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Tv Series Icons 2

New Tv Series icons...
21 icons..
If you want other Tv Series icons let me know, so I can add new icons..

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Awesome, scrubs rocks!!!!
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this pack have the mentalist serie? sorry for my english
how do I install it without the white background?
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Great icon :)
Can you release a template? :)
Or make an icon for Family Guy, Coupling and Becker?
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Wow that's awesome . Would you make new House Icon please?
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Heck, this is a great idea!
and so beautiful- its hard to make them easy to identify when theyre so small :]

you wan' ideas 4 new buttons:
Stargate SG-1
IT crowd
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would u make Cold Case, Supernatural, Jericho please?
how can i download the icons ??
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Perfect, i like it...i only miss IT Crowd and Stargate Atlantis :)
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Nice icons, please make one for '24' too! :D
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Thanks..24 is already there btw :)
great icons the detail, very high quality
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nice work man !
can you do Smallville and Entourage :)
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ok..I add them on the list..I ll release volume 3 soon..
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Can you do "Weeds, Rupert The Bear, Kablaam!" the last two are pretty retro :)
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Thanks, :)

It means alot to me, as well as the show itself, because I was on an episode last year.
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Nice..I ll do it for u..
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what is your e-mail adress buddy?, thanks again I really appreciate it .. :)
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No problem..I ve sent it..
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