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Myn Sculpture-Alternate Views

Alternate views of my Myn sculpture. See the original piece here:

A commission for :iconjrlallo: of Myn the dragon from his book series The Book of Deacon([link] ).

This was a very cool piece to work on! I don't sculpt dragons very often, and this is the first time I've sculpted one of this size before. I was really excited to try out some new techniques and get practice sculpting things like wings, horns and scales. This commission was well timed also, as I recently received :iconemilysculpts:'s amazing new sculpting book Creature Sculpt, which has plenty of great tips for sculpting dragons. :D Seriously, if you don't have her book, go order it right now([link] )!

Myn measures about 4.5" tall and 6" from wing to wing. She is sculpted from Super Sculpey Firm and Apoxie over a wire and foil armature, painted with acrylic paint and sealed with a satin finish. She is mounted on a wooden base that has been sanded, stained and glazed.

Etsy Shop: [link] Commission Info: [link] Twitter: [link] Tumblr: [link]
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absolutely adorable :3
Great work on the scales! 
LeiliaClay's avatar
Thank you so much!!
Comsical's avatar
This is the best dragon I've seen!!! *___* LOVE this
LeiliaClay's avatar
Aw, gosh, thank you!  I think I still have a lot to learn about sculpting dragons, but I'm really flattered you like it! :D
DrachePumpkin's avatar
I love it! So much detail for a figure that size! I have the little cat figure you made me a few years ago for christmas hanging next to my comp. Every time I see it I still can't believe how much talent you've honed just over the last few years, it's amazing!
LeiliaClay's avatar
Aww, gosh, Thank you! :hug:

Oh man, you mean those terrifying flat sculptures I made forever ago? Augh, those were so awful! I'm glad you still like yours, though! XD I do enjoy going back and looking at those sometimes on days I feel like I'm not improving any. ;)
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Love how the scales and everything turned out!
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Thank you! I was really nervous the scales weren't going to turn out right, but I think they ended up working pretty well. :)
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They did indeed! You should make more dragons. :D
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This guy is amazing! Your details are incredible, those thin wings had to have been a challenge. Beautiful work!
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Thanks so much! ^_^ I was really nervous about the wings, since I haven't done any this large before, but they actually weren't nearly as bad as I thought they would be! They were actually kind of fun. :)
AceJG95's avatar
What an amazing sculpture! The detail, the colors, the pose... it's really awesome! I hope you keep doing sculptures cuz I simple love your art.
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Thank you so much! ^__^
jrlallo's avatar
So very good. A friend of mine was over the house recently and was very impressed with your work. He immediately started brainstorming what figurine he would want to commission.
LeiliaClay's avatar
I'm so glad you like her! :D Haha, that is really cool!
PantheraSculptures's avatar
Woow! For someone who doesn't sculpt dragons often, I think it looks really good! :D Very well done!
LeiliaClay's avatar
Aww, thanks so much! ^_^
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