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Doodle: Blow Your Mind

This is the doodle I made for my school Organization, it's the largest doodle I've made so far, it's for the CAS week ~College of arts and science week.. :-)

I used 3 different kinds of marker pens in creating this doodle..

I've gotta say, I'm very happy for the result, students in my school went crazy about it, some guys even ask me to sign their arm with my marker. :D some people say sooo much good things about it and it really makes me happy to hear those kind of compliments. :-)

God is Great. :D
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Oh my word! This is amazing.
The patience the artist (you) must have to create such detail.
It's so busy that there is always something new you find, normally busy pictures would put people off but this just draws people in.
From the wonderful use of different patterns in the background to the crazy characters one can just imagine it coming to life and filling the room with happiness.
Though this is in black and white I can't help but imagine it in colour. It makes me happy to look at it and come up with different colour schemes to fill it with.
A lovely piece of artwork. I expect to see great things of you, my-friend-whom-I-do-not-know-but-still-admire.
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such detail such wow..
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reminds me of my math notebook..

awesome job  dude!!
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This work is very energetic and is brimming with so much detail. Every time I look at it I see something new. Really cool work.
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wait a second...ARE YOU SILLIMANIAN?? :iconhurrahplz:
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Thus is amazing!
Mind if i use it as my background in my laptop?
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astonishing! how long does a doodle normally take you?!
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i wish my you did that at my school
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Im curious as to how you think it out and put it all together
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it's jose rizal in the background :D
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Bro. This is so Amazing! You really did a great job! Superb!

Are you from the Philippines? i think its Jose Rizal the one in Coat?
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CAS eyy? Sounds like a place for me =D
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wow... just WOW!!!!!
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Doodle rulez! It's awesome... :dance:
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I found Einstein! :D
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DUDE!! How do you even start??!?!!

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u missed a spot... where? uh... forgot where it is.... >_<
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blow my mind anytime *_*
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