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Borealis Screensaver

By LeMarquis
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In inspiration to my new website (preview) [link] I decided I'd share the animation amongst deviant-members.

Package contains executable setup file (scanned and safe) screen saver created with InstantStorm 1.52

UPDATED: version 1.1 Now works with Windows Vista.

For any errors I must redirect you to the forum of InstantStorm [link]

Le Marquis
© 2008 - 2021 LeMarquis
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blue98's avatar
Thank so much for this beautifully awesome screensaver :D

*i could do without the watermark, but I understand :D*
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I was using this on my Windows-running laptop ever since it came out. It's pure awesome!
Wish there was a Mac version now. Soon? :P
mcoopers81's avatar
Awesome screen saver, but I wish there was a Mac version :(. But I do enjoy it when I boot to the Win side.
LeMarquis's avatar
maybe.. One day... I'll do the Mac Version...
Thanks for using and commenting!
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DreamOfFire's avatar
o! and your website is AMAZING btw!=)
DreamOfFire's avatar
I LOVE IT! thank you so much!=)
JayCustom's avatar
Ahhh....I have my fav screensaver once again! I had this in the past and many OS installs and re-installs (XP,Vista,Seven:triple boot now)I lost and forgot about this. Now I have it on my Windows 7 and (working great btw,maybe can add it to the list) and when I log into XP and Vista I'm going to install it on them also. Can't be without this...excellent job and thank you.
LeMarquis's avatar
I've got fans! Yay!

Well happy to hear it still works on Windows 7... Goodluck with the beautiful dancing light blobs on your screen!
iLuv this screensaver!
Tnx a bunch for postin it!

LeMarquis's avatar
Your welcome, have fun with it!
pjdark's avatar
Really the most awesome screensaver i have ever used. Thanks man! I love this! :)
jessicakateholliday's avatar
Whats the point of having a screensaver with a logo in the corner? A screensaver is meant to SAVE the screen not burn in your logo?
LeMarquis's avatar
Just wait a second or 30 to see
what happens with the logo...

Thank you for using...

Le Marquis
LeMarquis's avatar
amazing!! thanks!

and does this run as an app? so like when i leave my computer i just run the app?
LeMarquis's avatar
yes it does... try it out it's free anyway's...
DottGonzo's avatar
Excellent work, and awesome website!
Thank you for sharing!
LeMarquis's avatar
You're welcome. enjoy the dancing lights...
DottGonzo's avatar
LeMarquis's avatar
your welcome...
furnilover21's avatar
And it works with Windows XP SP3 :3

But, you can just not include an installer, I still know where to put the scr.
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