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Bella Swan sucks

By Lelia
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First of all, thanks to my sister :iconnoiry: for helping me with the translation and share her hate for this character with me.

Relative quick pic!
The Monster of the strip is Bella Swan from Twilight series

My opinion about Bella is represented in the chara's comments who appear in the drawing. Until now I never seen a character so stupid and detestable like her! If she were a real person she wouldn't have any friend with her attitude.

This book should be recommended only for teenagers, I think it's too simple for adult people, for 15 or 16 year maybe... it would be a entertaining romantic novel.

I'm thinking about read or not the last book.
This is only my opinion.

Based on Stephenie Meyer series
Art is © Me
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I tried voice acting lol!I like the comic tho!
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LOL this is true
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Um Rosalie,even though I hate Twilight but like you. You're kind of being hypocritical.
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Then again, what makes Edward so special?
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Better question, what makes these books so special? XD
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This is so great! ( ´▽`)
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... to bei completely fair Rosalie REAAAAAALLY can't call ANYONE spoiled, selfish OR childish... REALLY
It's not to defend Bella or anything, just wanted to point out the hypocrisy on this tiny bit... *U*
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awful character but hilarious opinion of her. love it!
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Edward and jacob are lost.
They need to see the light!!
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*insert Tangled reference*
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lol the one that is paul looks like the guy who played jared in the movies

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Am I a very bad girl for drooling at the wolf-guys :3
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I think I'm in love with you
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Agreed. Absolutely. If trying to kill yourself because you boyfriend leaves you doesn't show how needy and self-centered you are, I don't know what does.

Oh wait, I can think of something. How about the fact your relationship starts a enitre
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it's hard to believe that in this triangle-relationship, we have a monster that uses people up, strings people along, is incredibly boring, has NOTHING in common with them, has NO personality outside making what they want come true through ANY means necessary, and SHE is the human they're fighting over

the vampire's an abusive boyfriend & the werewolf's a rapist.  don't believe me, READ BETWEEN THE LINES
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Bella sucks. I hate her.
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It's a shame that whats-his-face didn't hit her with his car in the school parking lot and killed her off. The story would have been so much better without her.
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It only took one page for me to hate her guts.
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LMAO This is hysterical. She did in fact have an unhealthy obsession with Edward it was pretty pathetic. I'm not even sure how those two 'fell in love' to begin with.
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"In another dimension, maybe she could have been a great Shakespeare villain. This really complex developed psychotic mind. But as the common everyday relateable girl that we're all supposed to identify with, she is and always will be the biggest dumbass in distress."

- The Nostalgia Critic towards the end of his "Top 11 Dumbasses in Distress" video [link]
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