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Another Free Wallpaper/ Stock Image for the fan club !!

This image was shot this summer. It is reflections of turkish ferries that arrived from marmara city. They stayed some days at main island port.

ALL can use totally FREE of charge etc. in manipulations EXCEPT companies that violate my copyright and stole images of mine in the past or in the future.

You are NOT allowed to sell it, unless you pay a portion of fee Euro/ GBP depending on size of print, for each sale you make, AFTER I give you permission to sell it using my stock ofcourse. For litho, please write to me to negotiate price please.

You are NOT allowed to include or distribute any images in ANY distribution format for whatever reason for advertisting or commercial purposes even if it is non-profitable donation-ware material and is distributed i.e. by Greek Authorities or related scams/ image thieves.

Companies listed below ARE NOT ALLOWED to use/ download image AT ALL.

1) PROLINE S.A. (thessaloniki /greece)
2) Greecemonkey. co .uk and all their deceitful registered domains
3) AMKE touristic - Lemnos Island, Greece
4) Myrina city Cityhall, Lemnos Island, Greece

60x40cm aprox (5906x3937 pixels) @ 250, JPG res12, 13MB approx. AdobeRGB 1998 embeeded. Can be used as wallpaper as well.

Click the download button to store image on your HDD.

Yours Crazy,
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It's a nice work so minimal so clear!!!