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pencils of the comicbox cover

this is how the pencils look like immediately after being scanned sans the cleanup. messy but all the needed details are there. took me days to finish this cause of my artist block....
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I am new here in deviantart, have seen some of your work and, I tell you mate, your work are amnazing.
hehehe, Marvel characters in a DC sheet!
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wow.....I don't know what else to say!!!
AshleyJSmith's avatar
Love the energy , something I struggle with !
SteveWeigl's avatar
Really great, love the detail!
Z-Man-Ga's avatar
Wow. I like the pencils a LOT. It shows how much work really got put into this great artwork of yours. Really good job! :w00t:
Gortez's avatar
As a new born inker my first thought of this wa s"Damn this must be a really pain in the ass to ink"

I've been a fan your stuff since I first saw it in a Wolverine comic ;)

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i like this, great pencilling!
gerardo-julio's avatar
my fave marvel knights!sweet!:horns:
great sketch!do you have daredevil comics?
deemarch's avatar
Simply Unbeatable....GooD Work>
acjdg3's avatar
noone is rockin as hard as you at the moment in comicdome! love your work dude!
dorky-mcporky's avatar
just realized it so funny, marvel characters on dc paper... hehehe
Rulzdemol's avatar
what pencil do you use? looks great!
SplashColors's avatar
Awesome stuff man!!!
Doomage's avatar
you are a god amongst men, keep up the awesome work, the new avengers ish is unbelievable. kudos.
i-am-mighty's avatar
cool drawing, how come u did marvel characters on dc paper i dont think it matters im just curious
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Awesome lineart! I love the short small lines in the faces. Great work :)
anonymousx's avatar
man, you are a god.
Scribledude's avatar
Interesting Trio you got there. I really like the action going on in the scene, awesome stuff.
gureiduson's avatar
Hey, what was your block? I read a journal, that >>>[link] talking about it.
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