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Senna by LeilaAscariz Senna :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 12 4 Valania/Sylvara [OC] by LeilaAscariz Valania/Sylvara [OC] :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 14 12 Sutrakarre [C] by LeilaAscariz Sutrakarre [C] :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 12 15 Sheena (OC) by LeilaAscariz Sheena (OC) :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 21 33 Alexia [OC] by LeilaAscariz Alexia [OC] :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 18 11
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 72
-That magic that you used before, when you put the nymph into sleep, was it similar to what you used to heal Indi?
-Uhm… Yes, sort of.
After fighting the nymph and taking a break to do some sightseeing from the Maiden's eyes, we continued our march but, as the place seemed completely empty, Arthur used those moments of calm to keep questioning me. He was being rather nice this time, so I didn't mind answering.
-I manipulate raw magic instead of shaping it into spells, which makes it less exhausting to do.- I continued explaining.
-But that is not how magic is supposed to work. It is very strange.
I laughed nervously.
-Indi says that my magic shouldn't exist.
-He might be right. No offense, but if any god different from the Gods of Magic is granting arcane magic, that would go against all rules.
I shrugged.
-Gods can do whatever they want, I guess. Unless they are caught by the other gods.
-Hey, gu
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 3 24
Alric and Elise [OCs] by LeilaAscariz Alric and Elise [OCs] :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 39 24 Istixia [OC] by LeilaAscariz Istixia [OC] :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 27 21 Ylenia [OC] by LeilaAscariz Ylenia [OC] :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 62 31 Shalia [OC] by LeilaAscariz Shalia [OC] :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 63 27
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 71


The look in Nadya's eyes when we came back through the archway expressed pure relief and joy. Indi looked terrible, but he was alive. Nadya ran to him and grabbed his hands, speaking calming words to him. His physical wounds were serious though they didn't endanger his life. It was his emotional state which seemed the most worrying.
-I escaped from her, but she kept searching for me- he was saying, when I approached him-. It was like a game from her. She called for me, describing what she would do to me when she found me. And when I finally thought I had found a good place to hide and fell asleep, she hunted me in my dreams making me suffer, one by one, the most terrible deaths.
-It's over now- Nadya said softly-. If they could get us here they would already have.
Indi sat on the grass, took a deep breath and looked at me.
-I feel like I'm going insane. Everytime I close my eyes it's like I'm back into the nightmare
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 3 23
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 70
It was another night of terrible nightmares. I hadn't been able to get proper sleep since we had got back to Ergoth, and I was starting to wonder what was the point in not giving in and stopping the suffering. They were going to kill us all anyway. They had already taken Indi and Greta, and we would be next.
Cat and Nadya remained optimistic against the adversity, convinced that our friends were still alive. They kept discussing about how to rescue them, now that we were only the three of us. I had it clear: we couldn't. Getting killed wouldn't help our friends. Our best chance was waiting for Argentea to come back, but Nadya wouldn't listen to reason. If it wasn't because she knew that she was unlikely to survive alone, without Baba Yaga's mark, she'd likely have entered all by herself. And I was adamant about not going in without Argentea, even if that meant waiting. I wouldn’t lose more friends
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 6 26
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 69
Nigel Uth Berner
I felt like my head was going to explode after the meeting. More than two hours of questions, explanations and deliberations about a topic (magic) that was beyond the understanding of any Knight of Solamnia were too much for me. Most Knights considered their ignorance a virtue, as they deemed magic as a corrupting and dangerous influence but, with the threat of an invasion from a nation ruled by magic, I felt happy of having two competent and trustworthy wizards as advisors. Now, after everyone else was gone, I was discussing with them the implications of what had happened and what was to come.
-By tomorrow, I will have sent notice of what's happening to all the main Solamnic settlements- my sister, Audrey, sighed-. If they choose to do something about it, that is an entirely different thing.

Audrey had always been the realistic one who tempered my natural optimism,
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 5 19
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 68
About twenty minutes later, during which my sister remained unusually focused and silent, the door finally opened. Cat had to let us know, though, as we had lost interest a long time ago. Crossing the door, there was something as unimpressive as another corridor. The only difference was that this one was lit with more intensity, thanks to the bright light coming from the next room. As we approached with caution, we discovered that the source of the light was a small pond in the middle of the room, shining so bright that it was painful to look at.
-There’s someone here.- Growled Greta, sniffing the air as we entered the room.
I reached my pouch for a pinch of sand to reveal the invisible shapes as I had done many times in the past but, before I got my spell ready, Greta was attacked by invisible creatures. She howled in pain and surprise as her fur was stained in blood from multiple c
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 4 16
Danika by LeilaAscariz Danika :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 35 22
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 67


After meeting my mother, I spent the next hours in a state where everything seemed unreal. We got out of Artrosa, joined Nadya, someone explained her what had happened, everybody tried to comfort me, I said I needed to be alone, worked on Greta’s rimepelt, tried to get some sleep, woke up, got my spells ready, lied about feeling better, shared Baba Yaga's mark, and got back to Artrosa. Everything while feeling like a witness in my own body. Even my thoughts were always clouded behind an ever present question: who am I?
I wasn't sure that, in my state, I wouldn't be more of a nuisance than an aid, but I had no choice except to carry on. I was the one with Baba Yaga's mark.
Even though we entered Artrosa cautiously, the place seemed unlikely empty. After having killed some of its inhabitants and pissed off Grishelmuk, one would expect some kind of resistance waiting for us. Though we were expecting an attack at
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 5 24


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This is my entry for Galder's contest... though I didn't manage to make it on time! I had some health issues and other real life stuff that kept me from finishing within the deadline, but I wanted to do something for my friend anyway, and drawing his centauress warrior Senna was so fun! There had been centuries since I last drew animals or horses, so making a centauress was a big challenge.

Also, how can't you love this blue eyed Defias with the perfect hair? He's the best groomed bandit in all Westfall!

DEJ 12 - From on High by SenshiStock

Original painting by Galder:
Centaur Charge by Galder
Valania/Sylvara [OC]
Sylvara is a complicated character. She was raised in a mostly elven community and taught to respect all life and care for people and nature. She trained to become a paladin and she made a vow of not killing unless in defense of her community. But she also enjoyed a good fight and as much action as she could see. When she had to kill to save her community, she was ready, but when she discovered that she actually enjoyed something broke inside her. "What kind of monster I am?" she thought. So she ran away in shame and fear of herself.

Away from her safe and closed community, she had to fight for her life rather often and, in the end, she ended embracing killing and the monster that she believed to be and joined a demonic cult, where her abilities and her ruthlessness soon earned her a name and the attention of the demon. Within a few years she became one of the most prominent names in the cult. She also fell in love with a fellow cultist, who taught her a lot of things about freedom and made her wonder what she really wanted, and realise that she had been taking orders and following different masters all her life.

Though that took her many years, that led to her taking the decission to run away from the cult, get back to her former name (Sylvara) and start a new life with his now husband Zoltan. She'd say that she's retired living a happy life, but she actually loves action too much to be retired, she's just out of the politic field.

I've been wanting to draw Sylvara (or Valania, depending on which of her identities she's using) for long. Though she's better known as a living armor and rarely seen without it, I really wanted to draw her face because of the scars! Most are from fighting, but one of the scars on the forehead comes from when she was a young girl and she fell from a tree (she still blames her then three year old brother for not grabbing her!) and the ones on her ear are from bloodletting as a sacrifice.

Someone told me that she has some similarities to Reya appearance wise and though it wasn't intentional that's fine. Both are short yet strong fighters with big swords!
Sutrakarre [C]
I know you're used to see TindomielSilverthorn's amazing elves, but this time she came to me with something different. Drawing a male draenei was a challenge, but I really had fun with it!
Sutrakarre is a lightforged draenei, as well as a healer and a counselor working for the Silverthorns. He's a serene and wise guy.

I hope you like him!
Mother Maiden Crone by LeilaAscariz
EDIT 3/02: Added more prizes! 
EDIT 19/01: Added new characters to the list and increased some prizes.


1. The art must be original and created specifically for the contest.
2. The deadline is April 15th. It can be extended under special circumstances.
3. The art must depict at least one character from the list or any items, environments, companions or people related to them (if you have any questions about this don't doubt asking).
4. Fanfiction and poetry are also allowed.
5. NSFW is okay as long as it doesn't go against DA policies, but avoid highly sexual stuff or extreme gore. If you have any doubts about if what you have in mind will be allowed, please ask.
6. To submit an entry, tag me on the deviation, saying specifically that it is a contest entry on the description, as well as adding a link to this contest in it.
If there aren't at least 10 entries, the deadline will be extended.
8. Spreading the word (via journals/status updates, etc.) isn't needed but it is greatly appreciated.
9. Max two entries/person. In case of multiple entries, you can only win one prize.



Kileanna (Dragonlance)KILEANNA

Basic/combat outfit:
(Different variations)

By MiguelRegodon

by arhiee

Elegant outfit:
(Different variations)
Kileanna - Commission by MaterArsenicKileanna y Argentea - Commission by MaterArsenicKileanna redesign (WiP) by LeilaAscarizKileanna by Miguel Regodon by LeilaAscarizKileanna by OlyveeKileanna by macarious
Starting outfit (young):
Reign of Winter Chapter 1 (Kileanna and Cat) by LeilaAscarizChapter 2 illustration by LeilaAscarizChapter 27 illustration by LeilaAscariz
Vomit Swarm by LeilaAscariz
Kileanna and Argentea by LeilaAscariz
Name: Kileanna
Race: Changeling (looks like an elf)
Class: Witch
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Age: Equivalent to late teens/you
Argentea (Dragonlance)ARGENTEA*

Combat outfit:

Argentea Character Sheet by AztecAngelo
Noble dress (left)/ young armor (right):
Chapter 27 illustration by LeilaAscarizArgentea and Nigel by LeilaAscariz[C] Argentea vs. Troll by hannelArt
Commission: Argentea and Kileanna by LenamoArt
Carte Argentea by LeilaAscarizOriginal artwork by MiguelRegodon
Name: Lady Argentea Malassene
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Age: Mid twenty (prior to being resurrected), late teens (after resurrection)
Height: 1,76
Hair: Auburn, wavy, shoulder length.
Eyes: Green
Facial shape: Round, with small heart-shaped lips, and a permanent proud and noble look.
Body build: Athletic yet with curves
Skin tone: Light olive
Clothes: In com
Alleycat (Dragonlance)ALLEYCAT

Basic outfit:

Starting outfit (young):

Name: Alleycat (or just Cat)
Race: Kagonesti elf (wilder elf)
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Class: Slayer
Age: 80 something (young adult)
Height: 1,47m
Hair: Straight, short, chocolate colored.
Eyes: Hazel, big and expressive
Facial shape: Round (to be an elf), with high cheek bones and a small pointy nose and a kinda wide mouth with thin lips. Her front teeth are slightly separated.
Body build: Small but athletic just like a cat.
Skin tone: Caramel tan
Clothes: Handcrafted leather clothes, leather armor. She likes to decorate her outfit with feathers and small pieces of leather like other kagonesti elves do, but she favors utility and doesn't care a
Indi (Dragonlance)INDI

Name: Indigo (nobody knows this is his real name)
Race: Human
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Class: Druid of Zeboim (the evil goddess of the Sea and Storms)
Age: Late teens
Height: 1,77
Hair: Dark brown, short, straight and well groomed with no shade of beard.
Eyes: Indigo blue (right, like his name, the reason he never tells his real name)
Facial shape: Oval, a bit round, still a bit childlike. He has the look of a good innocent boy (which he isn't).
Body build: Strong build but not overly muscular.
Skin tone: Light tan, like a fair skinned person who has grown up by the sea.
Clothes: His druidic oath forbids him to wear metal, so his clothes look organic. He favors coral red and sea green as they are the colors of her goddess, but mixed with fur and leather to keep cold away.
Arthur Strongshield (Dragonlance)ARTHUR

Name: Lord Arthur Strongshield
Race: Human
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Class: White Robed abjurer Wizard from the Solamnic Auxiliary Corps
Age: 26
Height: 1,80 m
Hair: Auburn, wavy, shoulder length (similar to Argentea's), with a long well groomed moustache.
Eyes: Dark green, with an intense look on them.
Facial shape: strong cheekbones and wide chin, but emaciated, looking older than he is.
Body build: Strong bones but sickly thin.
Skin tone: Light olive, a bit sickly.
Clothes: White robes are a must, as he is proud of his magic. He favors elegant but sober clothes that reflect his noble heritage.
Special features/other: He wears a carved steel ring which is both magic and his wedding ring. Some of his clothes might have the emblems of the knightly order he is loyal to: the rose, the sword and the crown.
Combat powers: Mostly helpful magic like p
Lady Audrey Strongshield (Dragonlance)AUDREY

Name: Lady Audrey Strongshield (formerly Lady Audrey Uth Berner)
Race: Human
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Class: Eldritch Knight (hybrid Fighter/Wizard), White Robe diviner Wizard.
Age: 28 (looking on her late teens after resurrection)
Height: 1,70m
Hair: A messy wavy brown mane, chin length.
Eyes: Dark brown. Her pupils are glowing white instead of black, resembling two full moons.
Facial shape: Round, slightly flat, with a strong nose,  big full lips and rather thick eyebrows. Her big glowing eyes dominate all her features.
Body build: Athletic and strong build. She looks more like a warrior than like a wizard. She is pretty busty (which doesn't make her sexy, her humorless attitude makes her rather unsexy).
Skin tone: Mediterranean tan, with a lot of freckles sprinkled on her face (but not many on her body).
Nigel (Dragonlance)NIGEL

(Right version)

Name: Lord Nigel Uth Berner
Race: Human
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Class: Melee Fighter
Age: 26
Height: 1,78m
Hair: Long, straight and black. Sometimes he carries it tied on a low ponytail, specially in combat, but not always. He already has some white hair next to his tempers, but it is barely noticeable (he worries about it, though)
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black.
Facial shape: Long, with a chiseled nose, high cheekbones and soft features. He has a wide mouth with thin lips. He also has a long scar on his left cheek starting close to his ear down to the middle of the neck.
Body build: Strong, muscular but not too buffed. He has a noble bearing.
Skin tone: Mediterranean tan
Clothes: In combat, a shiny steel full plate armor, with the emblems of the Solamnic knights: sword, crown and rose. Out of combat, he dresses in t

Va'ardalia (Dragonlance)VA'ARDALIA

(On the left)
Name: Va'ardalia Silvanos (Used to be called Va'ardalia Evelar)
Race: Silvanesti elf (high elf)
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Class: Bard
Age: 78 (equivalent to late teens)
Height: 1,50m
Hair: Raven black, a bit longer than shoulder length, straight and tidy. When in combat or traveling she usually ties it on a ponytail.
Eyes: Emerald green, her most stunning feature
Facial shape: Oval, with delicate features, thin eyebrows, small chin and big eyes.
Body build: Thin and delicate.
Skin tone: Light skin with rosed cheeks and lips.
Clothes: When traveling, simple and comfortable yet fitting clothes, favoring green,
Sylvyana, the Ghoul Queen (Dragonlance)SYLVYANA*
(On the right)

Name: Sylvyana Silvanos, the Ghoul Queen
Race: Silvanesti elf (high elf)
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Class: Urban Druid
Age: Impossible to tell, she is and looks intemporal. She doesn't show signs of aging but she looks like an adult.
Height: 1,52m
Hair: Raven black, with soft waves, waist length. She might carry it on an updo, but always with some hair left out of it.
Eyes: Emerald green with a very intense look on them.
Facial shape: Oval, with delicate features, thin eyebrows, small chin and big eyes. She looks more adult than Va'ardalia.
Body build: Lean but fit, with delicate features.
Skin tone: Pale, with naturally red lips (she uses no makeup)
Clothes: The finest clothes and robes. Even in combat situations she favors elegance. She loves wearing crow feathers to honor her faith. She doesn't have anything lik
Reya (Dragonlance)REYA


Name: Reya
Race: Kagonesti elf (wilder elf)
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Class: Totemic barbarian/ rogue
Age: Young adult
Height: 1,48m
Hair: Blood red (a bit darker than Kileanna's). Depending on the time:
    Prior to her corruption: Very long, tied up in tiny braids
    After corruption: Very long, in small dreadlocks
    Actual: About 5cm long (she had to cut it to get rid of the dreadlocks), with fake leather braids tied to it.
Eyes: Leaf green, big and expressive.
Facial shape: Oval, with strangely delicate features for a tough woman. Long nose, thin chin and high cheek bones.
Body build: Small but athletic, slightly muscular.
Skin tone: Mid-eastern like tan.
Clothes: She dresses like a tribal warrior, but she has a sense of fa
Dalindra (Dragonlance)DALINDRA

(The outfit of this one was made for fun just because she doesn't fit on it. Please take the body, face and tattoos as a reference, not the outfit!)
Name: Dalindra (meaning Speaker of Green Fields)
Race: Kagonesti elf (Wilder elf)
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Class: Druid of Habbakuk (god of beasts)
Age: Young adult
Height: 1,50
Hair: Silver colored straight hair. The length can vary from chin length to a bit longer than her shoulders.
Eyes: Silver grey
Facial shape: Round for an elf, with a small pointy nose and big round eyes. She has a kind look and usually smiles.
Body build: Athletic
Skin tone: Mid-eastern tan (a bit darker than
Valinor (Dragonlance)VALINOR

Name: Valinor
Race: Kagonesti elf (wilder elf)
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Class: Ranger (mounted archer)
Age: Young adult
Height: 1,52m
Hair: Silver colored, straight, shoulder length
Eyes: Greyish 
Facial shape: Long and angular, with thin features.
Body build: Slender, with a slightly developed musculature.
Skin tone: Mid-eastern like
Clothes: Mostly untanned leather, but anything comfortable will do. Soft leather pants, high boots, archery gloves... His outfit is basic and functional.
Special features/other:
Despite he carries a longspear too, he is mostly an archer. He has a composite longbow with feathers tied to its top to measure the strength of the wind.
He also has a sand colored arabic horse as an animal companion, and he is great at mounted archery.
He has a tattoo of a black crow near his heart and two minotaur horns tattooed on his right arm.
Combat powe
Tasha (Dragonlance)
Name:  Tasha
Race: Half-kender
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Class: Bard
Age: Late teens/early twenties
Height: 1,42 m
Hair: Straw blonde, wavy with messy bangs. It goes down to her shoulders and upper back. She sometimes ties it on a ponytail when impersonating a kender.
Eyes: Sky-blue, round and lively.
Facial shape: Round shape, with a well defined chin, round cheeks and a small, pointy nose. Her facial features make her look younger than she is.
Body build: She is small and curvy. In opposition to her face and her size that make her look a bit child-like, she has the curves of an adult and slighty bigger than average breasts. As she doesn't like being mistaken for a child, she usually wears clothes that highlight her cleavage.
Skin tone: Fair and a bit rosy.
Clothes: She wears whatever she can get, but usually humble dresses. She likes tight tops and corsets
Tharic Frostbane (Dragonlance)THARIC
Name: Lord Tharic Frostbane (Born Tharic Uth Rurick)
Race: Human
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Class: Wyvern rider cavalier (Knight of Solamnia)
Age: Early thirties
Height: 2,05 m (In a medieval fantasy setting, he is considered a giant)
Hair: Straw blond, straight, shoulder length.
Eyes: Greyish blue.
Facial shape: Angular features, with a long nose, defined cheekbones, wide chin and forehead. He has a long moustache.
Body build: Tall and athletic, with a wide frame.
Skin tone: Naturally fair, but tanned by weather.
Clothes: He is rarely seen without his full plate (being a mounted fighter he doesn't need much mobility), which is made in steel, though gilded for a golden look. He wears heavy clothes and fur under it because of the low temperatures he is exposed to when riding his wyvern.
Naomi Frostbane (Dragonlance)NAOMI

Name: Naomi Frostbane
Race: Human
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Class: War cleric (Her god is Kiri-Jolith, the god of righteous war)
Age: 22
Height: 1,65m
Hair: Waist long, dark chocolate colored, with wide curls.
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black.
Facial shape: Oval, with well defined eyebrows and full lips.
Body build: Athletic, with a strong frame. She has practiced physical work from an early age, so her complexion reflects it.
Skin tone: Dark olive skin, tanned from years of exposure to sunlight.
Clothes: When she has to fight, she wears a steel armor ornated with carvings representing stylized bull horns (as her god is represented as a bison).
If not, she favors comfortable clothes, wearing simple dresses. Despite being married to a nobleman she feels proud of her humble origins and hates wearing uncomfortable noble dresses. Even when dressed elegantly she refuses to wear any

Asha Coldeyes (Dragonlance)ASHA

by Lodaligae
Name: Asha Coldeyes
Race: Tiefling (daemonspawn)
Class: Mindblade Magus (a hybrid of a fighter and a spellcaster)
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Age: 22
Height: 1,70m
Hair: Ashen black, straight, weak and not very abundant.
Eyes: Big, ice/milky blue, with an intense stare. The white of her eye is yellow-ish and injected in blood.
Facial shape: With very marked bones, a sharp nose and a very slightly protruding upper lip that gives her a subtle avian look.
Body build: All skin, bones and nerves, but with a strong frame.
Skin tone: Ashen/jaundiced.
Clothes: When not in combat, anything that covers her up, like heavy robes and cloaks. In combat she wears a mithril full plate. She still tries to show as less skin and body as possible. (She wears a helmet but I don't depict her with it because without showing her face
Svala (Dragonlance)SVALA

by ArtDuRanch
OC-tober #23: Svala Solgeirr by LeilaAscarizSvala Solgeirr (OC) (Lineart) by LeilaAscarizSvala (Commission) by IcedWingsArt
Name: Svala Sólgeirr
Race: Aasimar (angel-blooded)
Class: Bard
Setting: Pathfinder RPG, Dragonlance adaptation
Age: 25
Height: 1,81m
Hair: Pale golden, partially braided to be more comfortable in combat (her hairdess can vary).
Eyes: Sky blue
Facial shape: Oval shape, with chiseled features and unusually symmetrical.
Body build: Strong build, but not heavily muscular.
Skin tone: A golden tan (only slightly unnatural) with a subtle radiance, which is her most openly inhuman feature.
Clothes: A not too heavy combat attire, with a chainmai
Moira (Dragonlance)MOIRA

by candemarzat
by Lodaligae
Name: Moira
Race: Changeling (looks human)
Class: Herbalist Witch
Age: 16
Height: 1,72
Hair: Black, straight, with a big white streak on it. She cuts it with a knife and pretty carelessly, so it looks very irregular.
Eyes: Left one is green, right one is swamp grey.
Facial shape: Long, oval, with strong cheekbones. Full lips and a long pointy nose.
Body build: Slender and tall.
Skin tone: Slightly pale
Clothes: Her clothes tend to look old, poorly handcrafted, discarded or a bit of everything. She is a bit messy, so even new clothes look awkward on her. I drew her with Dragon Age Morrigan's blouse as a sort of homage, but her clothes can be redesigned.
Special features/other: Being a herbalist and a witch she always carries a lot of magical ingredients and herbs with her. Being untidy but practical, that means that a newly collected weed or leaf can end being keep on
Malik (Dragonlance)MALIK

by Lodaligae
Name: Malik
Race: Human
Class: Tattooed Sorcerer
Age: 20
Height: 1,70m
Hair: Black, right now nearly shaved, with a well groomed beard.
Eyes: Black
Facial shape: Rather long, chiseled features, usually has a kind and friendly expression.
Body build: Slender, well built but not muscular.
Skin tone: Tanned, mid-eastern like.
Clothes: Despite the arabic inspiration, he can wear anything comfortable and fitting, though he likes to have a neat look. He wears no armor, and he always wears sleeveless clothes to keep the tattoos on his arms visible.
Special features/other: Despite the reference pic (done before I knew this) Malik tattoos are white over tanned skin. They are magic and they represent different spells. He has a scorpion that can be anywhere on his body (it can move and even transform into a real scorpion), an eye on the back of his hand, a spiral/vortex on his shoulder, and an eclipsed sun on his forearm.
Kiani (Dragonlance)KIANI

Name: Kiani (Known as Captain Kiani the Blue)
Race: Undine
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (Dragonlance adaptation)
Class: Watersinger Bard
Age: Young adult
Height: 1,60m
Hair: Blueish white, wavy and long to her hips
Eyes: Big sapphire colored eyes
Facial shape: Oval, with soft features, small nose and wide mouth. She has always said that she has "a princess face" (and she doesn't like that)
Body build: She has an athletic body, clearly one of a swimmer, with wide shoulders and well developed arms. She has some curves, but rather humble breasts.
Skin tone: Intense blue. As her blood isn't blue, she has a slightly rosed hue in places where skin doesn't have so much pigmentation, like the palms of her hands and feet or her lips.
Clothes: Few and easy to take off. A



Name: Istixia (called Izzy by most of her close friends, which she tolerates but not appreciates)
Race: Human with many draconic features
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (M:tG's Ravnica adaptation)
Class: Bard/Disciple of the red dragon)
Age: 22
Height: 1'89 m
Hair: Black, straight, usually short. She often dyes a white streak over her eyes, but her do can vary.
Eyes: Golden/magma color, with vertical pupils, no eyelashes and slightly diagonal.
Facial shape: Originally she has the features of someone with African ancestry (if Africa existed in her world xD), round face, full lips, and high cheekbones. She has two slightly curved dragon horns on her forehead and bone protuberances on the place where she should have her eyebrows.
Body build: She is very tall, specially because of her long legs. She is slim, with
Ellara (Ravnica)ELLARA
Name: Ellara (not her real name, a girl has no name)
Race: Devkarin (dark elf)
Setting: Pathfinder RPG (M:tG's Ravnica adaptation)
Class: Ninja
Age: Young adult
Height: 1,50m
Hair: Raven black, tied up in tiny braids.
Eyes: Pitch black, the whole orb.
Facial shape: Long, thin and with very marked features, thin lips, long nose, high cheek bones, high and thin eyebrows.
Body build: Small and thin build, all skin and nerves.
Skin tone: White as porcelain or clay, with some blueish veins under her skin. Her lips look more purpleish than red.
Clothes: Everything confortable and stealthy. She isn't concerned by fashion and doesn't even understand the concept. The colors of her guild are black and green, so she favors those colors. She also has a ninja hood and a mask in the shape of an animal skull to help covering her eyes from light (she only uses it with bright light).
Her aesthetic is a mix between


Elisa Figuerola (World of Darkness)ELISA FIGUEROLA

(Alternative/new haircut)

Drummer Final by LeilaAscariz(by Grobi-Grafik)
OC-tober #28: Elisa Figuerola by LeilaAscariz
Name: Elisa Figuerola (She likes being called just Eli)
Race: Human (awakened mage from the Cult of Ecstasy)
Setting: World of Darkness (Mage:the Ascension)
Age: 24
Height: 1,60m

Extremely straight and raven-black. She has tried to get wavy or curly hair many times... it doesn't work.
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black.
Facial shape: She has round and small features, with big eyes and full lips. She has a small round scar on her forehead from a bullet that almost killed her.
Body build: She is petite yet athletic
Andre (World of Darkness)ANDRÉ WILSON / SZURIEL

Name: André Wilson (human)/ Szuriel (demon)
Race: Human (posessed by a fire demon)
Setting: World of Darkness (Demon, the Fallen)
Age: 25 (human)/ Intemporal (demon)
Height: 1,75m
Hair: Auburn, straight and shoulder length.
Eyes: Hazel, lively and proud.
Facial shape: Oval with a slightly pointy chin, a well defined nose and carefully trimmed beard.
Body build: Slim, fit yet not muscular.
Skin tone: Fair yet not overly pale.
Clothes: He has a defined rocker style, but he doesn't tend to overdo it. On stage he wears short sleeves or sleeveless t-shirts and dark jeans or trousers, while out of stage he will usually wear leather jackets. 
In his true (demon) form, he wears no clothes.
Special features/other: He has a black guitar with red flames.
in his true form. he looks like an idealized man with flaming hair and a body made of what appears to be solid fi
Amanda Spencer (World of Darkness)AMANDA SPENCER

Name: Amanda Spencer (human, her demon name is unrevealed)
Race: Human (posessed by a demon of death)
Setting: World of Darkness (Demon, the Fallen)
Age: 23 (human)/ Intemporal (demon)
Height: 1,68m
Hair: Brown, very curly and a bit messy, down to her waist. 
Eyes: Almond shaped brown eyes with an almost permanently defensive look.
Facial shape: Oval and long, with full lips and a long nose.
Body build: Average, slightly curvy, with well defined legs and hips.
Skin tone: Slightly tanned.
Clothes: She doesn't have a defined style, but she always dresses casually, with jeans, boots or sneakers and t-shirts. She likes motifs that remind of death, like skulls, skeletons... but also black wings and crows, just to give out a hint of her true nature.
In her true form she wears no clothes, but a shroud of mist covers her.
Special features/other: In her true form,

(Without the vertical pupils)

Name: Farah Al-Yazir
Race: Toreador Vampire
Setting: World of Darkness
Age: Late twenties
Height: 1,68m 
Hair: Raven black, hip length, usually completely straigth. She tends to change her hair do quite often, but always in a way that allows to see how long and perfect her hair is.
Eyes: Big and black, with upturned shape and long eyelashes.
Facial shape: Long, with well defined cheekbones and a thin and slightly protruding chin. Her nose is straight, long and thin.
Body build: She is slim, with average sized breasts, wide hips and long, well shaped legs that are her best feature.
Skin tone: She was naturally tanned, as she is of arabic heritage, but after being turned into a vampire she has gone gradually paler, making her natural dark golden tone
Auriel/Elena (WoD)AURIEL/ELENA

Name: Auriel, The Song of the Waves
Race: Lammasu demon (a fallen angel of the waters and passions)
Setting: World of Darkness
Age: Intemporal
Height: About 2m with the tail, 1,72m without it
Hair: Golden blonde, really long and wavy.
Eyes: Caribbean blue
Facial shape: Oval, with perfect and delicate features, idealized.
Body build: Again, an ideal of beauty, delicate but with curves.
Skin tone: A soft golden tan, with red lips and rosed cheeks.
Clothes: No
Special features/other: Webbed fingers and forearms, a long blueish fish tail. She is the most archetypical mermaid.
Combat powers: Control over water and emotions, altering her own aspect to look like other people
Personality: She is a good willed creature despite being a demon. She refuses to give up to hate and defeat and keeps fighting to be as good as she can be. She has a deep love for humanity and would make anything to make them happy, but her flimsy and chaotic
Tanya (WoD)TANYA

Name: Tanya (at least she goes by that name now)
Race: Werewolf (Glasswalkers tribe, Ragabash/trickster auspice)
Setting: World of Darkness
Age: 26
Height: 1,67m
Hair: Any fancy and short to middle-length haircut, usually blonde or red, but she loves to change colors and cut too often. She likes small color highlights on bright colors, specially in red.
Her natural color is brown, but she doesn't like it and dyes it.
Eyes: Blue
Facial shape: Round, with a small pointy nose and big lips.
Body build: Curvy
Skin tone: Rosed pale
Clothes: Everything luxurious is fine. She loves fancy dresses, heels and jewelry. White and red are her favorite colors, but anything fashionable and fancy will do. She doesn't often wear casual clothes or pants.
Special features/other: Being a werewolf, she has her alternative forms, but she doesn't use them a lot. In wolf and hybrid form
Aria (WoD)ARIA

Name: Aria Soto
Race: Nagaraja (a flesh eating vampire)/ human
Setting: World of Darkness
Age: Late twenties
Height: 1,62m
Hair: Straight, copper blonde, shoulder length.
Eyes: Round, grey color.
Facial shape: Round, with a slightly wide and not too prominent nose, full lips and soft features.
Body build: Average, without developed musculature. She doesn't have big breasts or a thin waist, but she has some curves at her hips and bottom. She is not the sexy type, though.
Skin tone: Average caucasic, more ashen for the vampiric version, more lively for the human form.
Clothes: Casual and comfortable. She favors jeans, jackets, knit sweaters, low boots. Her way of dressing is somewhat conservative and unflashy. When at work, she usually wears a labcoat, sometimes nitrile rubber gloves too (like latex gloves, but usually blue), and ties her hair on a

A list of characters avaliable that have references but no full profile:
-She's a druid who can change into any animal or humanoid, though she's originally a centauress.
-She's tall (even for her race) and wiry, with long, sharp features.
-She loves decorating her body with white clay, and she never wears clothes.
-She's rather serious, but naturally curious. She's usually silent, listening to what other people says.
-In combat she'd rather end quickly so there's the minimum amount of harm done, which means that she's very expeditive.

-She's a high elf, younger sister of Va'ardalia.
-She's very intelligent, yet she's not very good at putting her thoughts into words.
-She usually wears a traveling outfit with some white on it.
-She's a wizard, but she will rarely wear robes. 
-Her favorite type of magic are illusions.
-She isn't very social and she gets very nervous among people.

You can also pick any character from this folder:…
If you have any doubts about the design of any of those characters, colors, backstory, don't doubt asking.

NON HUMAN OPTIONS:  Though I don't have character sheets for those, there are options for artist who'd rather draw anthro or animals.
There is at least a snowy owl, two dragons, a wyvern and some werewolves who could be drawn, so ask me about those if you wish and I can give some info and references.

I will be adding new profiles as I create them.


If you wish to donate a prize, you can do it until the contest's deadline. All donators will parcicipate on a raffle of a couple half body like this:


1. €30 or its equivalent in points.
2.  Couple colored half body in color pencils or watercolors:
Two Izzet Bards (OCs) by LeilaAscariz Grishelmuk (Color Version) by LeilaAscariz
3. Ink portrait by FrerinHagsolb:
Celegorm (1000 watcher request) by FrerinHagsolb
4. Mini banner or potion bottle from TindomielSilverthorn
Mini Banners by TindomielSilverthorn Shadow Protection Potion by TindomielSilverthorn
5. Three personalized cards from NerdyRabbitCreations
Holiday Cards by NerdyRabbitCreations
6. Half body portrait, banner, feature and 200 points from DarkShosh

Mature Content

Karah by DarkShosh
Rooting for Mr. Sil by DarkShosh
7. Portrait, jewelry design or weapon design from Galder
The Seacaller by Galder Jewelry - The Knightly rose brooch by Galder The Blazing Glory by Galder
8. Portrait from katrimav
Art Prize: Ashen by katrimav
9. Pixel art from naruedyoh
Istixia by naruedyoh


1. €20 or its equivalent in points.
2. A colored half body by me:
Blood Prince Octavian [Prize] by LeilaAscariz
3. Ink portrait by FrerinHagsolb:
Celegorm (1000 watcher request) by FrerinHagsolb
4. Three personalized cards from rboy
Holiday Cards by NerdyRabbitCreations
5. Portrait, banner and feature from DarkShosh
Rooting for Mr. Sil by DarkShosh Kaeyra Vidal (Starcall Requests) by DarkShosh
6.Grafitti art by Iwana-Red
Smok Poloniusz - konkurs w Polskie-Twory by Iwana-Red
7. 80 points by Neonila
8. Pixel art from naruedyoh
Istixia by naruedyoh


(Unlocked at 15 entries)
1. $10 or its equivalent in points.
2. A b/w portrait by me:
Kileanna portrait [OC] by LeilaAscariz
3. Ink portrait by FrerinHagsolb:
Celegorm (1000 watcher request) by FrerinHagsolb
4. Three personalized cards from rboy
Holiday Cards by NerdyRabbitCreations
5. Banner and feature from DarkShosh
6. Pixel art from naruedyoh
Istixia by naruedyoh


1. Basic b/w portrait:

2. Feature by DarkShosh

Plus, all the participants will have a permanent feature on a journal with all the amazing art that has been created for me.


The selection will be made in two phases:
1. In the first one, a selection of judges (that will be made public before the voting starts) will evaluate all entries and choose the 30% of them (maximum 10 pieces) to make it into the second phase.
2. The second phase will be a public voting open to DA users. The rules for the voting will be published when the contest starts.

The judges will be a selection of writers and visual artists from many media and will judge all the entries impartially, taking into account effort, skill, improvement, originality and accuracy to the characters.

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