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Two Izzet Bards (OCs) by LeilaAscariz Two Izzet Bards (OCs) :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 23 10
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 62
I had so many nightmares that I overslept and woke up alone in the tent, completely disoriented. All that happened the last night felt distant, like a bad dream, and only when I was fully awake, was I able to recall the details. I put my clothes on and stumbled out of the tent to find out that the sun was already shining. Nina had fallen asleep atop of the tent and lazily opened one eye as I got out.
“You are late” she hooted.
-I know…- I yawned- I am so tired…
Where had everybody gone? I looked around with my eyes barely open. I spotted a mountain of white fur by the unlit campfire. That had to be Greta. As I approached, I saw everyone else, eating and chatting. Only when I got to them I noticed that my sister was missing.
-Good morning, heavy sleeper!- Greta saluted happily.
-Good morning- I replied with my obvious morning voice-. Has anyone seen Cat?
-She left with that elf, Gaelead, a good while ago.- Explained Indi.
That alarmed me. After
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 4 5
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 61
The camp was quiet and a pale moonlight illuminated the tent every time the wind moved the cloth. It must be late, but I refused to give up to sleep. With our passion already satisfied, Argentea and I cuddled lazily under the blankets, enjoying the scarce moments of calm that we had. Cat hadn't showed up, nor had Indi or Nadya; they were probably sleeping on the other tent though, knowing my sister, she might be sleeping in the open, now that the weather allowed it.
Suddenly, we heard a howl that pierced the silence of the night. It sounded close to the camp and it was followed by a fierce, low-pitched growl.
-Was that Greta?- Asked Argentea, alarmed, pushing the blanket aside and standing up in the blink of an eye.
Outside, I heard voices of elves raising the alarm. Nina was hooting loudly too.
-What’s happening?- Argentea was struggling to get some clothes on, but her nightgown wouldn't collaborate.
-We're under attack!- I cried out, reaching for my robes, tha
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 4 13
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 60
The camp was located in the middle of a small wood and looked nothing like a human camp. Kagonesti elves had gotten used to building tents when Southern Ergoth froze but, now that the weather was much warmer, they had gotten back to sleeping on trees or on the grass. After the attempts of the other elven races to force their “civilisation” on them, most Kagonesti rejoiced on their harmony with nature more than ever. As such, the camp consisted mainly of a campfire and the scarce belongings of the tribe scattered around the place or hanging from the trees. Around a dozen of people were present at the moment of our arrival, and ceased their activity to stare at us. So many eyes on me made me nervous, but at least the attention was split between me and the foreign visitors this time.
Before anyone approached or addressed us, Gaelead took the lead and spoke, presenting us as “Wildcat’s allies”, accompanying her on an important mission (of cou
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 4 27
Dr. Sloan [Gift art] by LeilaAscariz Dr. Sloan [Gift art] :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 33 44
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 59
We left the Dancing Hut unattended, trusting that it would be able to defend itself if needed and, in the unlikely case that someone managed to enter, they would have to fight Ratibor. We found the’ camp of the giants right at the entrance of the valley, completely empty. Most likely, the Hut had killed them all, but we had to be aware for more giants looking for their missing friends or just traveling the mountains. Many frost giants had made Southern Ergoth their home since the arrival of the Frost Tyrant Gellidus, and few of them had departed after his defeat. But giants were not the only creatures that were left to remind us of harsher times in Ergoth.
It was early afternoon and we were passing by some trees when Cat (who was leading the march alongside Argentea) noticed something moving in the nearby bushes and warned us in whispers.
-It might be an enemy or it might be the dinner- she said-. In any case, it's worth checking out.
My sister started walking t
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 4 25
Niquisse by LeilaAscariz Niquisse :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 90 36
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 58
We sent Nina and the owl Thora away to scout ahead before venturing out of the Hut. My sister was excited to step back onto Ergothian ground, but there were enough interesting things in the room to keep us all distracted and busy. The shelves were full of the most bizarre things, and we were surprised to find the “keys” that we had used to move the Hut to Ergoth among them. Somehow, they had melted in the cooking pot and reformed again on the shelves. As Argentea said: magic is strange.
But the strangest magic of all was the bowl with an egg that, according to Ratibor, served to command the hut to move. He had seen the old witch do it, he swore, but Abyss take him if he knew how it worked. So we had a cauldron that allowed the hut to teleport and a bowl that made it walk? It almost sounded like a joke. Though a magical examination didn't render anything useful, I wanted to try to make the bowl work. It couldn't be much different than stirring the keys in t
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 5 15
Alsabe by LeilaAscariz Alsabe :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 35 32
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 57
The last chamber, in opposition to the others, was well illuminated by the orange light that emanated from a shallow pond of crystalline water in the middle of the room. The ground was covered by a soft layer of green grass, and the walls were covered by leaves and flowers such as honeysuckles and lilacs.
Of course, this room had its own talking crow, a female with a permanent curious look in her eyes. She listened to our reasons to be there and then she spoke to us, in an unusually soft and melodious voice for a crow:
-Before I aid you, you must first convince me you have the resolve to fulfill your desire. To prove your mental fortitude, you must face what I, the herald of the coming day, cannot.
Then, she presented her riddle to us:
“Each night it visits:
Sometimes horror,
Sometimes wonder,
Sometimes prophet,
When dawn wakes, it flees.”

-A dream!- Indi and I replied in unison.
-This one was easy.- I added.
-You only say that because I guessed it.
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 3 7
Kaorin Pendragon [Raffle prize] by LeilaAscariz Kaorin Pendragon [Raffle prize] :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 20 17
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 56
After another turn in the apparently straight corridor we found another door, identical to the first. Crossing it, we walked into a dark room. The blood red orb that hung chained in the middle of the room shed only a faint light to its immediate surroundings, while the rest of the room remained in shadows. The light coming from the corridor didn't dare to enter the room, providing no extra illumination.
-I can't see anything.- Protested Argentea in discomfort. She was only a step ahead from me, but her voice sounded muffled like she was at the other corner of the room. Whatever magic kept light away, it did the same with sound. Even my own footsteps were hard to hear. I cast a spell on Argentea’s sword so it shed enough light to fill the room, but it wasn't enough to pierce the unnatural shadows.
I could see in absolute darkness, but my eyes needed to adapt to the drastic change of lighting, so at first I was as blind as my human companions were. Only after a fe
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 8 17
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 55
After getting our spells ready, having some breakfast and performing the daily ritual of sharing Baba Yaga’s mark, we proceeded to explore this new conformation of the Dancing Hut. Nadya didn't seem to have had a better night than mine, so we left her behind, alongside Greta and Nina (and presumably, Zorka, though she was nowhere to be seen), so she could have some more rest. We wouldn't risk walking around the changing rooms of the Hut without Baba Yaga’s mark.
We expected something to happen as we stepped on the endless corridor, but we were disappointed. It was just a regular wooden corridor that extended beyond our sight. The walls were decorated with carvings representing ravens, feminine figures in tribal outfits and what appeared to be elves wielding spears.
-This looks like our people- my sister said-, but it hasn't been drawn by us.
I got what she meant. Elves rarely used straight lines and angular shapes in their art, considering them rough and a
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 5 7
Stalker [Contest Prize] by LeilaAscariz Stalker [Contest Prize] :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 28 40 Blood Prince Octavian [Prize] by LeilaAscariz Blood Prince Octavian [Prize] :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 65 57
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 54
We were exhausted. As much as we wanted to follow the endless corridor to check out if it led anywhere, we had no forces left to confront any danger that we might find along the way. The hut had stopped obeying too. Somehow the keys that we had used had disappeared from the  cauldron. I had no idea of when it had happened or how. Did that mean that we had reached our destination? Regardless of how bad I wanted to find out, answers would have to wait for a few hours, as it was time for a well deserved rest.
At least we had access to Baba Yaga’s extensive library (which was again concealed behind a secret door), so I could use that rare free time to start investigating about how to manipulate the rimepelt’s magic to give Greta a permanent human form. After a few hours of research and experimentation, I decided that I was moving in the right direction. It could take days or even weeks to get the incantations done right, so I folded the cloak, put it on m
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 4 8


Red Sonja fighting snakes by me eBas  by ebas Red Sonja fighting snakes by me eBas :iconebas:ebas 300 12 Nobleman STOCK I by PhelanDavion Nobleman STOCK I :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 1,571 144 Nobleman Stock II by PhelanDavion Nobleman Stock II :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 656 99 Nobleman Stock III by PhelanDavion Nobleman Stock III :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 290 32 Tyrande the Night Warrior by yagihikaru Tyrande the Night Warrior :iconyagihikaru:yagihikaru 235 17 Jaina Proudmoore/Daughter of the Sea by yagihikaru Jaina Proudmoore/Daughter of the Sea :iconyagihikaru:yagihikaru 684 41 Ice draenei by Aloija Ice draenei :iconaloija:Aloija 288 7 stargaze by harteus stargaze :iconharteus:harteus 191 3 ...Commission: Night Elf Illidari... by ShadowPriest ...Commission: Night Elf Illidari... :iconshadowpriest:ShadowPriest 107 5 ...Mag'har Orc Warrior... by ShadowPriest ...Mag'har Orc Warrior... :iconshadowpriest:ShadowPriest 109 19 ...Commission: Troll Voodoo Priestess... by ShadowPriest ...Commission: Troll Voodoo Priestess... :iconshadowpriest:ShadowPriest 70 2 ...Draecember 2018... by ShadowPriest ...Draecember 2018... :iconshadowpriest:ShadowPriest 74 6 Sedrial Soulspring [c] by Astri-Lohne Sedrial Soulspring [c] :iconastri-lohne:Astri-Lohne 1,175 35 Illyrian warrior by JFoliveras Illyrian warrior :iconjfoliveras:JFoliveras 143 10 Still snowing... by Followthepaws Still snowing... :iconfollowthepaws:Followthepaws 138 26 Marion by Followthepaws Marion :iconfollowthepaws:Followthepaws 53 17


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I haven't had much activity lately, aside from posting new chapters of Reign of Winter, but life has me busy. I will try to keep up to date with commenting, but just to make you know that I keep seeing and enjoying all the new art that most of you keep posting, just not a lot of time.

Also, there will be a new art contest soon after Christmas, for all of you that can be iinterested! Any donations (art, points, etc.) are welcome and I will be making a raffle to anyone who donates.

See you around!
Two Izzet Bards (OCs)
I am so happy that Wizards of the Coast decided to release the setting I've been playing so many years as a homebrew, so we are getting started in DnD 5th ed and converting all our characters from Pathfinder (they had previously been converted from DnD3.5 XD).

Here we have two very different Izzet bards:
Istixia is a disciple of the dragon (now I think I will have to convert her to a sorceress and find a good in game reason for it so she can keep her draconic mutations) with a knack for magic items who has gotten from a past of abuse to a prominent place at her guild as a herald and negotiator, but she's never satisfied with her current status, be it for ambition or a secretly low self esteem.
Ylenia is a combat bard. Having had the opportunity to study at one of the most prominent magic schools in Ravnica, she chose not to finish her studies and run away to see the world for fun. Her magical abilities never fully developed, but she has more fun than anyone! She loves wearing hats, all kind of hats, no matter if they are a bit too flashy!

Though my scanner ruined most of the colors, and made your eyes bleed because of the reds, I loved the original shading for Istixia's skin, which had flesh tone highlights and brown undertones and shades. I tried to make her human racial heritage a bit more evident on this one (she has mixed blood and used to have a rather dark skin) but she might be too draconic to make anything too evident!

I might be painting Istixia's younger sister in a future, just because I want to.

I hope you enjoy!
I have decided to give some spotlight to the wonderful artists who have made commisions or art trades for me portraying my characters.

I love seeing the depiction other people makes of my own characters, so putting all of them together on a journal seemed like a cool thing to do!



With some guest stars

(belonging to serapeum17)


(Elven Changeling Witch)
RQ: Kileanna by MoeMocha
by MoeMocha
kileanna \ free art by ebee-the-artist
by :eebee-the-artist:
Mini Chibi Batch - Giveaway Winners by Isi-Daddy
by Isi-Daddy
A Murder of Magi by Chernabog71
by Chernabog71
Request - Kileanna Moodboard by VillainessArt
by VillainessArt

(Human Sword and Board Fighter)


Indi by Whobleyh
by Whobleyh
Dark Goddess's Priest by Keiler-art
By Keiler-art
Indi [Commission] [1/3] by Nightroxy
By Nightroxy
Request - Indi Moodboard by VillainessArt
by VillainessArt


(Note: Greta does not belong to me but to Pathfinder RPG)
Reign of Winter Contest Entry - Greta by StrayQrow
by StrayQrow


Nina and Thora by Kizzy-i-Keinstein
by Kizzy-i-Keinstein




(Undine Watersinger Bard)
Kiani by IVIEI by LeilaAscariz
by Iviei (




Dalindra Starcall Request by sylessae
by sylessae





Va'ardalia by novastrata
by novastrata
Art Raffle 3rd prize: Va'ardalia Silvanos by VeiArts
by VeiArts




Request - Audrey Strongshield by LauraMegara
by LauraMegara


Tharic Frostbane and Draenir [CE] by FrerinHagsolb
by FrerinHagsolb
1st ORIGINAL CHARACTER BATTLE ROYAL CHAMPIONSHIP by Chernabog71 Tharic Frostbane 1st OCBRC Champion!!!!! by Chernabog71
by Chernabog71


Gift - Tasha by LauraMegara
by LauraMegara
Tasha by Majalth
by Majalth


Mature Content

Kisangani (YCH commission) by The-Manticore
by The-Manticore


(Couldn't come up with a better name!)
Banner of the Cult of Chemosh by TindomielSilverthorn
by TindomielSilverthorn








by Vengerin
Chibi Gift Dump - Pt 1 by Farthingale
by Farthingale


Chibi Noemi by Vengerin
by Vengerin


More to come! Keep tuned!

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