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Damara pole dancing contortion set

By LeijonNepeta
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:33 < what's the japanese word fur sexiii!! (te-hehe)
[This is a another contortion set sponsor by :iconsudrien: (but only this time with a twist! it's contortions, on a pole!)
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© 2014 - 2021 LeijonNepeta
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xXDidnyWorlXx's avatar
I can't even reach my toes ;-;
RadicalEdward84's avatar
The poses are awesome, but you drew some right feet where left ones should be :(
Madam--Kitty's avatar
woah! she is flexible!
Clover103's avatar
japenese word ur looking for: hentai
anyway omg this is so great
CuttlefishTea's avatar
hentai means tentacle porn
Clover103's avatar
um... no hentai means sex...
CalumTraveler's avatar
DAAAAAAANG, Dam's.... You sure can bend! 0_0
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Icon - 108 Alister AHH WHY DID I AGREE TO COME HEAR!!!!!!!! I NEED TO GET OUT!!!!!!! *turns and runs away* AHHH *gets outside* Icon - 099 Jean thank gog! Icon - 086 Felix (Tsundere blush) ok I just need to get home now *walks away* 
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what a babe ouo
Purpleguykin's avatar
at first i never understood contortions
but after awhile of seeing your comissions of them i see they are more of a test of the artists ability to maintain anatomy even when there would be like 0 references for the poses.
These like REALLY show how well you can do anatomy and its pretty amazing.

//whispers nervously you're one of my inspirations for my art and someday i wish to be as amazing as youuuu
LeijonNepeta's avatar
:33 < well, contortions were actually a art of the body in which you s33 people flex in extreme ways in such places like circus's or gymnastics and such, it was actually really tricky fur meow to get these cause it took alot of thought into it
:33 < working with efurry element at once like dimension, purrception which trying my best to get creative and twist the body in bizarre ways yet understanding the limitations
:33 < and thank you so much! that means a lot to me that i inspire you so much! but you have you're own wounderfur and unique thing going there, your doing so good and it k33ps impurroving significantly which each update i s33 from you! ^ 33^
Purpleguykin's avatar
They are really cool
Some I have seen from other people scare me a little bit, but thats not to say they still werent amazing.

And of course! When I saw how you drew each character with different eyes/body type/noses or w/e it really made me want to try that. I've been working on height, body type, and changing the way I drew certain things like noses pfft. Those damn noses. I really like how it came out, like wow i have much better art when it isnt anime kawaii desu WAY too big eyes.
Because for awhile thats exactly what it was haha, really poorly drawn anime. Like something from a low budget Hentai.
LeijonNepeta's avatar
:33 < h33h33, anime is catually a great, and fun way to practice, i got good by drawing naruto ALL the time. ^ 33^ (and of course i also got heavy influenced by invader zim, sonic ect so all that is what developed my art style ofur a long period of time including drawing people in rl fur diversity) but it isn't bad to work off anime or even cartoons, but the only purrblem i have with certain anime is there furry culturally restricted to thiss idealism of how they f33l people should look like and it's great that your branching out of that!
Purpleguykin's avatar
Nah I'm not saying anime is bad
Just the way I drew it was scary and terrifying. Their eyes were triangles haha....ew.

I think mine is almost a mix of Cartoon and Anime. They eyes and face are more cartoony while the body is more put together like anime would be.
Sudrien's avatar
Well, there are contortionist references, if you look for them - but even if you use them, it really does test how one thinks about anatomy.

(while you may not be to this point yet, you've definitely improved over the last few months - keep practicing)
Purpleguykin's avatar
Ah that makes sense, thanks!

( omg thank you. I suck at normal anatomy and it's killing me XD everyone is pretty much in the same pose if you have noticed from my gallery. I am trying to improve as much as I can! : ) ))
Sudrien's avatar
Commission seems like the wrong word when you came up with almost everything pictured >.>;;;;;;

Like the only idea I can really take any credit for is "contortion" and "'censored' but in alternian"

because wow I wouldn't have even thought of this stuff
LeijonNepeta's avatar
:33 < well, doesn't commission just mean art that has b33n paid fur?
Sudrien's avatar
I guess

But there are words like 'patron' and 'sponsor' that I'm not quite sure what the difference is
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