New portfolio on it's way... (And new logo)

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:iconlemarquis: .New portfolio on it's way... (And new logo)

Hi everybody,
Back in 2005 I released my latest portfolio. This portfolio set a trend that was becoming a hot thing last year. The Bokeh effects were all over the net and many posts linked back to my site for reference. So where are we now! Well five years I've not done much on my portfolio and it has been left aside for a pretty long time. No! time wasn't really the issue, but updating in the portfolio (in flash was a real time consuming job. Every update took about 20 minutes of work and this is why I neglected the updates...

So with further notice I just began my next update on a brand new webpage, called V6... I've just begun working on the basic design and already found me a good logo I could use for the new portfolio. It will be a couple of months work to get it all straighten out and pixel perfectize (is that really a word) those pixels...

So get yourself familiarized with the new logo, because you'll be seeing a lot of this and more, soon...

Au Revoir,


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