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Hi fellow deviant, i'm here for some help !
I've been chosen among 400 pictures to be in the 30 finaliste of the gizmodo contest
It would be SO great if you vote for me here…

Thanks a lot !
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Hello all of you DA people.
First of all : Merry Christmas !! i hope everything went good for you all

I decided to get a one year premium membership, and, like each Christmas, DA allow us to give the same membership to one person

This year, I choose : Entre Les vents…
These 2 peoples are great. I know the girl from the university i went in the begging of the school year, and she have the biggest imagination/"dreaming-universe" i've ever seen.
You will appreciate a lot   L'analeme, a short movie they did. They got a daily deviation from that and they really deserve it

They are drawers








And Before all



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You probably see that i upload far less picture than a few month.
I found a job (yay) which takes a lot of my times.
But the principal reason is that i fall in love with analogic cameras.
I buy everything to develop my negatives and i'm waitings for prints ( 2 rolls)
And i decided a great camera

a leica M6 ans its summicron 50 F2
I can't wait to receive it
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Epic lens is epic
Voila, j'ai créé ce matin un site web ou, si il y a du monde, des concours seront organisés. Pour le moment, j'ai besoin de 3 juges afin de faire preuve de plus d'objectivité, et de réponses aux sondages pour décider du premier thème des concours
So, i'm gonna participate to a review contest ( réponses photo, a french one ^^ )
then, i bought yesterday some good photo paper ( ilford smooth pearl)

and i ask you, all my watchers to told me what pictures is best to submit to this contest, there is 2 categories, BW and color, so if you mind suggesting me 2 pictures, it would be great ^^

today i went to paris to pick this lens i buy on a web forum.
After the transaction, i directly went to try this lens ( can't upload, it's not my computer)
and, i was telling the 50mm F/1.8 have an excellent quality. I was wrong. this lens offer a HUGE quality in a 100% crop.

The HDR potential is huge ( i try it here, but ... not that interesting) and the field of view is impressive.

CA are non existent. at all.
USM AF is more impressive than i expected, ultra fast, and quiet.

awesome lens. But, quite expensive. I buy it 450e , but used ^^ and the lens is 5 years old.
(translated by google at the bottom)
Oui, j'écrirais en français pour ce petit post.
Voila, j'étais dans la recherche d'un sujet, car je pense que l'art, pour exister, se doit d'etre reflechi.
Donc, m'est venu l'idée de faire une série de 6 a 10 photographies sur un meme theme.
Ce thème sera donc le rejet.
Le rejet ? Qu'entend tu par la ?
Je raconterais au travers de ces photos la façon dont un être humain a tendance a rejeter tout ce qui ne lui apporte pas un bonheur direct.
Je vous laisse la suprise des themes sous jacents qui seront pris en photo.

Je travaillerais en collaboration avec un ami, qui sera mon modele pour toutes les photos, et qui écrira aussi des poèmes accompagnant chaque image.

En ce qui concerne la technique, je ferais cette série au 10mm numérique ( équivalent 16mm au format 35mm) pour montrer que l'homme n'est qu'un détail du monde si il est considéré en tant qu'individualité.
Ainsi qu'au 35mm argentique.
Le tout sera en noir et blanc.
Si la série argentique est reussie, je compte imprimer les photos et les mettre sur un livre qui comportera aussi les poèmes.

Le tout sera fais dans la semaine prochaine ( du 8 au 12 fevrier).

Voila, I was in search of a subject, because I think the art to exist, must be reflected.
So, I had the idea to make a series of 6 to 10 photographs on a theme.
This theme will therefore be "the rejection".
Rejection? What do you mean?
I would tell through these photos how a human being tends to reject anything that did not bring him happiness directly.
I leave you the surprise of the underlying themes that will be caught on camera.

I am working with a friend, as my model for all files, and he will also wrote poems to accompany each image.

Regarding technology, I would do this series to digital 10mm (16mm equivalent in 35mm format) to show that man is a detail of the world if it is regarded as an individuality.
As well as 35mm film format.
Everything will be in black and white.
If the argentic series is successful, I intend to print the photos and put them on a book that will also include the poems.

Everything will be doing in the next week (from February 8 to 12).
So, i finish my exams, and i have a little week of holidays, so i came to visit my girlfriend in lille. When she is at school, i just take my camera and walking in Lille's street. As she as a macbook, it read SDHC cards, and i downloaded lightroom to edit my pictures right here ^^
so, i choose three pictures for my exam ( it was monday) so i pick : living is this dream as a girl, lonesome fisherman, and she guide here ( printed in a4 format)
and it was a complete success, my examinator was used to be a photographer ( shooting with a 6*7 pentax argentic monster camera) and everything gone perfect

i will make in a few time a article with pictures of some people ^^
I have an oral exam, in english, on what i want. So i decided to choose one of my picture, but don't telling the examinator that the picture is mine at the beginning, to see how people react. So, i need to choose.
But i have really no idea of the picture i will pick.

i need one with a human subject, for more describing the picture in an interesting way
and an aestethic and well composed picture

so, i ask YOU, all my watchers, if you want, to show me what is you favorite picture in my gallery.

if i pick the picture you choose for me, i will make a special arrticle with featuring the person who post the picture i choose ^^
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My girlfriend buy me this lens for Xmas.

I heard the good performance of this lens, but... OMG, this is freakin awesome.

I can shoot with a little light ISO 400 1/80e F:1.8

This is really an impressive lens for the price, and i understand that the lens is the more important.

Bad lens + OMG camera = Fail

OMG lens + normal camera = EPIC WIN
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And the Winner is .... Anaris88

So i choose as promised, except i only take a 3 month premium membership, because my bank account was a little low

and as you can see in the link to her deviant page, she has a lot of great black and white shots, and i think it is for this i choosed her

so, sorry, i you expected a lot this premium membership from me, but, i'm really happy to have you all in my watchers ^^

Have a good winter holidays ^^
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ÉDIT: please stop commenting. The winner is announeced in my new journal entry. Sorry

i'm gonna took one year premium membership and as you know, if i buy one, i can give one for free

so, who wants ? i will choose ( if several person want the premium membership) a person that i know at least a little, who is interested in taking pictures.

not that hard.

sorry if you want one, and i don't choose you, but i can give one only to one person, so, no offense for the watchers who ask and don't get it ^^
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OH YEAAAAH i just going to go to my driving lesson, but, after 100m, my hair started to froze. As you can see in my 2 last picturs, it's just starting, but now, there is a lot of snow outside. Really nice. But i tried to take pictures while snowing, and i don't think it's good for my reflex...
i finally find a way to adapt two old lenses ( pentax K : 35mm and 135mm @ F/2.8 constant) on my canon EOS.

i'm so happy, they are two great lenses, and it will cost me about 20$ ( nothing compared to the price of those old lenses, that i had for free)

and i will reach 10k pageviews in a little time now :p
I see on my page that i have more than 9000 page views , and i think it's not for nothing. I have great watchers, and DA is a great community.
I think my work is not THAT good, but not bad. Did it deserve that 9k+ pageviews ?

maybe... so i was asking me a question. Why not a premium accout ? after all, it's only 20$ for a year... but, will it be usefull ?

so i ask YOU, my beloved watchers , if you want, to give me some advice about this

thanks for all
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all my latest pictures seems to be nice, because, i received 165 +fav on my 20 new picture and a lot of comments ^^

i'm proud to show those numers, because this is thanks to all my watchers

special thanks for people commenting reguliary my deviations
( really sorry if you're not in this list, but all my watchers bring me something, it can be inspiration or else, thanks you all)

-LadyStrangeNight ( for comments, and OFC for his AWESOME blue eyes )
-Skavenlord ( for all the constructive comments he let me)
-Valioza ( for being critique and very inspirated)
-Youth-novels ( une de mes seules watchers française ^^)
-Anthoblack ( pour ses commentaires réguliers et son implication dans mon évolution)
-iZeppelin ( for faving a lot of my works)
-Mushroom-eater1 ( for all those faves and his awesome work)
-SerenityEternity ( for her regular help and comments ^^ =
-StrangeNoiseZ ( qui fais un travail plus que génial et qui est plein de bonnes idées)

here it is

Thanks you all
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