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Blood And Rust Brushes


17 Photoshop brushes.

© 2006 - 2021 Leichnam
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Thank you so, so, so much for sharing such brilliant, wonderful stock for free. I love them! I've used your amazing work in the following links; :blowkiss:

V E N O M - H U S H cover

Mibba: Where the story cover can be seen... Mibba: And where the credits can be seen...


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I might also use this brush in my art too. I'll be sure to credit it you for it. Thanks. =)
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Awesome set, I can see alot of great uses for this set. Thank you very much and I'll give credit to this if I ever use it in any of my drawings (which suck =D) ^^;
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These look cool! I'm going to download them. :D

Thank you!
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Cool! Thank you for sharing
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i gotta say, this is awesome! thanks!!
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wow that looks so kool! too bad it doesnt open up on my computer tho... but u did a good job anyways!!!
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!!!! Listen !!! What version of Photoshop do you have??!!!

I tried to make them compatible with earlier versions than I have : with 7.0 and CS (I have CS2). Please tell me what's wrong and I will upload a new file! Please! I don't wanna befool anyone with wrong brushes...
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but it still wont open...
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It opens with my PS 7, with 4 it won't work... eeeh have you extracted the ABR file from ZIP?
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W00t Some PS7 brushes!
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PS7! Other sets were made with CS/CS2, but they asked me to make for PS7... That's why...
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Great set. Thank you!
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