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I Support Cosplay

I . Support . Cosplay


I'm certain there are THOUSANDS of these on the net and this just makes infinity + 1. Truth is, I was inspired to make this for a simple reason:

Cosplayers need support.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who cosplay, but there are people out there who maliciously attack those of us who do from behind computer screens where no one can see. Fewer than .01% of these people would dare say anything to our face. Veterns can normally advert these attacks and ignore them, but the truth is that there are younger cosplayers, or those who have not been doing it all that long, who are not as iron-willed against this bullying.

I made this stamp to show support for fellow cosplayers. I say it loud and I say it proud and I'm not afraid to sport my hobby.

Even if you don't cosplay yourself, by posting this stamp on your page you show that you support us and stand against the repetitive bullying.

Thank you.
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I support this stamp very much! I am a male and I cosplay Olivier Armstrong from Fma and I plan to cosplay Catwoman for Dragoncon '15. I don't care what the elitists and haters say, I cosplay who I want no matter my appearance/gender/etc. cosplay is for everyone and anyone who wants to cosplay should because it is really fun!
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I have a story: I cosplayed Jakotsu in 2008 and back when I had my original account on DA, I posted a picture. Well, I am not a skinny girl. I am plus sized. A boy posted a comment stating "The aquarium called: They want their whale back." I was so hurt because I did everything to make sure the costume looked right on me.

But to this day, I learned a valuable lesson. I may be plus sized but I know how to dress my body. If you don't like it, whatever. Mind your own business.
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Anyone can cosplay you don't need to be skinny and you don't need to wear makeup and you don't need to be blond to make a great cosplay because the point in cosplay is......... HAVING FUN! 
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Thank you!!!! *hug* I am not skinny in no way but I cosplay and I am proud of it!
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You are welcome just remember that you have fun when you cosplay even that you are not skinny :)  I want to do a cosplay someday i am not skinny or fat i am chubby xD
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Lol don't be afraid to cosplay. I learned over time that not everyone is going to like your cosplay. And I am proud of being a plus sized cosplayer :)
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Anyone should be able to cosplay regardless or their race and ethnic background, how fat or skinny they are, and any other physical attributes.
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I don't actually follow Cosplay or have the interest or skill to make any of the sort. I don't have the skill make rice let alone a kick ass costume like the ones I have seen in passing. But I don't see the extreme urge people have to bash it. People have fun with it, many make incredible pieces of art with it. More power to people who have the passion and patience and skill to create part of some of my favorite fandoms in real life.
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I'm just starting to make my first costumes, and I must say that after risisting feeding a certain cosplay troll, I am glad that I can still feel confidant in my ability to gve it my all after seeing his ridiculus hate against 'Westerners'.
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I wanna cosplay! Looks like so much fun!
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amazing and true^^
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I also hate it when they even bash the cosplayers when they don't "look" like the character.

It doesn;t matter how "perfect" a costume is, apersdon is NEVER going to look exactly like the charcter thweir cosplying.

For example, if the character you want to cosplay is a 12 foot giant the only way you would be ablt to cosplay it perfectly is by walking on stilst XD
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I'm new to cosplay, but COSPLAY FOREVER!!! Iit's AWESOME and FUN!! :dance: :iconimhappyplz:
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You'll do wonderfully!
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Right on! Very happy about ur support and passion. *About to cry* jk.^^
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Lol. Thanks XD
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Ur welcome.^^
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:iconbravoplz: *two thumbs up*
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