfren
- x1 Blueberry
Welcome to the Frosty Colony by FeatherCandy
Sleipnir-Admins Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018
Items Redeemed
LittleWereVamp Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
4 by Sleipnir-Admins
Aggressive encounter

Maybe it wasn't just the wooly rhino watching you...? Oh, why couldn't it just be the calf!? Well, sadly, it wasn't just him. And this one is far more dangerous... Slipping through the undergrowth, the Cave Lion watches you with only one goal in it's mind; their next meal. And as you turn to look towards the Wooly Rhino Calf, it strikes! With a massive roar, the thing erupts from the undergrowth and charges you..!

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario 1. I am not going to let my adventure in this new world get spoiled by some overgrown kitty! [Fight the Cave Lion]
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario 2. Nope, nope, nope! Let's get out of here!! [flee]
LittleWereVamp Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
5 by Sleipnir-Admins
Friendly Encounter

As Leyreeh moves around the new land, she can't shake the feeling of being watched..! And as this feeling progresses, and she continuously looks around only to see nothing looking back, and this only relates to further freaking her out!... That is, until finally, a Wooly Rhino calf stumbles out of some of the trees, his eyes as big as boulders as he stares at her. "S-Sorry for freaking you out M-Miss.. Your just... Your.. Well... You don't look like the other horses I seen before...! Are you from that other world I hear of? If so, c-can I come with you!? I don't have a herd, and I am all alone, and... I don't wanna be eaten..!"

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario 1. Oh, of course little one! [Normal Taming 100/750]
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario 2. Do I look like I want to watch over you? No. I am to busy exploring, go away! [Chase]
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January 2
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