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Your Light is Spent

Hey, it's alive! And it's posting art! ;)

Kit and Larina from my webcomic, Fey Winds. (Which is up and running once again, freshly restarted and looking a lot shinier and newer!)

feel free to poke fun at the makeshift logo ;) I might be posting the steps to making this in my scraps soon, so keep an eye out!
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Oh Larina!!! I miss her! I wish i could go with Kit and the others to rescue her (again!)
Tuesdays are my fav days because of Fey Winds
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I can't stop reading your comic. Its just so great. I've been following it for some time now and let me tell you, I LOVE IT!!!!!

Great colors and expressions. Nice work! :D
Wolnier-Wolf's avatar
I think I am addicted to your webcomic and can't wait till the next page.
IanStruckhoff's avatar
You're very talented, I love this stuff. :)
ramen-dragon's avatar
This is great! I love your web comic! Thanks so much for taking the time to make it!
NeoBabylon's avatar
very nice colors
fantasystar101's avatar
I just began reading the comic, I love this style so much ^^ specifically the eyes~
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boy do i read that.
I'm caught up and waiting.

Question: how do you warm up for a drawing session...
and would you say that to master figure drawing is to draw A LOT of figures, then to transition that to drawing without reference (no model, just your imagination) is to only think in gesture? The form should have burned itself on your brain, making it easier for you to focus on the WHAT instead of the HOW.
What's your method?
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To warm up I usually just make a couple of doodles before starting on whatever I want to draw. As for figure drawing, I think it's good to do a mix. It probably isn't realistic to think that someone can have the patience to only draw from life until the feel they master it enough to start drawing from imagination, but I think that it's a good idea to set aside some time to draw from life in between drawing just for fun.

I don't think it's a good idea to ever stop looking at references or drawing from life altogether, because a person's mental image of what a figure looks like will always be imperfect, and you can always learn something from reality.
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yup... i definitely try to improve every sore and score by using actual stock found on Deviant art. I used to try this website (, and it taught me well gesture and form, but i figured it cheated me from the actual human model and all it's more intricate nuances.

Thanks for your time. Really appreciated.
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I love Fey Winds, I've seen it go through lots of changes, all for the better lol, you are so awesome!!
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I love that.:) Great job.:)
mariam1987's avatar
I'm in love with your style, the colours, the clean lines^_^ And I'm currently reading Fey Winds. It's really amazing. Go on, girl, your work is great!
idolhands's avatar
Absolutely beautiful. The eyes are very captivating. And again, the pose is perfectly done. How exciting that you have a web comic dedicated to such interesting looking characters as well. I look forward to checking that out.
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The poses and colours look lovely. I really love their shapes and their expressions. Kit looks especially lovely-I really like her freckles and almond shaped bright blue eyes :)
pariahsdream's avatar
I love your colors- so very vibrant. My favorite part of this is definitely the way you shaded their lips (soooooo pretty) and the fur detail. Gorgeous.
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love your comics.
Lord-Of-The-Guns's avatar
Excellent image, they look very relaxed and carefree. The colors have just the right softness to them.

The logo isn't that bad. I like the simplicity - reminds of The Wind Waker art style. Good stuff.
Disney-bubbles's avatar
I love your style, it's so adorable :)
ru-debega's avatar
Kit looks fabulous. Very animation-y.
boum's avatar
Très joli, m'a aller checker ton comic, yeah yo dude.

Super les grosses lignes. Très clean. J'adore leurs nez!
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Very nice! love the colouring, especially how you do the lips
ouaip, du beau travail ça! :)
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