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been a while so I needed to get the rust out of my digital stuff....

as always, unfinished and unpolished.

could be a cool RTS.... all gods and religions battle it out. :)
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This is epic. Great art, man! :)
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Есть характер, но хотелось бы изминить немного атмосферу класссс.
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Well, I would fly through the canopy. As for the image at the top, very good. Do not know if you created yourself and then edited on computer, but I really like.
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yeah awesome !!!!!!!
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hey awesome man! always loved ur style, haha how r you doing these days?
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Cool character! fantastic color!
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I really like this, all of the smaller mercenaries do it for me, reminds me of a video game.
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The more I look at these "unfinished" paintings the more I really love the rough look of them. Sometimes it pays to be lazy!
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Woah, super cool.
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Great Brushwork Sir Leinil! :D
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wow really good!!!!!!
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my god is bigger then your god!

Just imagine the amount of fervor a game about gods fighting each other would bring.
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nice one as usual. Will there be a finished version?
You are AWESOMe artists!! You are like, one of favorite comic artists.
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If this is an un-finsihed art, i can't imagine the finished one :fear:
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hell yea - is this someone from norse mythology?
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