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Widow's Weeds

By lemonade8
She's a young widow and I have her entertaining a murder of crows.  

Dress and ear pieces from Lully
dress materials from Fabi and Parrotdolphin
cloak from Sshodan
headdress from Studio Art Vartanian
Hand ornaments from Arki
skin from Danae
background from Nathie
lights from D&M
crows and building from Daz Studio
choker from Guderun
Casino Girl necklace from SWAM and RPD
hair from 3Dream
I think that's everything.  I hope.  
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© 2014 - 2021 lemonade8
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That's lovely - I especially like the headdress!
lemonade8's avatar
Thank you!  I love SAV.
capn-gary's avatar
Love the dress & cape!
lemonade8's avatar
Thanks, Gary!  It was a huge pain in the derriere to sim properly.
capn-gary's avatar
But your efforts are worth the work. ;) 

Between you and Rachel Dudley and your dynamic cloth, I spend a good percentage of my time with the green glow of envy. ;)
lemonade8's avatar
Thanks!  It takes a lot of patience, that's for sure.
capn-gary's avatar
Which you have to have in enormous quantities. 

I'm afraid I don't have much right now. 
lemonade8's avatar
lol, it helped that I was green with envy and stubborn enough to keep at it.  You have to be stupidly stubborn, too.
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