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batman sketch

40 minute batman sketch.... obviously inpired by the awesome Gerald parel.

Armpit shading is off. I have tons of toys and action figures lying around and I didn't use am as reference. should've. I guess it's pride and the need to figure it out for myself.
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Tada! xD ...great piece!!!! :D
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Sometimes action figures can't achieve what we want in our head, but then again looking for a photo reference with the exact angle and lighting is next to impossible unless you've got a willing someone to pose for you.

I think I've been reading in too much to Alex Ross' stuff :XD:
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Done it great regardless man
"I believe I could flyyyy, I believe I could touch the skyyyy"
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SKETCH MY @$$~~~ lol this is AMAZING!
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I'm fabulous!
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I wish I could do that in 4 hours, let alone 40 mins.

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WHOA! NICE one Leinil!!!
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love love love it!! 8D
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it looks like a Alex Ross Sketch, very life like, Love it
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this is great! wow!
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Hi gay batman!
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wow, this is a "sketch"?! i wonder how you really Draw!
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Makaimagine ko ug phantom of the opera ani. hehehee/
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Great work, thank you!

Batman was always the only superhero who seemed to be (IMHO) making a separate "moral judgment" on the villains and other people, in addition to doing all the "normal" superhero stuff.
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Chingon!!! only thing i dont like is the tada! at the top, it kills the artistic sensation in it., but i like it.
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I dno why, but I am drawn to his Bat-Groin.
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Love the lighting! Wow!
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Nice I like the way you made it look like there was an immense source of light behind him.
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