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batman sketch

Posted a pure marker version of this on Facebook and my tumblr page. This is a deviantart art exclusive. Lol. colored/tinted with a mouse using color and overlay layer. Photoshop is wonderful.

for the more raw version (just slightly upped the saturation), visit
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this is incredible!
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WOW ! Amazing...
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wow what a great painting
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Now that's Batman, one of these days he'll show-up on screen.
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great batman piece mate :O

the tinted markers got a watercolor feel now. cool stuff
Ariel-Giorgini's avatar
Great work!!! Batman rules!! ;)
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A guy with a giant £1,000,000 cheque is at my door.
Think I'll look at this instead.
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Looks great, I have always prefered the larger bat on Batman's chest, don't know why people like the smaller bat
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uuh! that photoshop pimping you did is awesome. Genius!!
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Reminds me of Batman the Animated Series. Fantastic.
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would love to see you do a batman book:)
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Awesome one of bats here
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very skillfully drawn. Well done.
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and with a mouse? man I need that skill LOL.fantastic
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rendering is already done with markers..... so it's all just sort of airbrushing some color in. it's not that hard once you see how it's done.

Try it with a B/w Photo..... you can color it using an overlay or color layer on Photoshop. just use the default airbrush....
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Part of the allure in talent such as yours, is that even your roughs are astounding. Someday I might be so lucky as to make such an impression. :)

And plus, I f'n LOVE the Batz!
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