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Reign of Winter CHAPTER 53
With Nazhena dead, the mephit unsummoned and the owl gone, nothing kept us from claiming the Dancing Hut. Cat, always practical, suggested searching Nazhena’s corpse for valuables that could be of use in our trip. As greedy as that might sound, she was right: Nazhena had more than one magic item on her, and I had put my eye on her robes. All of my life I had dreamt on having my own wizard robes. Even if Nazhena had been taller and bigger than me, magic gear always tended to adjust to the wearer's body. It only needed some magical cleaning and mending to remove the blood and cuts from it and it would be ready to be worn.
While my sister worked on removing all the valuables from Nazhena's corpse, we talked about what to do next. Picking up Indi was top priority, butI was afraid of bringing him to the hut before those of us marked by Baba Yaga made sure it was safe. After discussing our options and healing our wounds, we opened the bone fence, and I stepped onto th
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 3 13
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Reign of Winter CHAPTER 52
As we progressed through the forest, we could hear voices singing. It wasn't long before we reached a group of six people, men and women, singing and drinking around a campfire.  Three middle-aged men dressed as nobles were drinking from goblets, while three beautiful young women served them.
(Art (c) Paizo Publishing)
-A party? Here?- Argentea narrowed her eyes- How inappropriate!
When they noticed us, the three women stood up and approached. They were all tall, voluptuous and each had a long mane of hair the color of red wine.
-I bet that they are fey.- Nadya whispered. We all nodded. It was always fey.
-Welcome!- One of the women spoke, smiling invitingly- I am Mari; and these are my sisters, Elzbethe and Joliphetta. Come sit by the campfire and share our wine!
-This is the end of the world! Let’s celebrate!- One of the men cried, slurring his words as he waved a goblet towards us and bursting into song again immediate
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 5 15


Alleycat_[Contest] by PonceIndustries Alleycat_[Contest] :iconponceindustries:PonceIndustries 4 3 Ready, set, cook! by 42Ly Ready, set, cook! :icon42ly:42Ly 5 2 DnD Sewer Campaign - Commission by Asfodelo DnD Sewer Campaign - Commission :iconasfodelo:Asfodelo 107 5 Dark magic by mannequin-atelier Dark magic :iconmannequin-atelier:mannequin-atelier 137 1 Yejide by 000Fesbra000 Yejide :icon000fesbra000:000Fesbra000 786 14 Renysis [Hot Creature] by TheRafa Renysis [Hot Creature] :icontherafa:TheRafa 214 5 Age of Angel by TheRafa Age of Angel :icontherafa:TheRafa 949 41 Checkmate! by Whiluna Checkmate! :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 781 35 Commissions open by Rose333 Commissions open :iconrose333:Rose333 15 4 Duel at the steps of royal palace in Alqualonde by EKukanova Duel at the steps of royal palace in Alqualonde :iconekukanova:EKukanova 201 21 Contest: Dalindra by 1Enary1 Contest: Dalindra :icon1enary1:1Enary1 19 4 Shadow Moon by TLockwood Shadow Moon :icontlockwood:TLockwood 2 0
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1place: halfbody :iconthebadgerfoxdraws:
number #38!!
2 place headshot :iconsaviorking:
number #9
Plz send me a note with your wishes yay!!
thank you all for participating!!!! See ya soon nyahhhh!!! :hug:

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I just reach the 200 watchers on DeviantArt *^* Thank you so much TuT And sorry for my bad English... ;u;
It's why I want to do something for you >u<)/ But I can't offer a drawing for everyone =u=' So Here we are again with a Raffle :3
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Dawn [Contest Prize]
This is my contribution to GreySparkle's contest, where I donated a colored portrait some time ago.
The winner, Aja-mi, chose that I drew a black and white portrait instead, and I thought that the character's design had too much going on to make it justice, so I decided to draw a half body instead of a portrait.

I hope you all like her!
Another addition to the contest, now with more dragon!
Contest: Dalindra by 1Enary1
1Enary1 chose to portray Dalindra and Mohrlex and wow! They look amazing!


(Requested by jonwassing)

1. Svala's full name (Svala Sólgeirr) is an amalgam of many things, all related to her in a way:
-Her graphic aspect was inspired by Marvel's Valkyrie. I used to play a Facebook game called Marvel Avengers Alliance, where one of her moves was called Geirr (meaning spear in Norse).
-Svala is the name of one of the Val'kyr on World of Warcraft, which despite being undead creatures they look a lot like battle angels. My Svala has angel blood.
-Sólgeirr is nothing but the translation to Norse of Sunspear, Dorne's main city in ASOIAF because, well, I love Dorne xD. And it also happens to contain the words Sun (which appeals to her radiant skin and overall golden looks) and Spear (her inherited weapon).

2. Svala was born in a family of Knights of Solamnia. Solamnic surnames are earned for heroic deeds and passed onto descendants, so it's logical to think that she comes from a line of spearmen/women.
Despite her noble heritage, she despises knights. The reason? She feels like they abandoned her after her parents' death. She grew up happily on an orphanage, but she believes that she deserved better than that.

3. Svala behaves a lot like a paladin, but she's a bard. Her main motivation is not personal glory but inspiring other's towards greatness and glory, which she does via passionate speeches. She won't shut up, not even in battle, where she coordinates her allies crying out orders and motivational words.
More than her spear, her words are her most powerful weapon: she has gotten her town to uprise to throw down corrupt leaders in a couple of times.

4. Svala has little formal learning in fighting and it's based on spare lessons she took from different people, all of them more practical than technical. She is an unusually dirty fighter, and she isn't against using tricks to gain advantage over her opponents. A favorite of hers is using her spear to make enemies trip and fall, and then attack while they are on the ground or trying to stand up.

5. I find perfect characters boring and irreal, so Svala is sort of imperfectly perfect. She tries so hard to look perfect in the eyes of others that she wears a mask at all times, behaving like others expect her to.
People have made a symbol out of her, so the biggest her popularity grows, the more scared she is of failing and people realising that she's just as human and fallible as anybody else.
Also, all her popularity is limited to a very isolated and small region, which means that out of there she is nobody. Now that she is going to travel abroad, she is strangely relieved to jump into a world where she isn't the biggest fish, as that eases her of a lot of pressure.

6. Svala doesn't have angelic ancestors, but she got some sort of blessing from an Astral Deva (a messenger angel) while in the womb.
Recently, she got to know her angelic mother, so to say. She was trapped in stone, suffering continuous mental attacks from an incorporeal creature that was trying to break her down emotionally and mentally. Despite her efforts, Svala was unable to destroy the creature or free the angel.
She promised to come back for her, with better preparation, but it was too late. When Svala came back, the angel had been already taken.
Up to this time, Svala is tortured by how she couldn't save the closer to a family that she's left.

7. Svala has a cristalline opera singing voice. She learned to sing in the orphanage and she loves it. Has anybody said wagnerian valkyries? XD
She spends at least 15 minutes every morning practicing, which her housemates (Asha and Moira) find really annoying. She won't stop doing it because that's the way she regains her bard spells.

8. Svala loves children. Before she left the orphanage she used to care for younger children and even led a small choir. When she left the orphanage she acted as a babysitter for local children many times, often in exchange for food and other goods. She used to take any morally acceptable jobs, but working with children was a favorite of hers.
Despite her love for children, she doesn't want to have kids of her own. Being a war orphan herself, she knows that her lifestyle is too dangerous and she doesn't want to leave her own children to grow up by themselves. She's neither willing to change her lifestyle, as she's happy to live a warrior's life.

jonwassing (sorry not sorry)- Renna
TindomielSilverthorn - Lilybeth
Panartias - Simur


(Requested by MaidMachine)

1. Alleycat was created as a character before Kileanna was even a concept. She appeared as a side opponent on one of Liliana's (my elven cleric) archaeological quests. She had been tricked by a baddy to defend the place and she was presented as a mistusting and stubborn person who had to be convinced that she was on the wrong side. She was so liked that she got back on another story as Kileanna's sister, explaining some of the motivations she had to fall to the baddy's lies.

2. Alleycat's name used to be Wildcat before she found Kileanna as a baby. She was an orphan, but nature gave her everything she needed to survive. Having a baby under her charge changed everything: she started to roam around towns, cities and farms and became a thief to get everything that Kileanna needed. Other wilder elves changed her name for Alleycat as a mockery but she is proud of it. Her friends will usually call her Cat, and her full name has never been mentioned in the story I am writing because Kileanna always calls her just "Cat".

3. Her facial tattoos were made to resemble the marks on a striped cat's face. They were originally black, but they have faded to dark blue because they are old. The ones around her eyes surely hurt a lot, but she has a big pain tolerance.
Tattoos are a very common thing among wilder elves, but Cat doesn't have many of them, since she is sort of an outcast.

4. While Kileanna has a need to belong somewhere, and to find love and stability, Cat is a much practical person: she is happy by having her basical needs fulfilled. She has a talent for living to the day and not worrying too much. That means that all her life she has tried to make her over-grieving sister happy while not caring a lot about herself. Both sisters are an interesting pair because they are polar opposites, though I have always wanted to explore Cat without Kileanna, as she had defined herself through her sister for too long.

5. She's one of my favorite characters to write. She doesn't speak much, but everytime she does, she is the voice of the reason. Her sometimes brass sincerity, plus how simple she makes everything appear, makes her extremely fun to write.

6. Cat is extremely mistrusting of strangers and she gets very defensive with them, to the point of physical agression if she feels herself or her beloved ones threatened. She tends to expect the worst out of people because she had terrible experiences, but as soon as she is convinced of the good will of those strangers she becomes very social and friendly. She is very protective of those that she considers friends and quick to anger when someone messes with her beloved ones.

7. Cat doesn't understand knights or nobles, they just seem too pompous and their rules are arbitrary and useless. Despite that, she considers Argentea as part of the family now and she would entrust her life to her blindly. She admires her for how protective and selfless she can be in battle, and for her integrity. She doesn't understand why she's so willing to sacrifice herself, though, as Cat would rather play dirty and survive!

8. Linking to the last point, Cat is an extremely dirty fighter. She is effective, but her style isn't pretty. Her in-game class is slayer, a mix of rogue and ranger, and she's able to find the weakest spots on enemies to deal extra damage. Picture that as her always hitting on the places that hurt the most. In combat, she fights like a cornered cat, honoring her name. The most dangerous it gets, the fiercest she becomes. Out of combat, she combines the skills of a scout and a thief, making her both a competent tracker and lockpicker.


(Requested by TindomielSilverthorn)
I will try to keep this one spoiler free.

1. I created Nigel now around 13 years ago, and he has grown up so much as a character since then. She started as a young knight to be who didn't worry too much about responsibilities, letting her older sister take them all. He was your average paladin type: idealistic guy, all good intentions...
But his personality has changed a lot with the years: a combination of unfulfilled love and an inability to attain the changes he desired in his knightly order has made him a grieving and much more practical man. He's still an idealist at heart, but after so many years of trying and failing, he is a tired man. Despite being only 26, he is starting to feel old.

2. Nigel is right now the commander of Castle Eastwatch, the main settlement of the Knights of Solamnia in Southern Ergoth. He rose to power after her two predecessors died of age and sheer stupidity, respectively. He has never wanted to be a leader, but he tries to use his position to make some changes to his Order and make it return to its old ideals while renewing some outdated traditions. So far, he has only met rejection by his superiors in the Order.

3. He is considered to be a war hero, as he fought in many prominent battles and in two different wars, always under Va'ardalia's command. He is a good commander himself, though many people questions whether her deeds are truly his or Va'ardalia's. The fact that she defeated him on a tournament's final has led to some mockery towards him from the old fashioned Solamnics.

4. Nigel has never hidden the fact that he is in love with Va'ardalia, not even now that he is actively seeking a woman to marry. He wants to be honest to the world about it. What he cannot confess, as Va'ardalia could be shunned for it, is that both were lovers for many years until she dumped him for his own good. He has never fully recovered and keeps longing for her.

5. Nigel has two sisters: Audrey, who is two years older than him, and her bastard sister Naomi, who is 4 years younger. Both hate each other, as Audrey believes Naomi to want to take advantage of Nigel's good-willed heart, and doesn't lose any chance to verbally attack her. Aside from that, both are rather unpopular among the Knights, Audrey for being a wizard, Naomi for being a bastard and having a bastard son herself. Both are under Nigel's protection and act as his counselors. He would entrust his life to any of them.

6. He has a long, deep scar running from his neck to near his left eye. He got it on a honor duel against a Knight of Neraka, where he almost died but finally won. That victory avoided a much bigger battle.

7. In game, Nigel is a fighter with a rather defensive build, centered around protecting other people. He had a WoW version who was a paladin tank, which really suited him. Though he has the personal code of a paladin, his beliefs grant him no magic, so the "real" version of him is no paladin.

8. Nigel, Va'ardalia, Dalindra, Valinor, Reya, Tharic, Audrey etc. have all been main characters on older adventures, but they will have an important role to play in Reign of Winter. Nigel is so far Argentea's suitor, but he will play a much bigger role later. I am planning on writing many chapters under his point of view and he will even have some adventures on his own.

And that's it, I hope you enjoyed!

New tags:
TindomielSilverthorn- Elian
MaidMachine- Lala


(Requested by MaidMachine)

1. Audrey was born Audrey Uth Berner (Berner being her father's name), and she is a Solamnic noblewoman. She had to choose between becoming a knight of Solamnia and forget all her magic teachings or become a Wizard knowing that she would never be able to join the Solamnic Order. It was Va'ardalia who convinced her to follow her heart and become a Wizard, something that she never regretted. Since then, she has been partially responsible of the creation of Solamnic Auxiliary corps, which allow mages and clerics of solamnic heritage to help the Order, though they aren't officially part of it.

2. Audrey has an exceptional physical prowess for a wizard thanks to her martial training. She is known to engage opponents on melee when her spells are of no use, and to use some of her spells to bolster her melee abilities. Using in game terms, she is an Eldritch Knight, which allows to combine magic with weapon fighting. The Order of High Sorcery forbids her to use most weapons, though, so she is limited to use her quarterstaff or her dagger.

3. Arthur Strongshield was her apprentice, and both developed a strong bond. Despite Audrey's lack of interest in romance, both shared a one night stand, after which Arthur left to pass the Test to become a full-fledged wizard so he was no longer her apprentice. After that he asked her to marry him, the only option that he considered after "taking her virtue". She agreed, changed her name to Audrey Strongshield, and up to this day, they are a stable and very old fashioned couple with very archaic values. They have a newborn son, still unnamed, though they leave most of his care to a servant. Audrey is too busy and has no patience to be a caring mother.

4. Audrey's alignment is Lawful Good, but she isn't nice at all. She is brass, confrontational and sometimes rude. She has never been good at socializing, which makes her defensive in social situations. Even when she wants to help out someone she tends to take a very aggressive and dominant attitude, which tends to cause rejection. The fact that she is so stubborn and that she always acts like she knew best than anyone doesn't help either.

5. Seeing her brother emotionally broken has made her very protective of him, which leads her to be very aggressive towards anyone that could harm him. Added to the previous fact, it led her to be really harsh to Kileanna, as she perceived her as a threat to Nigel's happiness. But the fun fact is that she doesn't specially dislike her: she reminds her a bit of Va'ardalia, her best friend, and she'd like to protect her from harming herself with her own magic like Va'ardalia did.
6. Audrey has a special hatred for necromancy and enchantment spells, which she perceives as evil (because they are the most common among evil wizards). That includes raising undead and controlling them and mind-controlling people, but also analyzing someone's status, life bonds to stabilize dying allies, or spells to bolster the morale of allies... Audrey makes no distinction, all those spells are unequivocally evil. No matter that some of them are used by followers of good deities, she argues that those spells work similarly but aren't exactly the same.

7. Audrey suffered a panic attack on her wedding day and was about to run away. The reason? She couldn't stand the idea of wearing a fancy dress and having dozens of people staring at her. She is extremely insecure of her own appearance, considering herself masculine and ugly. That's not true, but having a lot of delicate elves as friends while having an athletic warrior type can be damaging to self-esteem, specially when the society dictates that ladies must be delicate and soft spoken.
She has large breasts, but she doesn't see it as something that makes her more feminine, but as a disgusting feature that has only gotten her rude comments from men.

8. Though she is a minor character on Reign of Winter, she will have a very important role, setting some things into motion and also undergoing important changes. The consequences of the story will change her life in many aspects. She will be another POV character and she will be fun to write because how different her way of thinking is from other characters.
I'd love to get into spoilers but I have to refrain myself!

If you want to request a character for me to write 8 facts about, just ask, I will try to comply.

My core expires today 

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