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People, you should be aware of Wix.

People, you should be aware of Wix.

As we all know, Wix bought this website a few years ago. But what we don’t know and what illustrators aren’t aware of is that Wix can redistribute your illustrations and give them to their members to decorate their platform without your knowledge. This leads to endless war with private companies and managers who use your illustrations without knowing that you are their author until you prove it to them. During that time, the Wix Company will get out of it while the private companies that use Wix to build the platform experience stresses and so do you with them. Wix is a site builder, which in itself isn’t bad until you read the ToS regarding images and the like. Here is what the author of the journal @SyberHound said. I remember a couple of years back in my Business classes hearing about how you should NEVER use Wix for portfolio work, especially when working with media like videos, music, and art in general. Wix, stated in their ToS, that they have the "Right" to use any images and

Alternatives for dA

Alternatives for dA

3 days to go. But where will you go? That's the big question if you do not want to stay with poop Eclipse. Because I highly doubt that dA will listen to us , despite what we do and think. They never cared so why would they listen now. But Like I said, where will you go after wednesday? This list is the answer! I wrote this list last year when they announced Eclipse will be the only layout soon. So I knew already I wouldn't stay when they force the fucking trash on all of us. It contains artsites of many genres, writings , selling your art sites, where to post your comics and so on. I also love to hear suggestions that aren't on the list ye

Why WIX is bad for business...

Why WIX is bad for business...

First off, we might as well stop calling it DA or DeviantArt and just call it WIX. WIX is pulling the strings and making the final choices that DA gave up when they sold out to WIX. https://designbuildwebs.com/website-development/six-reasons-why-you-should-not-use-wix-for-your-website/ This is from Forbes....  WIX is penalized by search engines because they know that your site provides poor user experience and they won't want to vouch for it. Google has gone on the record to say they 'are not impressed'. For those who adore Eclipse... explain that. Wix lacks features favored by design and marketing professionals. Explain that. Wix websi
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My Bio
What i do and have done.

You can enjoy what I post here. But I am not able to make anything specific people ask for. I do this just for fun. And as you can see in m gallery, i am only doing what i am in the mood for. So don't ask.

Vexel :
Not so much lately. It takes time, so there may not be all to frequent posting. But i am still doing some pictures now and then when i am in the mood.

People like to exercise. I like taking long walks or bicycle rides in different places, and bringing a camera along. So why not post some of these photo's?

Sorry, but that time is over. I started out as a line tracer, but have somehow moved on to different things. There may be the ocational picture. I still have a bit of old stuff lying around, or some pictures modified for more artistic ideas, i may post one day. But i have no plans for any big return to The Simpsons.

Also a "has been." It was fun and i posted a loot. But at a point i realized i wasn't contributing anything new to the world of fractal's. So i stopped.

Social media?
NO. For me deviantArt is about ART. Not a Facebook clone. DON'T expect me to post detail's about my private life.

Now and then i may express my opinion
About some subjects that are up front in the news. Or i may want to say something to the world about this and that. Be warned. I may provoke you just a little bit now and then.
But that will be in general, and not as an expression of my personal life.
I speak true art.

Do you post on the forum?
Usually not. I am daily on BFF bongo.babysimpson.co.uk/index.…

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