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CS3 Work Folders

1. When using this template, post copyright for this source in your project (Including author name and link).
2. Do not sell or redistribute this file without my permission.
3. Downloads, sharing can only be done through this website (or url).
4. When you use this design in your project, leave a comment on this deviant with link to project please.

In these modern days many people use a combination of different files on their hard drive, and with over 250 Gig and millions
of files it's getting harder to track you files back. So here is a little help for you to recognize your folders in the adobe style icons.

Also handy to setup your projects when working with many, many adobe products. this way you can arrange your files into their
own folders and therefor it's easier to get an overview.

*.PNG format and vary in ranges from 256, 128, 96, 64, 32 & 16 pixels.
*.ICO (win) format and vary in ranges from 256, 128, 96, 64, 32 & 16 pixels, al in 32 & 24 bit color
*.ICNS (mac) format and vary in ranges from 128, 96, 64, 32 & 16 pixels in 24 bit color
(*.icl format library included for Windows)

Included Workfolder are:

Acrobat, After Effects, Audition, Athorware, Bridge, Coldfusion, Connect, Contribute, Captivate, Director, Dreamweaver, Encore,
Flex Builder, Freehand, Flash, Framemaker, Fireworks, Flex, GoLive, Illustrator, InCopy, InDesign, JRun, LifeCycle, Lightroom, PageMaker,
Premiere, Presenter, Photoshop, Soundbooth, VersionCue, Adobe(logo), Digital Edition, Extention Manager, Adobe Update, Adobe Air
Adobe Media Player, Adobe labs Mobile Device, Actionscript 2 & 3 (essential for Flash), OnLocation, Ultra, Adobe Thermo,


Version history:

*Version 1.0.0
(feb 28th 2008)
First release...

*Version 1.0.1
(feb 28th 2008)
Included additional icons

*Version 1.0.2
(feb 29th 2008)
Included *.icl file.
Included additional icons

(mar 6th 2008)
These icons have been featured on smashing magazine [link] therefor I like to thank you all for your support for all these years...

Version 1.0.3
(may 23th)
Added four versions of Adobe product.
Rebatched the whole set to standard sizes for Windows and MacOs X. Old batch seemed weird looking on some sizes

Copyright. Le Marquis
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Thanks for this Ill be using these folders to identify my files at a glance. ^_^
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thank you very much :thanks: :)
How can i install icons to my pc? Thanks
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You don't. Just replace tyhe current one with one in the library. Do a search on google and you'll find it...
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Thank you very much!
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you sir are BADASS!!!!
thank you very much. Im looking for the icons now
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Your welcome. There's the CS4 version aswell!
I really like it. It's very neat...
Great job!
you're welcome : )
Thanks so much for the use of these icons! I've used them on the new Adobe Flash Platform landing page for the PureMVC Framework (free, open source, not commercial).

:target: PureMVC for the Flash Platform [link]

The link is on the right column of the page, "Thanks for the icons", I used your awesome avatar icon as the link image, I hope that's ok.
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Thx. I've checked the website but couldn't find the icons... Any direct link?
Woops, sorry, wrong URL in the link above and I can't delete the post.

The ACTUAL landing page using these icons is here:

:target: [link]
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Really cool idea and very useful. Thanks!
Seeing as the "Cool" font has not been released yet, would you be able to tell me what font you used?
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Myriad Pro comes closet to the font used in the icons from Adobe. Thanks for the kind words... Enjoy!
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Great stuff...real nice :D Thanks
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