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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello and welcome to my dusty little corner of DA.

Come on in, have a look around (mind the cobwebs).

About me? Well, I make cool things, or at least I try to.

I work in Microsoft Paint and GIMP to make pixel designs, sprites, GIFs and demotivators (because I operate under the misconception that I am funny). I also work with tabletop models.

I’m constantly going back and tweaking and revising old material, so updates and reuploads should be expected.

I love feedback, in fact I don’t get enough. Never be afraid to leave a comment, I ALWAYS read them, and if it’s meant to be conversational I will usually respond unless I just can't think of anything to say.

Requests are also welcome. If you like my work and have an idea you’d like me to try, drop me a comment, shout, note, whatever and I may give it a shot. It may take a while, my attention span and work ethic is a little…ADD, but if I just won’t do it I’ll be sure to say so. I won’t leave people waiting for nothing.

Also at Tumblr:
...when an artist you like just…self-destructs? I mean when they don’t just quit, they go scorched-earth. They wipe or otherwise block access to their gallery, shut down their account, and if they’re moving to a new gallery they give no indication of it, or they say they’re moving but give no hint of what or where their new account is. Thus, not only will you never see any more of this artists’ work, but any existing work that you haven’t saved is effectively gone forever, never to be seen again by anyone, and whatever you do have saved is now irreplaceable if anything were to happen to it.

Don't get me wrong, I know it’s up to the artist what they do with their art and their gallery. There are probably a lot of good reasons to nuke a gallery, and as a simple fan, I’m not entitled to anything here. I know that. I get it. And yet, I still can’t help but feel deeply annoyed when an artist does this kind of thing, because it almost feels like an act of petty vindictiveness towards both existing and future fans of their work.

No particular impetus for this, was just thinking back to the handful of times I’ve seen this happen over the years, and figured I might as well post my two cents on the issue.



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