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work process.

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It's been a while. Here is my step by step process. huge file, I hope you guys like it.

as you can see, I still rely heavily on photoshop's color adjustments cause I really have very little experience mixing colors. this is my 5th traditional drawing so far so I'm still trying to learn stuff.

drawn on a Marvel paper so the textures aren't too hot but I do get nicer ink lines.

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realy amaizing !!! ... :-)
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nicet image to look at Leinil. I 'm glad that Power Man is in the foreground
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Tnx Master Yu!now we can study and improve our own drawing styles!=) domo
Thanks for upload this kind of work!
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the most awesome New Avengers cover!
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amazing work. i was wondering how long this whole process took you and approximately how long each stage took. again truly amazing. and i loved your work in secret invasion. some of the best art i have seen!!!
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excellently nice! nice knowing you use gouache also.
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black spidey so tight, very design I like the overall finish of the meduim, perfect,
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thank you for making Dr.Strange sexy :D
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sos un m-a-s-t-r-o- ¡¡
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Wow man...I love your stuff! i'm very happy that i found you here in deviant...we need people like yourself to get inspired and personally you are at the top of my list as an artist.

respect is burning!

Athens 08
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Wonderful, lively, striking lines!
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Stunning linework and colours. Love the camera angle too - really makes it stand out.
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i feel like i should know this but who is the black guy at the front? i just cant put my finger on it.
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Thanks for this, I'm gonna give this method a shot. I really love the watercolors.
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so you do water color, THEN color pencils, THEN photoshop it?! thats crazy, ive never heard of anything like that before. its one of those things you didnt think you could do cause... well i dont know, but thanks for opening my eyes lol
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once the watercolour stage was done, if i may ask, what did you use the colour pencils and and gouache for? was it to highlight certain areas?
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No words to say...
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Thanks! Pointing out your mistakes is a great help for artists that are trying to learn from this image.:spidey:
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