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After CS3 Work Folders there's CS4 Workfolder icons In these modern days many people use a combination of different files on their hard drive, and with over 250 Gig and millions
of files it's getting harder to track you files back. So here is a little help for you to recognize your folders in the adobe style icons.

download [link] (read the rules)

Also handy to setup your projects when working with many, many adobe products. this way you can arrange your files into their
own folders and therefor it's easier to get an overview.

*.PNG format 256 pixels
*.ICO (win) format and vary in ranges from 256, 48, 32, 16
*.ICNS (mac) format and vary in ranges from 256, 48, 32, 16

Version history:

*Version 1.0.0
(dec 13 2008)
First release...

1. When using this template, post copyright for this source in your project (Including author name and link).
2. Do not sell or redistribute this file without my permission.
3. Downloads, sharing can only be done through this website (or url).
4. When you use this design in your project, leave a comment on this deviant with link to project please.

Copyright. Le Marquis
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Very useful! Thanks for sharing!
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kazekage21's avatar
great work folders i loved them. They same me a lot of time
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Never hurts to help! Enjoy the works...
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Thx for this Icone
I love it :)
LeMarquis's avatar
Your more than welcome!
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Why not? rar packs it just a bit smaller... Rar is next to Zip a standard package standard these days!
very nice.
your topics in my blog site [link]
if its posible to publish i will is that any problem about this stuation ?
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You're free as you go. please publish the icons as you wan't. No problem here, why should I? As long if there is a link or name in it for copyright.

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Is there a folder for PSE included? (photoshop elements)
that would be nice if it is

thanks in advance
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thanks for the sweet ords. As for the Pse icon??? Sorry only PS is included...
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is there anyway for there to be a PSE? that was my only problem with the CS3 version too (which I used) <--awesomeness and now CS4 is even more aweosme
is there a template? a certain font you use?

thanks in advance
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I think I love you......
well... I love the icons anyway

thank so much!
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frisospeulman's avatar
Zijn wel handig... misschien dat ik ze ook nog wel ff ga gebruiken... me folders zijn idd een troepje ;)

begin deze week komt cs4 binnen dus kan ik t gelijk gebruiken :)
LeMarquis's avatar
Hou je maar vast. CS4 is erg veel veranderd. En Photoshop vraagt veel van je grafisch kaartje...
frisospeulman's avatar
dat gebruik ik toch niet:P
LifeMakers's avatar
Looks great......
LeMarquis's avatar
Great! Thx for the comment
MastaAzumarek's avatar
yay! new ones for CS4 :D i'm gonna use these for the different program folders :D
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