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Secret Invasion 7 variant

By leinilyu
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hey folks, it's been a while, I know. Deviantart has been inaccessible for me (for a while, seems better now) so I'm at facebook in the meantime:) hehe...

anyways, here's the issue 7 variant pencils! this took a bit longer to do than the previous covers.
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I think it need more detail..(hehe) Astonishing!
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this stole my breath. literally!!! you are a god. i wish i had half of your talent. i couldnt imagine being able to create this immaculate piece of art!!! it really doesnt get any better than this. this is just.... WOW!!!! I AM SOOOOO FRAKIN JEALOUS OF YOU AND ENVIOUS AND FLAT OUT IN AWE OF YOU!!! MARRY ME!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!
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Cool. Your illustration work on secret invasion was nothing short of astounding.
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I am just a huge fan of your work. You just seem to get better and better with each project. Bravo!
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Simply amazing pencilling bud. keep it coming!
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nice style and nice control of space...
your work is just fantastic ;)
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this is great, and great things take time.
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Very nie how you move from the foreground to the background!!
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OMG what a good job!
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Hello Franics, Last Week I bought Secret Invasion N 2, I love splash pages!!!!
(An Argentinan, with 13 years old, fan:D)
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One thing I haven't seen much of would have to be a spider-skrull. Why is that?

Also, I heard you make a mean Mac Gargan but I can't find it.
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The whole piece is just amazing, but I just love the way you draw Spider-Man's mask. It's too sick.
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awesome composition !!
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love the shaow and the texture too of the pencil sir
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drawing the great beyond.
I understand this very well: I am still at the beginning of the road.
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holy shit....i just realised you are THE leinil yu....who drew the SECRET INVASION series, with the new ask for an autograph...........*faint*
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what can i say man??
You are the artist's ultimate inspiration!
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