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The Soldier and the Witch 6

By Leibowitz27
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And that's that. Hope you enjoyed it. I did.

If you didn't, blame Jo.
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great fic glad i found this
Tiberius-Aires's avatar
Yay! Happy Good End!

I really enjoyed reading this, if you couldn't tell.
/me applauds. Brilliantly done sir. Brilliant.
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i loved this and wish there was more
I loved this, Leibowitz. 100%. Now, I just wanna learn who the hell Mr. Sticks is.

Can I please have some more, sir? please?
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Thorfinn Styx is Mr. Sticks. I assume he's either a benevolent Warp being (not likely) or a psyker ancestor of Mare. Either way, he's powerful enough to bind and entrap a Warp ChangeLord
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I didn't like the almost-explicit content when the two of them were alone. I loved the art and the ending though, as well as the very idea of WH40K fanfic that can end with a picture with smiley faces in it. ^.^ Well done.
Not enough for some, too much for others. Glad you liked it in general, though.
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Well, that and 40K has a enough collateral misery. Gaunt's Ghosts aren't very grim OR dark at all, really.
With a few exceptions.
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Pretty awesome, D'aw or no.
I think it was very properly Grimdark, and I laughed aloud when Shuck said "Fool! Witness the might of the ruinous powers!"
Brilliant improv.

I offer this: a Grimdark tale with a good ending done well is like a piece of Noir with a similar conclusion. A price must be paid to be virtuous in the rotten, corrupt world. Sometimes the best you get is to finally act, even into death, in a way truly meaningful to you. Break the shackles and die, but die your way. So as long as there's an exchange or an uncertain future or something tremendous lost, it's properly Grimdark.
Mare is warped and feathery, and Shuck just helped kill a loyalist SM squad. In the long view, they harmed the Imperium. But so what. They had to sacrifice to even have a tomorrow, and they're happy with that much.
Good enough, Good end. =]
Very good story! I have to say, the happy endings and anti-grimdark I am finding on Deviant Art recently make me happy. If you want grimdark, they have a whole publishing company for it, right?

Also, just to be clear: The daemon was Mr. Sticks, right?
The daemon's name was Kefkarion. Mr. Styx was something else.
Oh. Well now I want to know just exactly who/what Mr. Styx is/was. Also, yay good ending!
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I'm pretty sure that "Mr. Sticks" is where the silver thingy that bound the demon came from!

I'm also pretty sure that voice speaking to the "mortal" at the end was the demon from inside the ring, telling the Inquisitor to put it on. Which would make for an interesting sequel!
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Oh Emperor, the heresy, so much heresy!
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That's 3 good ends for 3, Witz. Cool story though.
Well, Jo came to me and said he had a story idea he'd like me to write. He specified a good end. I changed... well, most things, from his original idea, but a happy ending is the one bit he had insisted on. I obliged, though I'm pleased to say until I showed him the last chapter I had him (along with most readers, I hope) convinced otherwise.

And really, writing a bad end to a non-comedic 40K story doesn't appeal to me. You've got a galaxy of despair and misery pressing down on the characters, and the contrarian in me rankles at going along with it. When I write my My Little Pony stories, on the other hand, the endings are suffused with a quality of nihilistic hopelessness that would get Proust hot.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
My sympathies entirely. I try to keep people guessing with little jabs of misery, but when it comes to the 40k universe my inner saphead gets to me. Wont help cultist though.

And believe me I know of your downer endings. That pet one. Brrrrrsville.
Now, see, in the snaggletooth's case it takes so little to make the wretch happy that crushing her spirit is a worthy challenge.

And are you talking about the story where a brother and sister discover a path to a magical land hidden in their city park, and meet a beautiful fairy? Heartwarming fun for the whole family!
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You... you monsters!
I just caught a glimpse of myself in a nearby mirror. I was making the trollface.

I didn't think it was physically possible for a living human to make the trollface.

These things you feel for characters... the things you call "empathy" and "mercy"... I name them weakness, Jo! Armor your heart with ice and spite. Become as we are, bitter and cruel.

Speaking of which, Mista C, you have a good end planned for Bok and co, right? No making Wissil into furniture or similar.
Jarheadcharon's avatar
It's very easy for the human face to go "troll-mode" - Mine does it all the time when I'm conducting traffic stops and subject checks, and it turns out they have active warrants. *evil grin*
JoPereira's avatar
You talk tuff, but when I showed that guro pic of a Hive Tyrant with Mare you was all "oh god, oh no, bellybuttons don't work that way"

Mr-Culexus's avatar
Cultists spirit is uncrushable, but she still has feelings. I don't think you'll be let down with what me and dranon do.

And yes, the MAGICAL FUN story was what I was referring to. A good read but serves a as a reminder to me to not just say "do what you like" when you offer to let me make a request.

Let me know if ya ever want a shitscribble to go with a story.
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