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July 25, 2010
elevation by *LeMex is a gorgeous piece with class and movement.
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Very classic, I'm sure you've all seen this kind of design, but I had to try it. Some parts went really easily and took no time to do, some others took me hours to decide where to put them... damn phoenix.....

Tools: Photoshop CS4
Time: 8h

Original format 1920 x 1200 px. Click download to get it :).

I should make a full pack with this one, with all diferents screen sizes.

Amazing jump picture: used with authorization
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Image size
2880x1800px 2.16 MB
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lilmoe-moe's avatar
GOSH this is just an AMAZING photo
Red-Steel's avatar
This wall is really amazing! I have featured it in a screenshot if you would like to take a look :D:peace: [link]
diamondage's avatar
love the composition, flow and the contrast using white squares against all these soft lines
Tsubaki21's avatar
This is incredilbe, well done :clap:.
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esmaeil's avatar
Beautiful. I love the intersection
RL2VAS's avatar
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Benevolent-Son's avatar
Amazing design, has so much energy.
Frozx398's avatar
thats just awesome on so many levels! Great job!
FranceHopper's avatar
Very cool! Simple, yet stunning. Congrats on the DD!
PeejayCatacutan's avatar
Astounding! How did you do the smoke-breath things on the arms? I'm still perfecting the basics in ps, just wanna cover all the bases :D thanks!
HeyKtupq's avatar
I like the work, and the idea, it looks nice by clicking it and zooming in
but it looks terrible at original size (2880x1800) :S not worth of a wallpaper I think
LeMex's avatar
I completely agree. This is kinda an oooold work and I was exploring new things in photoshop more than making something finalised. So yes it is very pixelised and cluterred :)
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Bryan-Lobdell's avatar
great work as always
Kataklyzmik's avatar
Care bear STARE!
ManarAmmar's avatar
DasPoot's avatar
Wow. This looks great! A wallpaper worthy of song and praise!

I gotta learn how to pull off things like this.
FateZoom's avatar
congrats on the dd
dereneladag's avatar
Really Good :) Congratulations
WishIWould's avatar
Oh gosh, this makes me want a t-shirt with that print on it! I love how the designs complement and enhance the gorgeous photo, but also that "painterly" look and lighting that the phoenix seems to "cast" onto the subject! The warm and cool lighting with the gray bg complement each other beautifully.
eddbei's avatar
Love it! very Nice!!! +++ to my Faves!
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