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another pencilled work.

It's ironic that the moment I got my cintiq, I stopped doing colored digital paintings. sad. hehe.
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Oh man this makes me miss the many good years of Wolvie you put in...think I'll go revisit Not Dead yet again :)
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wow. thats the only word i can think utter.
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Wow thats amazing
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I love the perspective, and the way Wolverine gleams with all the pencil shading on him, while everything else is sort of gently drawn it. It's lovely. :]
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So sad & beautiful.
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Damn Leinil, So much emotion in this piece! Nice
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I really think this piece is beautifully Drawn it caught my eye right away. It looks as though you were playing on the contrast between wolverine and his surroundings but it feels like there is so much dark tonal values in his arms and face that the background gets lost. There is very little dark tone in his surroundings even his legs seem to not fit with how darkly shaded his arms are. Overall the concept of the piece came through well, here is this rough and tumble guy in a moment of solemn peace.
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This is a piece of art man! =)
The idea of a wolverine showing his emotions in a moment of pain it´s beautiful.
I have to color it, I hope you don´t mind =)
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y yo que creia que logan era ateo.
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It's very strong page.
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I'm loving the details and the perspective in this pic. I'm actually curious what you did first to lay this piece out.. did you sketch out the tomb and then Wolvie, or vice versa? Nevermind, I'm sure it's a secret!! ;)
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you can always give your cintiq. this because i'm worried you'll never do a digital painting again...it comes in handy nowadays xD
that's all. no interest whatsoever xD

amazing artwork. it's rare to see heroes portrayed as simple humans with feelings...specialy wolverine xD
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man that perspective looks awesome!! everything fits and compliments everything else in this piece great job :D
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i wish i knew how to draw like this....man o man!!
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very good pencil....strong image...
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man i'm so jealous.... it's a long way of hard work for me... nice pencil, very nice =D
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God, I love the ELEGANT way you render everything. It´s sooo cool!
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