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I stand by my idea of sharing knowledge for those who have to study knowledge up and close, I spend much of my time to create templates, sources and free give-away's
For all that time I spend in designing and sharing my knowledge I just ask a small thing in return... That would mean commenting or set this deviant to your favorite when downloading.
It's just a second of your time and for me it's showing me your recognition to my work.

Regretfully many web users just download everything they find and leave no comment or even leave a note.
So for those, please favorite it when downloading and/or using the source. (It's just a second of your time)

This source may be used on widgets/gadgets, website applications and all other developments I forgot to mention.
This source is also a good tutorial for newbies on Photoshop™ to study how this source was created.

1. When using this template, post copyright for this source in your project (Including author name and link).
2. Do not sell or redistribute this file without my permission.
3. Downloads, sharing can only be done through this website (URL).
4. When you use this design in your project, leave a comment on this deviant with link to project please.
5. All other rules that are stated in the "Creative Commons Licence" ([link])

* november 10th, 2007 updated! (cd included) rev.1
* februari 1st, 2008 (tweaked the design a bit) rev.2
* februari 6th, 2008 (CD tweaked, graphics added for more realistic view.)

Le Marquis
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It's very kind of you for shering your knowlage with us.
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Yor templates are amazing. 
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such a nice stuff.. keep up the good work LeMarquis 
Thanks. This some really good stuff
Thanks man, you make great job. Nice!
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Nice work. I may use this in a project. I'll let ya know.
Amazing work! Thank you for sharing ! :)
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many thanks for the contribution helps many people thanks
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You're welcome!
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You stay Classy!
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You're welcome!
The Jewel Case Template is now an icon template in, thanks to Le Marquis!
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Great! Lovely to see the App is al done and ready now. PS: You might want to change some thing in your website. There's something wrong with the layout on the Retina display's.
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I favorite everything from anyone I ever get things from on here. I think everyone is AMAZINGLY Talented and I like many others appreciate your work and allowing us to use what you have to offer. So Thank You.
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You're welcome!
Thanks very much. Congratulations for your job
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You're welcome!
Hi Marquis,

I want to use your template in my application project, please contact me 
danilo [/dot/] bonardi [/at/] shinyfrog [/dot/] net

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No problem, Just send me the link if all is done. And be sure you share the templete within the app with name and detail.
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