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Geiko Eien Ni - Eternally Geisha



The cover artwork for this story, and indeed the inspiration for it, was created by the astonishingly talented :iconwhite-mantis: White-Mantis!

This all came about when she took on this commission to create a portrait, which came with a few bits of existing visual material (really just a mask), and the words geisha, japan and sci-fi... This came out the other end, and well, it ended up with me writing this little story, while i've been waiting for my editors to get back to me on the novel, and because i needed to write it before continuing with that :) Sometimes stories demand to be written ;)

The story is set in the world i created for my novel, which is a near-to-mid-future type world, but is not a part of that storyline (there's no real time specifics in this story, but it would be, for reasons which may or may not be clear if you were to read the novel, be some time later than that).

I ended up having to do a not inconsiderable amount of reading up on geisha (and Japan in general) to be able to produce this piece... Funny how such things work out sometimes ;)

Finally: If you would like to read this on your ereader, grab the ePub here: or the mobi (for kindle) here: or the pdf here:
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