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{ XP and Skills Tracker | Relationship Tracker | Introduction Meme }

✖ B A S I C S:

. Name: Ella Fuchs [ foo (x) s ]
. Age: 16
. Height: 1.69m
. Build: Slender
. Gender: Female

. Sexual Orientation: Straight
. Relationship Status: Single

. Primary Weapon:
. Secondary Weapons: N/A

. Faction: Rancher
. Rank: Home Maker

✖ S T A T S:

. HP: [40] 60
. ATK: [20] 30
. DEF: [20] 25
. SPD: [40] 45

✖ S K I L L S:

. Stealth:  :bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
. Medical:
. Animal:
. Survival: :bulletgreen:
. Crafting:

✖ P E R S O N A L I T Y:

{ Empathic | Lively | Imaginative | Bold | Reckless }

Ella is a very empathic girl. From a young age she has always been taught that she should treat other the way she would want to be treated herself and for most of her life she has been able to stick to this ideology. Sadly, not a lot of people, and highschool teens in particular, have this same belief, which is why she was more of a loner at her school until she started making some friends.

She’s a very lively person, always full of energy and up to learning new things. She loves being active and going out for walks with her dog Tosti, but is also able to completely get soaked in by her favorite movies, and get way to passionate about them and the mistakes characters make. It’s not a game people, movies and series are serious shit.

That being said, she has quite a big imagination. This gives her a creativity to do things like painting (not that she is particularly good at it), but it also has a somewhat negative twist to it. When the sun sets and it gets dark outside and the night creatures comes out, she gets scared. Really scared. She hears and sees more sometimes than there actually is, and having seen loads of action/thriller movies sometimes her mind tells her that the end is near. With her imagination, and what has happened to the world, it’s only logical that she feels this way. If everyone who dies turns into a zombie, what hope is there left? And another question that popped into her mind. If a baby dies inside the mother's womb, does that turn into a zombie as well? And does that mother then get attacked and eaten from the inside? Makes her not want to be pregnant at all, never. Like mentioned, too much imagination sometimes.

She’s quite a bold girl, except when it comes to the social aspects. She wouldn’t mind going out with some people to find supplies in nearby towns, but stepping up to someone and tell them “Yo, I actually like you a lot and we should totally hang out”, somehow is too terrifying. Don’t even ask, it’s a bit silly. But she’s young, so maybe she’ll grow over it eventually.

That being said, her boldness sometimes can turn into recklessness. She’s indeed still young, and doesn’t always realise what kind of consequences her actions can have. It’s not that she’s dense and oblivious, but if Tosti points out there is pray nearby, what’s the harm in shooting that prey? Right? It’s not like zombies are attracted to loud sounds for example. Or maybe get crazy when they smell blood, even if it’s from an animal? Yep, that’s Ella. She needs some more life experience to start and understand the world a bit more, even a crazy and zombie infested one like this one.

. Character Alignment: Neutral-Neutral

. Strengths: Knowledge of plants, dog-handling, light-footed
. Weaknesses: Not bold on a social aspect, has to get used to people before getting completely comfortable around her. Can become anxious when it’s dark and will hear more sounds than there actually are. Physically not strong.

. Quirks: Believes in the end of the world, takes great care of her pistol (it’s part of her), prone to fidgeting
. Fears: Loss of loved ones, fear of the dark
. Peeves: Noisy eaters, show-offs
. Hobbies: Activities with (her) dog(s) [hunting, playing, training], Aim training
. Skills: Foraging (with help of her dog), gardening, stealthy

✖ H I S T O R Y:

Originally from Rheden (Hannover), Germany, she moved with her father, Leon Fuchs, to Dallas in the summer of 2015 because of his job. Though the transition was difficult to her, there were some pretty major cultural differences, she had started to adjust to her new life in Texas. At first she didn’t have lots of friends, or even people in general speaking to her at school, but after a few months she started to hang out with certain classmates. Not being the one to adjust to what was considered “normal” or “popular” left her with friends who liked her for who she was, and though they didn’t replace the friends she had at home she considered herself lucky finding new people.

She excelled in her biology class, not because she had to study so hard for it but simply because she understood whatever was explained and had a natural feeling for it. She has a love for nature; animals, plants, genetics, you name it. It made her quite the favorite with her biology teacher, who was her secret crush. She was also good with languages but had no interest in learning more besides German and English.

About half a year after they moved into their home in Dallas, her father had brought her a gift to keep her company; she suspected partially out of guilt because he was away for work so often. It was a little Spaniel pup, and she has loved her Tosti from the moment she laid eyes on him. Life seemed to be like a normal highschool life.

When the world got completely fucked up, Ella was on the road from Dallas to Oklahoma city. Her father had to work extra again and she had decided to go out somewhere else with her friends and have a fun weekend. She and three other friends left on a friday after school, packed enough food to have lunch and if need be (cold) dinner and went on her way. She took Tosti with her as well cause the two went everywhere together, where it was allowed.

Only half an hour outside of Dallas the bus driver stopped because there seemed to be a distraught woman walking around at the side of the road. However, when he left the bus to see if the woman was alright, she attacked him. Even though Ella didn’t fully understand at this moment what was happening, she and her friends (along with other people) exited the bus and fled away. Some tried to aid the bus driver, but she has no idea what happened to everyone who stayed, because she never looked back.

She and her friends started walking, following the road. Soon, smartphones ran empty and they lost any sense of where they were and how close to the next town they were. They had some food but soon it was all eaten and they had thing left. A strange thing they noticed was that on the road they were following there weren’t any cars driving past. Little did they know they took a wrong turn and weren't at the main road anymore.

The first night is when it went wrong. They were all kids who still went to school and did not have a lot of sense of survival. They were warm cause they had jackets with them, but they didn’t keep a look out at night nor did they know how to build a fire. They had no weapons and were unprepared for any form of attack. Ella woke up from an icy scream, and when she looked to her left she saw the sound came from her friend Stacy, and to her horror there was a man crouched over her. Blood welled up from her mouth and whilst she screamed and scratched at the attacker, it was too late for her. She died choking on her own blood.

The others were terrified, and took whatever they could find to hit the figure. Someone used a book that she carried in her backpack, someone else had a pocket knife, and Ella was able to find a sturdy broken off branch and together they kept hitting the thing until it stopped to move. A rotting smell came from the corpse and when they turned the body around they saw to their shock that the man looked decayed already. A fear, one that chilled them to the bone, crept through their bodies, as they saw something they couldn’t quite grasp.

Without delay they got their stuff and in a fast pace followed the road again, in hopes of getting to safety soon. They were travelling for a few hours when Tosti started to growl and bark at the treeline next to the road, and whilst the girls couldn’t see anything, Ella trusted in her dog. She knew there was something there, something that was more than just an innocent animal.

They got attacked again, this time by 2 of the zombies ( at this point she didn’t identify them as zombies yet ) and in all the hectic their little group broke up. Still having the branch to defend herself she managed to survive, but she had been knocked over by one of the zombies and hit her head on the asphalt, leaving a nast headache and dizziness. If it weren’t for tosti, she wouldn’t have been alive anymore. The brave dog jumped on the zombies back, grasped it’s neck firmly in between his teeth and bit down as hard as he could, pulling and shaking his head in the process, until he bit off the head from the body.

To her horror, there was still life in the head, but the body seemed lifeless. She looked around but there was no sign of her friends, or the other creatures that had attacked, and so she got up and ran, as fast as she was able to with a concussion. The treeline on the side of the road thinned and in turn was replaced by farming fields, what it seemed like. She looked out for farming houses and tried to find people there to help her, though most were abandoned. In one of the houses she searched through she found some weapons however, and though she would not be able to carry the load of heavier guns, she also found a pistol and some bullets. She took them with her, just so she had a bit more protection than just a branch (which was already broken by now from the earlier fight, and which she only kept out of a false sense of safety).

In total she roamed around alone for 4 days until she saw sign of life, on the ranch that she later discovered was owned by Liadain and Mouse. She was freezing from the nights, weak from her head injury and starving cause she hadn’t eaten in 3 full days. She took refugee with these people, because it were the first she had came across that didn’t look like the ones that had attacked her, and she hoped to be safe here. At least she knew she would be safer than when she would be alone in the woods, and their offer of giving her food was too tempting to her empty stomach to decline.

✖ C O M P A N I O N S:

. Name: Tosti
. Breed: Wiltshire Spaniel
. Sex: Male
. Personality: Well behaved dog. Has a nose for sniffing out prey and enjoys to do so, but also enjoys cuddling in the couch, back when it was still possible to relax. Not fond of zombies, because of their stinking rotting smell, and is able to smell them as well from a distance. Is taught to freeze when there is a sign of prey/enemy incoming, and if owner doesn’t react he is allowed to softly growl as a warning. If anywhere in between his signs there is acknowledgement or dismissal he will wait for further instructions (stay, show, follow, attack, down, etc). He is not a multi-people dog in the sense that he can connect with multiple people, just not everybody’s friends when there’s 20 people asking for his attention. So far shown to be loyal to Ella, but has not been tested in a way where disloyalty could have been shown. Has been tested on bravery and has been able to face zombies and wild animals alike, is not too afraid to run away. Favorite food includes everything that has chicken or corn in it. Yep that’s right, the little yellow orbs that dogs aren’t supposed to like. He’s weird in that way. Loves to be groomed and petted, and prefers to sleep close to his owners bed, if not in it.

1216 words, full body, colored, collaboration (hairama has drawn the human lines for me)
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