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keepr free psd icons

By LeMex
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2 psd icons made from my previous shot.

Like advised I corrected radius
A minimum of pixel layers are in use and a maximum of vector shapes with layer styles.

download the psd here

PS: enjoy the page too it rocks!
PS 2: inside the water tank folder you'll find a PAPER folder invisible. Just make it visible to turn on the half immersed paper on the tank :)
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Used here: [link]
Thanks very much! :)
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Hi Jeremy. While the icons in the preview are really great, the paper in the .psd file is stunning! :thumbsup:
It was a pleasure watching at the different layers.
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yes I should have put that paper in the preview :)
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J'aime beaucoup ce que tu fais Jeremy ;)
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merci bcp man :)
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ur great!!!!!!!!
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I remember this. Loved it on Dribbble too! ( :
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J'ai vu hier sur dribbble, et je voudrais essayer l'effet de l'eau, j'y vais télécharger pour analyser les étapes (:
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tu verra que l'effet de l'eau est assez simple sur la boite. C la feuille de papier qui est assez retravaillé pr donner un effet de la moitié qui est sous l'eau. La feuille est dans le psd aussi :)
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J'ai vu, c'était rien comme je pensais..
J'ai vu la feuille, comment tu as fait pour donner l'effet ?
Smudge and blur ? Something like that ?

And thanks (:
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Nice work, Jeremy! :)
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Thanks good job on them
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your welcome :)
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very nice work Jes, love the brown one :)
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thx mate :) Yes me too that shelf is sexy!
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