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Some design i did for a client. The home page as been validated and is being coded. All the subpages are still to design and should take a little while, it's a big website (navigation was a real nightmare/challenge to design btw)

But I lovvvve the home already :eager:
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I'm so glad I stumbled upon your work. Just gonna stay a while and drool.
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SWEET! What are your thoughts on the 960 grid system? Is it outdated?
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Latelly I've been not using 960.gs in my designs any more since I will be coding my own grid system myself. Custom stuff for smart resizing and adaptative design.
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Absolutly fantastic!
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je le redis parceque je viens de voir que tu es francais :)
ca déchire et tu semble maitriser completement le web design...
chapeau bas et félicitations !
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awesome work.... :faint:
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Wow :) you're an artist!!
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Love it, love it, LOVE IT!
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thx a lot! The coding is going pretty good and normally the site will be out soon!
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Can't wait to see! Send us a link when it's ready to be showed off.
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I really like this design, good job!
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thx a lot. Unfortunately the design styles is slightly narrow, and is causing some problems on the sub pages. But working on it ;)
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Very well done. Great use of color and shadows to keep this from becoming overly minimal, something I have always had trouble doing.
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:thumbsup: Super travail :clap:
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u have done well :D
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On reconnait ta touche minimaliste, c'est soigné, efficace et professionnel ;)
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merci :)

Oui. Quand le gars m'a donné les specs, j'ai vu tellement de contenu partout qu'il ne m'a pas semblé avoir un autre choix que de partir sur du ultra mninimal (mais chargé de petits details très discrets)
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Looks really super! :thumbsup:
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thx mannnnn :eager:
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Excellent design. Love it's cleanness. :nod:
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