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Princess Doodle

"you're a princess now, how am i going to talk to you to make things right,," :(

"yeah, i was kinda sad when i made this.. but i'm ok now, because of this doodle, we're friends again.. :boogie:"
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I have taught fine art and copyright law for over 40 years and , truthfully, I find nothing wrong with this...It is well thought out and expressive and it shows a sense of drame and or mood if you will...I completely love this!!!!! It is its own little world it is well drawn..this is listed as a doodle But I find it stands all alone in and of itself. I would buy things like this. I believe you should continue in this venue perhaps tell everyone how this came to be, or rather create a tutorial and encourage people to doodle with a purpose, you know , doodle their thoughts and emotions. self directed if you will.
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Thank you very much for this well constructed critique. :) I did continue the style, as a matter of fact, I have quit my job to focus on my freelance work as a professional doodle artist. Aside from that, I am now the head of a big doodle community in our country and have conducted lots of events and activities with them. Most of which were aimed at inspiring other people into trying out this kind of art. I do want to teach people how to do it but personally, I think it would be better if you gain your own style and draw exactly what you want to express in a manner of being relaxed and unrestrained from the regular rules of drawing. We have our own personalities therefore we are meant to come up with something unique. :) Cheers and thanks again!
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Nice, it reminds of kerbyrosanes work.
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O><O..!!!SO CUTE!!!
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wow mean *oo*
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could I make a request? if so, do I have to make a cash commission?
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AWWWW so cute
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i love ur doodles! filipino pride! ♥
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Awesome Doodles dude :D
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i really really really love your doodles. IDOL!!!!!!
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:D I'll be your princess .. Lol joke I love the doodle :")
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no wonder, after this doodle you're friends again... love your style! :3
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i would love to see the "happy version" of this one :) very nice !!
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Hey, it's the kid from UP!

Jk. But seriously. <3
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this is brilliant! :D
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I saw your work on another website. I thought I would get more to see here... and I was right. Isn't it odd how interesting a doodle can be? :)
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This is my favorite doodle of yours, simply amazing! Nice concept too :D :D
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i feel like this most of the time too :/
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HELLO! i'm sorry before,i have a drawing task in my school, can i borrow your monster for my drawing? the one who have frizzy hair near you? onegaaaaaaaaaiiiiiii!>.< because it's so CUTE!>.<
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*SPEECHLES* the greatest DOODLE i've ever seeeen! U'RE TOTALLY GREAT!
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aww thats so cute!!
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