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LP COVER photoshop file

By LeMarquis
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I believe in sharing knowledge online for those who have to study the files up and close. I spend much of my time for those people and just want a small thing in return!
Regretfully many "leechers" just download everything they find and therefor leave no comment or even set a favorite. So for those, please favorite it when downloading the source.

Free Photoshop vector based LP VINYL.
For use on widgets, websites, gadgets, and all other stuff I forgot to mention.
Also a good tut for newbies on Photoshop to see how this was build up.

Free for use, also commercial!

Just some rules:

1. When using this template, post copyright post in your project. Always link to this deviant page for copyright. Include author name and link.

2. Do not sell, redistribute or copy this file.

3. Downloads are only from this URL.

4. When using in your project, leave a comment with link to project please...

Le Marquis

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really amazing , cool psd file . thanks for sharing . I appreciate it
chameleonkid's avatar
Awesome work. Beautifully done! :+fav:
LeMarquis's avatar
Your welcome, and thx!
klinik96's avatar
Great work with this! I used it in my small project. Here's a link [link] Thanks a lot!
powdered-ash03's avatar
Thanks bro, I might be using this. Just wanted to let you know.
LeMarquis's avatar
Let me know what you did with it please...
LadyBlacktronika's avatar
Thank you. I'm trying to figure out how to add a new layer for my own album cover.
JS-Cereal-Killer's avatar
As a old Dj I have to say this takes me back to the 90s... I can still hear Sasha and Digweed laying it down. Thanks !!
LeMarquis's avatar
welcome and have fun!
CoreyByas's avatar
I really want to see the LP, considering they are hard to find but I'm actually trying to make one myself..

Thanx!! fro the help/resources!!!!!!
LeMarquis's avatar
Thx for the fav...

By the way it's pretty easy to create an LP.

1. create a circular selection.
2. add some dark grey color.
3. add dust on the grey color.
4. add rotational blur to it.

This is just the basics from here you'll be able to figure it out...
Zodr14's avatar
thank you!!
is amazing!!!
PSIBreaker's avatar
You are very good, nice detail
LeMarquis's avatar
thanks for the sweet words...
philrodriguez's avatar
Sorry, it's to low quality for me... :(
LeMarquis's avatar
Well I can't get everyone happy it seems... To bad though!
philrodriguez's avatar
All the criticisms cannot be good, whoever also needs bad to improve!

MasterExplorer's avatar
Thanks a lot for your hard work and for your love to share. Nice job you made it.
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