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spider-woman commission

By leinilyu
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pen and ink, Copic markers plus white Gelly Roll.
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Please do more on Dc comics and Marvel comics! 
an excellent Spiderwoman  (Jess Drew?)

neat pose; this one isn't one she's usually shown in  (at least in dA)
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I really have to say...
This is my all-time favorite look of Jessica Drew; your art style PERFECTLY compliments her every feature and the outcome is just stunning. Seriously, I like this more than ANY official drawing of her.

Personally, I wish there was a 'Favorite' button for our favorites - just so I can put this in.
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Beautiful sketch cover!
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Absolutely gorgeous
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How can we get a commission from you, I would love to have some of your art on a cover?
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if i never see another drawing of anything ill be fine. this is amazing.
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I'm your fan, man! Oh, I am!!!!!
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Sexy woman ! Cool Job
You have really over the years of drawing Jessica Drew improved and by the looks of this you should draw her forever.Awesome...
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Very very cool! :) I love the texture the markers give the image.
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Great work! Fantastic detail
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looks realy Sexy
Excellent work!
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Mr. Yu, your women are hot as hell. :love:

I'm a bit ashamed I never knew of you until Superior arrived on shelves...better late than never. ;)
(already buying the secret invasion series and planning ahead for superman birthright and silent dragon!)
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I remember that I read an interview of you a long time ago in which you said that you had difficulties with women's faces.
I must say that, as I always liked your work, you have made amazing progress and I do believe that your women are absolutly beautiful and becoming greater and greater.
I was really amazed by that cover : [link]
And I am now with this spider-woman !
I don't know if you care about my opinion, but you have my congratulation. ^^
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thank you! still, I'm no Adam Huges or Frank Cho but trying my best to get half as good as them.
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Frank Cho and Adam Hughes are excellent, OK. But I think your girls have a great style, as well as being beautiful. And in a way, I prefere your women now.
I'm not telling you that to flatter you. I really do think that something has changed in you drawing style. And it's great. ^^
By the way, I saw you at the french comicon in Paris in 2010 !
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