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By Lelia
Speed Sketch about J.R.R. Tolkien's character Beorn from his book The Hobbit .
Beorn was a shape-shifter a man who could assume the appearance of a great black bear. He lived with his animals (horses, dogs and ponies among others) in a wooden house between the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood, to the east of the Anduin.

Beorn was of immense size and strength for a man, and retained his size and strength in bear-form. He had brown hair and a thick black beard and broad shoulders.

More info here [link]

I love this character on all races (Dwarves, Elves, Dunedain, Orcs, Maiar, etc) due to his attitude, his streng and 'cause the bear is one of my fave animals.

Texture [link]

Caharecter © J.R.R. Tolkien
Artwork is © Me
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TorrenOglethorpe's avatar
I wish his time was longer in the movies
deadpooleyo's avatar
I wish he had looked this cool in the movie...
Academy77's avatar
Beorn! My favorite of Tolkien's characters! I love it :D excellent job!
Fractaldragon's avatar
Wonderful! You don't see many drawings/paintings of Beorn, and I've always been fond of him.
Reyai-Bloodrose's avatar
Exactly how I imagined him. XD
jheinked's avatar
yes! he was my favorite character in the book, especially when he showed up near the end. excellent picture!
cptnsuz's avatar
One of the characters I am most looking forward to seeing when 'The Hobbit' movies come out!
Auginator's avatar
yeah i agree bears are awesome animals, ive seen the movies then i finally decided to read the book i just finished the fellowship of the ring and loved it now im going to read the two towers but i probably shouldve read the hobbit first but i was reading a bit about the characters and found this guy and thought he sounded pretty cool
Lelia's avatar
Well, The Hobbit is more like a children book but is a good book and it has some interesting characters.
Auginator's avatar
sounds like it, I will still read the hobbit to kind of complete the whole thing
Sandstorm-The-Kind's avatar
I love Beorn. To me, he is one of those characters that you can't help but like. When you meet him in the book he seems so jolly. I love your depiction of him. It's how I imagine him. :)
wulfjakal's avatar
girls gonna love this ''macho man'' XD
Lelia's avatar
wulfjakal's avatar
you understand what i mean
i hope
Lelia's avatar
Yeah yeah LOL
The man with hair in the chest and who pisses in wall (Translate spanish sayin about "The real man")
jynxbelen's avatar
I love that big fella. Apparently, for the movie they are making him super hot... :I
Lelia's avatar
Oh no I preffer a Big man woth Big beard, not a kind of Thor or something
jynxbelen's avatar
I agree I would imagine Beorn looking like Hagrid
jynxbelen's avatar
I agree I would imagine Beorn looking like Hagrid
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