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I stand by my idea of sharing knowledge for those who have to study knowledge up and close, I spend much of my time to create templates, sources and free give-away's
For all that time I spend in designing and sharing my knowledge I just ask a small thing in return... That would mean commenting or set this deviant to your favorite when downloading.
It's just a second of your time and for me it's showing me your recognition to my work.

Regretfully many web users just download everything they find and leave no comment or even leave a note.
So for those, please favorite it when downloading and/or using the source. (It's just a second of your time)

Completely free for use, even commercial.
Creative commons licence.

Note: If you find optimizations or errors in the code please feel free to share them with me so I can optimize the code.


17-june-2011 - Version 1.01 Updated some minor errors and cleaned up the soure a bit

Le Marquis
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Looks good,

Can check similar stuff on the below URL.

Using CSS/3 icons reduces the HTTP request which in turn decreases your website file size.

Hope you like it!
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Haven't tried this out yet - but have downloaded it. I've been working on a tab "layout/menu" for my site (and others) using a little bit of js, but it keeps hindering some of my other scripts. So hopefully this will play nicer in the mix. I'll make sure to tag/message you if I use it. Thank you for your time and work.
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You're welcome
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A very interesting concept! I may use this for my work, if I do I will send you link. Thank you!
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sure go ahead!
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hehe yet again gonna DL for future website ideas :D thanks and keep up the awesome work!!
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I will... Thanks!
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Nice work, I really need to update my knowledge with all this new css3/html5 code.

And I haven't even touched jQuery yet.
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You should! Jquery is so awesome!
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