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Teto Kasane Accessories

By Leloulove
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Belt and Headphones by me :3 I used this [link] tutorial for the headset and it turned out pretty well!
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Hey girl how do you do  the teto belt
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Chica como hiciste el cinturón >////< estoy preparando el cosplay  de teto
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So with this foam on top, do the phones just dangle or is there something that secures them?

They look nice :)
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Well done! I love it!
I have a question... How you decore the belt?
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I took about 32 inches of pink ribbon (about one inch thick) and one roll of pink duct tape. I then carefully cut triangles out of the duct tape (all about the same size)and placed them on one side of the ribbon. I then folded the ribbon in half (um hamburger style I guess xD). Next I sewed the edges to prevent the duct tape from coming off and to keep it folded in half. I then took two bobby pins and stuck them on the ends of the ribbon. That's it. :)

Thanks for the compliment! I really appreciate it!
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nice!!!! they look really cool =D i like how you used the foam at the top XD that's a smart idea.
i ended up ditching the headset cuz it wouldn't fit on top of my wig so i just glued hair clips on the inside and clipped the headphones to my wig haha.
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Thanks! Your tutorial was perfect though! I'm so glad you made it! Great job. :D Clips are a great idea!! It's a perfect way to place them wherever you like!
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i'm glad it was useful to someone ^___^ hehehe
for your teto-san wig, it doesn't have pigtail clips, does it? or are the pigtails attached the the wig base itself?
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It really was. ^^ Yeah the wig has detachable pigtails... why?
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