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https://www.deviantart.com/username-91/journal/A-dA-affiliation-with-cryptocurrency-is-fatal-894868643 It's even much worse that I thought, DeviantArt is dead, indefinitely. (Also DeviantArt Eclipse takes over and The Old DeviantArt is gone one year ago.) If DeviantArt has forced to shut down, It's time to move out. I'm afraid.

A dA affiliation with cryptocurrency is fatal. by Username-91, journal

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My Bio
What i do and have done.

You can enjoy what I post here. But I am not able to make anything specific people ask for. I do this just for fun. And as you can see in m gallery, i am only doing what i am in the mood for. So don't ask.

Vexel :
Not so much lately. It takes time, so there may not be all to frequent posting. But i am still doing some pictures now and then when i am in the mood.

People like to exercise. I like taking long walks or bicycle rides in different places, and bringing a camera along. So why not post some of these photo's?

Sorry, but that time is over. I started out as a line tracer, but have somehow moved on to different things. There may be the ocational picture. I still have a bit of old stuff lying around, or some pictures modified for more artistic ideas, i may post one day. But i have no plans for any big return to The Simpsons.

Also a "has been." It was fun and i posted a loot. But at a point i realized i wasn't contributing anything new to the world of fractal's. So i stopped.

Social media?
NO. For me deviantArt is about ART. Not a Facebook clone. DON'T expect me to post detail's about my private life.

Now and then i may express my opinion
About some subjects that are up front in the news. Or i may want to say something to the world about this and that. Be warned. I may provoke you just a little bit now and then.
But that will be in general, and not as an expression of my personal life.
I speak true art.

Do you post on the forum?
Usually not. I am daily on BFF bongo.babysimpson.co.uk/index.…

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