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Got a customer in my store wanting me to repair a nikon nikkor 18-55mm lens DX type , AF-S 3,5-4,5 GII ED.

I diagnosed serious damage as barrel was very loose and camera could not focus.

After long time searching on web, I found a REPAIR MANUAL for this lens, in PDF format, and I uploaded it for you ! Quite difficult to find a lens repair manual nowadays....

Download it by clicking on the download button, now it is available ;-)

File size about 8MB.

I started dismantling the lens quite easy and now is just bits and pieces, but does not seem to be a quick fix, as some plastic stuff and other internal parts are damaged, so I will probably keep the parts for future repairs.

Have fun.....
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Thank you Lemnos, you are a star.
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Thank's for sharing man ! Someone called an ambulance! 
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this is fantastic, thanks so much, I've spent all day looking for this :)
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glad you found help !

Thanks a lot for uploading this... Do you have the luck to find the Nikon AF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm F 2.8G Service Manual. I am having trouble with the AF. Thank you 10000X in advance.
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unfortunatelly i dont have the 60mm service manual but send you a link in case is available so you can buy it
I got the PDF download at the top right. I think that is the one with the teardown guide. I need part# to order new parts and where to them from. Any help would great!
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hm... well dont know that at all. but i think if you search for nikon repair manuals/ forums some good ones will popup for sure.

in your case i would order by giving the description on their manual. i am sure a technician would understand what that item is, or even sales dept. by performing a seach to match the words of item

anyways good luck !
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Thanks a lot for this, I have trouble with my lens, the autofocus is busted. I tryed to disassemble the lens, but didn't know how :)
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I just found this through a google search. Who would have thought I'd find such a lifesaver on dA?! I have my lens sitting here in pieces after trying to repair a jammed zoom, and I can't figure out how the f the metal bars fit back around the aperture and lens inside bits. YOU'RE THE BEST.
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haha thanks friend. I waas in same situation and this is damn handy+ saves visits to repair shops....

glad you got a solution
LemnosExplorer my friend.. YOU ARE A LIFESAVER.

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did you manage to repair it ? i have another pdf file giving codes to order spare parts :D
hey mate!

Thanks for nice upload!

Do u still have that spare parts pdf?
Could be handy, for i need mounting peace for my lens.

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the PDF file is on this page actually ! you jus have to click the download button on your right hand side !
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