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transportation icons

By LeMex
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A set of 3 transportations icons. 1 plane 1 bus and 1 audi R8.

I got a little lazy on really finishing to the detail the bus and car so they are more a beggining of icon than a complete one.


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Awsome Just what I needed
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Muy acabados y bonitos, gracias.
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beautifully done :love:
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Can I use this plane Icon in a program I made?
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Super boulot, vraiment classe ces icones. Respects
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Cool Icons Design, Thanks for your work
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Le wow
(or zut alors...but I like le wow)
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What do you use to make these?
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jsut photoshop, and a model picture
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You illustrate those reference pics?
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??? Nop, I do the basic shapes on top of the picture.

Here's the process I use:

1. Get the idea

2. Get a good stock photo for model, I try to get huge pictures.

3. In photoshop draw with the pen all the basic shapes of your object in top of the picture. The key here is to make it simple and get just the BASIC shapes of your object. For example the car (that as the most vector shapes I think) as around 7-8 vector shapes that's it. The details will come later

4. Work each part separately. Work colors, lights and details

That's pretty much it.

I'll say the plane is 20h of work, the bus is like 8-10 ad the car is 2-3h
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You are one who 'works'!
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Is that good or bad?
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good? It is awesome apparently!
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hello can you make different pirate ship icons?
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The plane reminds me this.. [link]
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but if you see there is some copyright issues here I'll just remove the pack from here and won't be available to aybody :)
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No no, i'm not a judge, it was just a thought :)
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