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People, you should be aware of Wix. by Username-91, journal

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My Bio
What i do and have done.

You can enjoy what I post here. But I am not able to make anything specific people ask for. I do this just for fun. And as you can see in m gallery, i am only doing what i am in the mood for. So don't ask.

Vexel :
Not so much lately. It takes time, so there may not be all to frequent posting. But i am still doing some pictures now and then when i am in the mood.

People like to exercise. I like taking long walks or bicycle rides in different places, and bringing a camera along. So why not post some of these photo's?

Sorry, but that time is over. I started out as a line tracer, but have somehow moved on to different things. There may be the ocational picture. I still have a bit of old stuff lying around, or some pictures modified for more artistic ideas, i may post one day. But i have no plans for any big return to The Simpsons.

Also a "has been." It was fun and i posted a loot. But at a point i realized i wasn't contributing anything new to the world of fractal's. So i stopped.

Social media?
NO. For me deviantArt is about ART. Not a Facebook clone. DON'T expect me to post detail's about my private life.

Now and then i may express my opinion
About some subjects that are up front in the news. Or i may want to say something to the world about this and that. Be warned. I may provoke you just a little bit now and then.
But that will be in general, and not as an expression of my personal life.
I speak true art.

Do you post on the forum?
Usually not. I am daily on BFF bongo.babysimpson.co.uk/index.…

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