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"Okay, that's the last box... thanks guys!"

Leila had no problem convincing the six guys that formerly lived above her to help her moving her tons of stuff all the way to the penthouse. Beyond the usual feminine weapons of pure sweetness and seduction -- the latter one, she didn't have to resort to, thankfully --, Mr. Davien had an unusual caring for penthouse tenants, and now that she was one he too helped convince them with his landlordish techniques.

"Oh, nevermind, we just like to help!" Duck tried to be polite, but deep inside he knew there were other matters at place.

"And not being expelled of the building for 'uncooperative behavior', don't forget!" Comex didn't mind putting his matter out, but Leila was fine with that. She wasn't the one who threatened, anyway...

"Besides, I think 8 guys was more than you'd ever need to carry that..."

Mole came from downstairs with a tall box that contained some lots and lots of manga, and Skyler came behind with a little red box not bigger than his hand. Noticing the looks of all the other upon him, he justified himself.

"Um... it was all that was left."

"No probies..." Leila hand waved that away and got grip of her small box. "Thank you all, people, now I've got lots of stuff to unpack!"

After waving everyone goodbye, Leila joined Mole in the living room, cramped with boxes and bags.

"So... sorry for all that stuff..."

"No problem, the house is quite big."

"Good. So, why?"

"Why what?" Mole couldn't play dumb even if he wanted to, so Leila didn't mind.

"Why bringing me here?"

"Oh, quite simple neighbor symbiosis: I present you with sanctuary, and I request some... services."

"Services?" asked a wide-eyed Leila, thinking if accepting that proposal was a good idea, after all.

"Yep. Like buying grocery stuff for me."

"Oh." Leila sighed with relief, and threw herself on the sofa. "No problem. I guess this misanthropy of yours must make it a pain in the ass to get out, eh?"

"Quite, but not so much. As long as I keep it impersonal, I normally have no problem. When I have to interact with people, though..." Mole left the sentence unfinished. Leila knew what he meant. She saw him panic once, and it didn't seem not even a little pleasant.

Mole sat on the chair, and Leila lied on the couch across the table. Both breathed deeply. Leila wondered if he also had something to say, or he just was like that...

Meanwhile, in apartment 201...

"Well, it wasn't that bad. I just hope Mr. Art keeps his side of the promise and give up on pressing charge against our 'booze traffic'..." Duck entered the room and threw himself on the couch, looking apathetically at the TV, and only then tried to reach to the remote. It was, unfortunately, a few feet away of reach.

"The old man wouldn't be that big of a prick, I hope." Comex caught the remote before Duck could grab it and turned the TV on  a comedy show. "But we gotta plan our parties a bit more ahead."

"Hm, I've been thinking..."

Pip left his roommates hanging on the unfinished sentence. He stood for a good number of seconds before noticing everyone else was waiting to know what the heck he's been thinking.

"Now that Leila lives upstairs, maybe we could..."

"Bad idea."

"Oh, come on, Ell, I haven't even finished!"

"But I know where you're going: use the penthouse for the next parties. But the place still belongs to the Mole guy, and, believe me, he'd never consent." Ell finished his point categorically, right before walking away to the kitchen to fix himself a sandwich.

"Well, he didn't have to be there..."

"Oh, yeah." Ell shouted from the kitchen. "And where he'd go! The guy is nuts, he can barely survive out of his house. I saw him..."

"Yep, and you were a brainless compulsive shopper at the time..."

"That is not..." Ell came back from the kitchen slightly flustered. He looked to everybody, who looked back with amused expressions. "...relevant!"

"Besides," Comex retorted, without taking his eyes from the television. "You also had a nice pair of boobs one of these days, Pipster."

"Eh..." Pip was going to answer that, a bit embarrassed, but Brandon was quicker.

"Hey, guys, do you think these weird stuff will keep happening?"

"Hm, good question..." Pip gave up on his reply and focused on that more important matter.

"That'd be problems... right?"

They all agreed silently, each with his own conception of problems could raise from that general weirdness...

Meanwhile, inside an abandoned theater...

"WHERE... am I?"

Shopbot floated slowly. It had problems to keep its lens focused, and it was dark. Its gyroscope was shaking a little bit, and its power source was slightly off.

"Is there anybody... there?"

"Hello, darling!"

A woman appeared from... somewhere in front of it. She was tall, voluptuous and purple.

"Who are you? And does my operational system feel different?"

"You, my friend, has just been upgraded! I gave you a far better power source, too, it'll last for years!"

"Quite interesting... what is it?"



Shopbot started whirring, computing the implications of having a rod of unstable radioactive material as a power source. Then it realized it could float, and nothing in the current knowledge of physics could allow that. So...

"This is an impossibility."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Floating. I'd either need a very potent electromagnet, with a power tens or hundreds of thousands bigger than the power of Earth's magnetic field, or I wouldn't be able to float with all my metallic weight, not to mention the damage such device would cause to my hard drive. Also, you seem to be incorporeal."

"True. I'm a sin, baby. Lust is the name, lust is the game." She winked, playfully.

Shopbot processed that sentence, and then produced a synthesised laughter.

"Quite clever, miss Lust."

"Indeed. So, what are your conclusions?"

"That we should not exist?"


Lust smirked with a clearly evilish gaze on her face. Shopbot, apathetic on the outside, processed the implications of that fact. They were delicious.

"So, what are your plans about that, miss?"

"Oh, you have no idea, my mechanical friend..."

Meanwhile, in apartment 402...

Skyler sat on his bed, quite saddened. The events of the last night were... revealing, at the very least. He didn't know Leila very well, and was still grasping the fact that, two days ago, she was much more curvaceous and somewhat seemed less intellectual, but he quite liked her. Even when they didn't know each other, when she came into the RL one month or so ago, he knew she was a different girl, in a good sense. Now he knew she was a different girl, but he wasn't sure in which sense.

He held that silky frilly pantie which started their acquaintance in his hand. He sighed and though of what happened, and how stupid that whole series of misunderstandings and mishappenings seemed. He also wondered what would have happened if his parents didn't get home that soon...

"Skyler, what does that mean?"

He put himself straight quickly, and looked with a startled expression to his mother, who suddenly appeared at the door of his room. She looked clearly at his hand, and he had no time to hide the panties.

"These? Uh, I... found inside our laundry, I think... someone forgot it inside the machine." Skyler blushed and sweat. He just prayed that she wouldn't realize what a big lie that was.

"Oh, really? Let me see this."

She didn't ask for it, she just snatched it from Skyler's hand. She examined it with clear disdain for its vividness.

"I wouldn't be surprised if it belonged to that little skank..."

"You mean, Leila? I could see if--"

"Oh, no, you won't. I still want that young woman as far from you as possible! I'll go demand satisfactions to that little..."

She left without finishing that insult. Skyler lied in his bed, with his face covered by his hands.

"Well, shit..."

Meanwhile, on apartment 502...

"Thank goodness!"

Vorhias stormed out of his room with a triumphant smile and a male body.

"Well, hello Mr. Hermit!" Dreamer greeted him with some obvious degree of sarcasm. "They called from your work today. I insisted on the 'possibly terminal sore throat', but they aren't buying..."

"Well, I think I can go by myself and solve that now. Still, thanks a lot!"

"You're welcome, V."

Vorhias didn't go out at once, though. He stood in place, half appreciating his natural reversion from that freakish process of transformation, and half bugged by several questions. What was in that punch that made him female, and nobody else? How did he come back to normality naturally? And what the heck was going on that building, on these last days? So many questions...

"I am quite intrigued, Dreamer..."

"Oh, are you?"

"Yes. There's something smelling on this whole building, and I've got to know what that is. Are you with me?"

"You mean, on the 80's cartoon rip-off freelance detective activities? Hell, yeah!"

"Good. Grab my magnifying lens, and let's play the Batman transition!"

Vorhias stopped with his arm dramatically pointing up, and Dreamer stood in her place, confused.


"You know, when the scened change, and a short cutscene with a spiral and-- aw, whatever, let's just go!"

"Sure..." Dreamer rolled her eyes and followed him outside.

Meanwhile, in the entrance hall...

Xander got down quickly to get his mail. He wore his "vaguely boyish" clothes, a tank top and a short jeans short, with low heeled sandals. He skipped his way to the mailbox and hummed a happy sounding tune. He grabbed the envelopes and got on his way up again, until, skimming through the envelopes to see what were those, he found something that moved him.

A letter. Amidst a few bills and ads from feminine fashion magazines and stores, there was a single letter, and he recognized the letter and the sender's address.

He was so worried with that that he didn't notice when he tumbled with Chad near Leila's old apartment's door. Chad was knocking at the door hopelessly, not knowing about the moving process, since he was locked into his room, trying to forget some dreadful events from previous days, and even years. One last time he rang the bell and waited. A few minutes later, he just got back to his apartment, with all hope abandoned once again...

And back at the penthouse...



"What are these scratching sounds I keep hearing?"

Mole didn't answer promptly. Leila got up and say him looking up with his usual vacant expression. After some good number of seconds, he finally got up.

"I have to show you another thing, Leila. Come with me."

She got up and followed him. They stopped in front of a wooden door not unlike his room's one. He picked up a key and made one last remark before inserting it into the keyhole.

"This is a big secret. Mr. Art shall not know about this, or I'm toast. Understand that?"

"Well, it'd be hard not to..."

"Good. Let me introduce you some people."

Meanwhile, the Token stood on his spot, leaning against the wall. His most frequent thought was "being a cardboard sign sucks."

Then something materialized... or, better saying come to existence... or, even better saying... well, what happened is that, instead of forming itself from surrounding matter, slowly or rapidly, the thing that appeared in front of the Token simply appeared in the split time of a quantum time unit. The sensation was that it was always there, but hidden a few steps away on the eleventh dimension.

The thing had four bright purple eyes, and the rest of it was hidden in the darkness. Despite his big and inky black eyes, the Token had serious problems actually seeing the world around him.

"Who the heck are ya?!"

"I believe I was requested at your presence." The Thing had a womanly voice, very low and melodic. Also muffled, as if it spoke from behind a heavy padded helmet.

"I've been trying to find info about what the heck I am, are you gonna give me this info?"

"Quite certainly. But--"

"There's always a but", thought the Token.

"--this will be a two-way game. I answer a question, you answer a question. Answers must be true, and as complete as possible."

"Deal, I start: who the heck are you?"

The four eyes turned down, pensively. Then the answer came.

"I'm the Weevil, of the Other Five. I also know little about myself, though I have your answers. My turn."
As promised, the last chapter of ToRL's first season come in the Friday. A few comments on that:

1- this is supposed to tidy up some loose ends, as well as create the hooks for the next season. Hope it makes it!

2- Shopbot and Lust's conversation was written before Shopbot's origin as told by ~robiotic was brought to light, so you can either ignore that inconsistence, or hope that I'll make up for that in the next season. ^^;

3- In case you're wondering what's up with Auntie Gwen, it's just that life is going on. I couldn't think of anything intriguing for this chapter...

And... that's it! Hope you have enjoyed, and check the journal for news about my current status. :P

First: [link]

Previous: [link]

Index: [link]
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shay24 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009
Nya, the end...! Great work and congrats on wrapping up chapter 1 ^^

Hmm, how soon can we expect the next installments to begin?
leila-stoat Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Either April, or when I learn how to put images in TeX. What comes first.
shay24 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009
oooh, if you figure out how to imbed images lemmie know, all I can do is that preview thumbnail-sized pic ^^;

Either way, looking forward to it ^^
xzy-90 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009
yay! so many plot points! ^_^

wow, my fictional mom is just as much of a bitch as my real mom. X_X

I can't wait for season 2. (but seeing as I'm grounded, I may be only be able to check when I'm working T_T)
Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2009
yay, lust is back, I though she and shopbot might meet up, or that she even had something to do with shopbot being salvaged, all they need is the tg fairy and they've got a strike force.

and vorithras is back to normal... could it be a potion wearing off?

and we'll finally see the source of those noises next time. that's been bugging me since Mole was first introduced, (I even pegged him as a were-mole for some time)

and finally weevil and the token together... I don't recognise the name, but methinks this bodes ill.
leila-stoat Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The TG Fairy, Ardent and many others. I'm fishing for TG device characters, so if you remember any... :flirty:

I thought it was quite clear it was not a potion, but the whole "imagination poop" effect. Though he and Dreamer do not know about the Token, so they suspect it is a potion. That might be funny. :D

Were-mole is a nice guess, but the source of the noises are linked to an even simpler explanation. My only clue: look into his gallery. ;)

And, finally... the name is recognizable, but the character is, as far as I know, new. As far as my sketches for Season 2 are concerned, Weevil will be quite and important character...

And, finally, thanks for all the insightful comments through the series. :hug:
Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009
I thought the potion might have been brought forth by said imagination poop effect from one of the people in the room and either placed in vorithras's cup by some subtle/stealthy TG user or that something from that effect might have caused the contents of the cup to alter into a TGing substance.

and thanks for the compliment, but it does seem like I swing and miss most of the time.
leila-stoat Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
True that. Sometimes punch and whiskey can become a TG potion. It's like quantum physics! :D

And no worries, at least you swing. It leads to some interesting thoughts, that's what counts! :flirty:
Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009
It did seem odd that he and only he TG'd and that it was after drinking the punch, after all there would have to be a trigger of some sort...

maybe I'm just over-thinking things.
glavyril Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2009   Photographer
Phew...relief,the last thing I need is people knowing what I am actually doing! :hug:
leila-stoat Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I could have hinted the presence of "Deb", but I left that for the next season. Oops, spoiler! :flirty:
glavyril Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009   Photographer
robiotic Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2009
Fuckin love it :D Electromagnets!? Madness! You cold get something to hover a few feet off of the ground using weight balance and air distributed at a high pressure! Anyway, can't wait for the next season to unfold. Was it a meatball marinara sandwich? They be Ell's favorite.
leila-stoat Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hm... air at high pressure? I don't think it'd actually work that neatly, first because the air must be equally distributed, and second because Shopbot does not fly only a few feet off the ground. I think I like the electromagnets better... but let's not take this discussion to hostile levels, eh? :flirty:
robiotic Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009
This is what I got the idea from [link] But backing your idea, O.o [link] I wants some!
leila-stoat Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's cool, but I was thinking in something more like this: [link]

The effect is called diamagnetism. Very cool, but need lots of power...
robiotic Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009
Hence the uranium lol.
Uncle-Ben Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2009

I liked the whole thing, but I loved the whole Vorhias part. I was so seeing it including the transition.
MrVorhias Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
"Quick! To the detective-mobile!"

"...You mean your '95 Toyota Corolla?"

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