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storm practice


yeah, reflected light doesn't match lightning cause I added it last minute. ;)
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You friggin' rock dude. Hope to grab some new prints from ya at next Con.
thats perfect kid
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One of the best Storm interpretation I've seen in a long time.
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Really cool. love the colours in this
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This is great for a quick sketch, I understand your concern with lighting. I'd recommend unifying the light source to start, then render from that point. In terms of it being storm..., it works for me. It's true there are genetic differences with races but there are exceptions, white hair, lightning, enough to ID her as storm. Nice job
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also african or black people's face profiles look different to lets say a white person or a korean person. the lower half of the face comes out more, check it out. like this looks great and all but it feels generic, like it was some lady with lightning then u decide its storm after, sort of thing. it would just give it a tab more personality i think
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beautiful colors! you rock, this is really cooool. :)
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love the colors.
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Pretty awesome, a very cool illustration I like that it has your style
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cool colors ;D nice job sir!
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I like the colors you picked, Storm looks kick ass. Makes me want to see the target of her bolt. She's usually so underestimated in the comics...
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Phew!!!! This is good! :o
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Don't care, loving it even so. New great POV on Storm is always welcome :O
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I like the color pallet :D
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Lovely, so far :D
Are you going to have an art book or DVD tutorial any time soon? I know a lot of people would appreciate and buy it
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hopefully I can do a video soon. but in the meantime, concentrate on doing a good grayscale... and colors can easily be laid on later.
Ok thanks for the advice
Keep up the great artwork.

how are you feeling about the avengers movie?? Are you excited or will you wait a little to check it out?
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